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    Modding the Barracuda thread

    (First post here, and first 'adult' lego set - I had the original BSB as a teenager) Was blow away by this set but couldn't decide between island or ship so I bought a second set as well and modded the island part into an extension for the back of the island. This adds a nice tiled wall to the back part of Jose's Inn as well as extending the kitchen area to have an outdoors dining area. It also changes the thin prison cell into a proper prison below the kitchen area. Like the two original halves of the island this part is also just placed but it is easy to add the two grey 2x2 brick modified with pins that can snap into the bottom of the inn and kitchen ship hulls if required. Note you need to lift the rope ladder a bit to be able to fit the plate underneath (I detached it from the lowest grip) I also added leftover parts to the roof of the captain's quarters (similar to what other people did here). All of this was done with pieces from the 2nd set only. Most are from the island part but I also gutted the interior of the assembled Barracuda ship (where I installed cannons permanently) and I removed the original prison which no longer fit into the setup. A small and simple additional modification is to remove the table from the outdoor dining area and add a staircase that leads up to the captain's quarter (the height is just right) but there are 2 ways up there already if you count the rope ladder so I prefer the more open dining area instead.