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  1. BlackGloveBricks

    [LEGO IDEAS] Modular Medieval Village

    Just went and supported this over on Ideas. LOVE IT!!! I would definitely buy multiples of a set like this!
  2. BlackGloveBricks

    [MOC] Pirate Islands

    Few things can beat a beautiful LEGO Pirates MOC. And this, my friend, is a work of art! Well done!
  3. BlackGloveBricks

    [LEGO Ideas] Medieval Tournament

    This is tremendous! Were it real, I'd be lined up to buy it Day #1!
  4. BlackGloveBricks

    [MOC] The Ravnsborg Castle Heist

    Love all the different little animals you have hidden about!
  5. BlackGloveBricks

    [MOC] Blacksmith House

    This is a stunner! I especially love that roof! Roof construction is one of my weak spots as a builder. So, when I see a brilliant roof like this, I'm particularly impressed!
  6. BlackGloveBricks

    [MOC] The band of the Wolf and their hideout

    Wolfpack rules! Loving this build!
  7. BlackGloveBricks

    Arabian Street

    This display is utterly gorgeous. The perfect balance of detail, structure, and space. I am very impressed!
  8. BlackGloveBricks

    Medieval Bakery

    Love this! I'm currently working on a medieval bakery myself. Plenty of great inspiration here! Thank you!
  9. BlackGloveBricks

    [MOC] Medieval Tavern

    An absolutely brilliant interior! Great work. This is something to be proud of!
  10. BlackGloveBricks

    [MOC] The Ruins of Green Mire Keep

    This is beautiful! So much going on here! I absolutely love it!
  11. BlackGloveBricks

    [MOC] Black Falcon's Fortress Anno 2022

    Beautiful design! The Falcons deserve all this and more! Falcons Forever!
  12. BlackGloveBricks

    [MOC] - Black Falcon's Fortress - ReCrafted Edition

    Congrats on being featured in Blocks Magazine! A well-deserved honor!
  13. BlackGloveBricks

    [MOC] - Black Falcon's Fortress - ReCrafted Edition

    Love it! The Falcons have been my favorite LEGO Castle faction since the 80s. This is a brilliant take on one of their classic fortresses. Well done!
  14. BlackGloveBricks

    [MOC] What A Strange Forest

    A strange forest indeed! I feel more strange just looking at it!
  15. BlackGloveBricks

    [MOC] - A Large Goat

    A big goat. A serious goat.