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  1. holy smokes batman this fanbase is...something else. Anyway I hope the Marauder's easy to find, I want to army build with that. Wish we got more imperial land vehicles besides AT ATs. Hopefully with Mando 3 and Ahsoka being the gang going up against whatever Thrawn's got up his sleeve we'll get more. Oh, like a swamp stormie and an aquatic stormie. That would be really cool.
  2. um…so…uh…who’s excited for LegoCon
  3. We haven’t gotten better pictures of the Armorer but she’s the biggest disappointment for me. The horns just do not look good.
  4. Hunter at least should have had a backpack. Wrecker already has his armor thing and Echo being relatively small and slim in comparison to the others works. Hunter needs the backpack for the general silhouette otherwise he looks really skinny and weird
  5. I genuinely don’t think it is. The promo said “a new Lego set.” It would be a new level of stupid for them to only reveal one Mandalorian set.
  6. Just watched a Shuttle review and ugh maybe it was just the distance from the camera but I’m definitely sliding back into doomering about it. The actual shuttle is just so small for 100 dollars.
  7. I think they saw the reaction to the lack of TV show stuff these past two years and are finally reacting to it.
  8. hondohnaka

    Marvel Superheroes 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    I mean hey at least you're confident enough to stick to your guns. Respect.
  9. hondohnaka

    Marvel Superheroes 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    "joined 2 hours ago" how confidence-inspiring. I hope you're right, because I like what we can't see of the New Asgard set. Mods is there a way to save this comment for future checking for mockery/accolades
  10. Yeah there's no way they don't do something with them. Even if it isn't officially from BoBF because that's sort of a one-off special (from what I've heard, it's shorter then Mando and won't be happening again), he'll show up in Mando 3 almost guaranteed. Something something Ahsoka asks him to gather a team to help her with Thrawn and he grabs Boba because it's Boba.
  11. Well dang. I always saw them kicking around in stores in my area so I had no idea. That all being said, I maintain nothing from this wave will be as hard to get as previous ones because COVID is no longer screwing with the supply chain. Different point I know but thought I'd bring it up. Waiting? Being smart with money? What is this, normal human behavior? Hail Thrawn.
  12. hondohnaka

    Marvel Superheroes 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    hmm yes i very much wish to buy this potato spawn tbh I wasn't planning on this but the colors are really appealing and I like all the barrels and such. Miek's height is very strange. It doesn't look like he's a full minifig...perhaps his body is a molded piece and the head is attached to it ala Thanos?