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  1. ngen33r

    GBC General Discussion

    Hello, I am working on some modules for BrickFair 2021. My wife surprised me with a vacation and tickets for Christmas. I am wondering if anything like what I have made in this video exists and is already tested and proven. I am not sure what it would be called: Mechanical Ball Regulator? Mechanical Ball Timer? Mechanical Ball Gate? I am trying to not use any motors aside from a lift and I need to release only 1 ball at a time for a mechanism I am working on. If anyone has any additional info or designs on a mechanical 1 ball at a time design, please share. This is a crude MOC but it seems to work if the angles are correct. I would have to refine it and add more fine adjustments for it to be reliable. Please provide feedback, Thank You
  2. ngen33r

    Imgur Pictures

    What is the secret if any to getting an imgur image to render in a post?
  3. ngen33r

    Imgur Pictures

    What is the secret if any to getting an imgur image to render in a post?
  4. I kind of wanted to keep it top secret until I get it working (I understand this isn't beneficial), but it will be my entry for the GBC in Virginia this year. I did eventually realize that #4 axle connectors also serve a similar purpose The design must be 1 stud wide because a GBC ball runs perfectly using studded technic beams in a 3x4 configuration and it needs to fit inside the gaps on the sides. I will share some pictures, I promise let me get it running first.
  5. I am seeking the advice of some of you masters. I am working on a MOC and I need to connect a slope to an axle and have it go through a beam and be adjustable in and out. I also need the slope to be secured well to the axle. It seems that some new parts are out this year that would help, but I don't expect them to be available for quite some time. The beams must face holes up but a 90 degree twisted connection would work between t beams that are holes up. Here is a link to one of the new beams 6321716 that would make life easier: Here is my initial concept, however the slope is not secure in place and could easily be knocked off and the assembly is quite clunky. The only requirements are that the beams remain rigid and the slope is adjustable Open to any ideas that may use some parts I don't have yet. Thank You