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  1. BlackGloveBricks

    MOC: Mediterranean town square

    I'm in love with this design! You've done such a beautiful job with this!
  2. BlackGloveBricks

    Guarded Grocer (LEGO Ideas)

    This is stunning! Definitely supporting this! And I love that you are continuing the recent trend of including Falcons! Black Falcons rule!
  3. BlackGloveBricks

    CDC2 CMF: Henjin Quilones

    I would buy boxes and boxes of these!
  4. BlackGloveBricks

    [MOC] The Echo Game, House of Flying Daggers

    Not familiar with the source material. But I'm absolutely in love with what you've created here. It's just so dang beautiful!
  5. BlackGloveBricks

    [MOC] The wrong turn

    The eggs are shattering! The eggs are shattering!
  6. BlackGloveBricks

    [MOC] The Inn of the Prancing Pony

    Smoking pipeweed alone in a corner.
  7. BlackGloveBricks

    [LEGO Ideas] The Forestmen's Secret Inn

    I had a dream about the Forestmen once too.
  8. BlackGloveBricks

    [MOC] Wild West: Trouble in Vulture Creek

    What's the deal with bandits? Can't they just finally grow up?
  9. BlackGloveBricks

    [MOC] Island Shrine

    I can almost feel the sea mist splashing my face as I cross the bridge towards that tiny island shrine. I've always loved shrines. And islands. So this MOC combines two of my most favorites things ever. Thanks for transporting my mind and soul to a different, more beautiful place. Even if it only lasted for a few moments. I will never forget the sensation.
  10. BlackGloveBricks

    [MOD] 31120 Medieval Castle

    Is this castle considered medieval?
  11. BlackGloveBricks

    Former Total Noob (now just noob) starts Castle Project

    Castle is looking great! My uncle, Carol Beefy, was once a jewel thief.
  12. BlackGloveBricks

    [MOC] Billy's Hardware Store

    I like all the extra lumber just hanging out in the backyard. I'll buy some of that wood, merchant!
  13. BlackGloveBricks

    [MOC] Castles over the years

    Turns out I was a victim of torture. What next?
  14. BlackGloveBricks

    [MOC] Black Monarch's Ghost (#6034) revisited

    Some ghosts are scary. Some ghosts are helpful.
  15. BlackGloveBricks

    Modified the creator 3 in 1 castle

    I like your version more than the original.