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  1. Yeah my guess is it's basically just the credits shot from the Mando finale. The throne and steps, Fat Bib, Fennec with hair and Repainted Boba, maybe a veryyyy small side build.
  2. Nuclear take, the landspeeder is bloody hilarious, it'll look cool as hell and I'll probably buy one. Also, the ATST is going to be cool, we haven't had a normal imperial AT ST in a while. Honestly I'm moderately excited for next year. It's not incredible by any stretch of the imagination, and tbh last year's winter wave was better (the TIE is gorgeous and Luke's X Wing is on another level of internal engineering), but it's not atrocious either.
  3. Do the clone helmets like the Art sets where there's a blank P1 and a blank P2 and green, red, blue and orange bricks to swap out for various troopers.
  4. The OT v PT thing I'm entirely convinced was a misspeak certain fans blew out of proportion. Was it somewhat funny? Yes. Does it merit this reaction? No. Note how none of the drama or criticisms of the set actually surround the set itself bar the figure, which should have been a pilot, but still. It's all nitpicks being blown out of proportion. The set itself is immaculate, not for me but gorgeous nonetheless. Now to cut off three more pages of Gunship discourse, I hope Mother Talzin shows up soon, it would also be nice to get a new Ventress.
  5. holy megablocks I sign off for a week and the forum’s a bigger mess then Alderaan I remember there being rumors of a Slave 1 micro fighter last year, maybe this is when we get it. I’m the opposite, lmao, I hope it’s the new Boba so I don’t have to spend 50 bucks on a Slave 1 I highly dislike. Wouldn’t completely shock me if they put Fennec in, tho.
  6. Vader's Chamber is 75369. You're thinking of 75396, which given the similarities of the numbers makes me think it was a misunderstanding. My primary theory for the 5 dollar price hike is large pieces. The number of things in the pack lends credence to this: how do you make a snow wall, speeder, E-Webb and minifig stand out of 80 pieces, unless those 80 pieces are largeish. On the other hand maybe they're just bad builds.
  7. Did the preorder button for the Forge go down for anyone else?
  8. Looking at the Eternals figures, Makkari's hair would be decent for Fennec.
  9. hondohnaka

    Marvel Superheroes 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    I seriously hope the next modular is the Sanctum. It's probably 50-50 Avengers Tower or Sanctum, but watch them do the Asgardian or Wakandan palace instead.
  10. Got my replacement Bo helmet and as I feared it seems that the shaky white printing issue is chronic. The top of the print is thinner and grainier then the rest of it, and I have a feeling it’s not going to be there in say five years. It is a much crisper print then my original helmet tho.
  11. Is 75257 worth buying if I have the 2015 Falcon? They look pretty much identical to me, and I'm really not a fan of the way the roof opens up. Also, where the hell is the January set list?
  12. To be perfectly honest, I have both Luke’s and Poe’s latest one, and the insane building techniques quite make up for the size difference. I’m not a fan of how flimsy the guns are but there weren’t many other options that would have looked as good. I highly recommend the TIE as well.
  13. Wild guess, new Covid precautions and a higher workload because they’re finally catching up with the demand (sets didn’t go out of stock immediately, my guess is not that they weren’t popular but that finally they realized more should be made). I’m currently building the Light Cruiser and I really like the micro TIEs for some reason. They’re very simple builds obviously but they’re also very well done.
  14. YUP. All three big boxes were dented. My Saturn V box basically had its corner shoved in, the Cruiser is creased around the edge and so is the Fighter. Somehow the Marauders and sailboat weren’t but still. It’s ridiculous. Maybe it’s because they put so many things in one box and they smashed against each other but the Saturn V was flat on the top of the box; there was nothing to smash it in. ETA: I have to wonder if this is a FedEx thing, I ordered the Hydro Bounty off Zavvi back when it dropped in Europe and the entire front half of the set box and the shipping box were absolutely mangled to the point where it was practically open and I basically had to surgically cut it apart to get the bags out when it showed up. Again, the other set in that order, Water Dragon, was fine, so I think the large sets might just end up being too close to the edge of the box. second edit: YEESH my Bo Katan print is rough as hell. Definitely going to be bothering Lego for a replacement.
  15. At this point, yeah, I’ll be taking my chances with the store hunt. I could have had this entire order the day after if I’d bought off Amazon. It’s ridiculous.