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  1. So I saw on Instagram that the helmets and the probe droid are coming out in April? That doesn’t seem right though because usually the pics get dropped on Lego.com the month before and we have yet to see any of them. I’m guessing the acc was wrong and they’re still set for May but I was just curious if anyone else knew anything about this.
  2. (insert “but Lego never has good ideas” joke here) I don’t see Tython as a set. It’s not a very visually interesting place and there isn’t much opportunity for play features, ya sort of just have the little altar thing Grogu’s on and that’s it. Cobb’s speeder with a micro scale krayt dragon to go with ToT tho…that would be brilliant.
  3. Yes there is a $30 Target set. My guess is Obi-Wan’s starfighter but as others have pointed out that isn’t likely granted that Anakin’s is still on shelves.
  4. Almost definitely. May is helmets, UCS R2 and that’s it. I’d love it if it was a May 4 release but I really don’t see that happening.
  5. Am I the only one still getting "coming soon" messages on March 1 releases? It's past 12 where I am so they should be available. EDIT: They're up and I got my shuttle. Haven't gotten a confirmation email yet tho; hope it won't be like last time.
  6. ...dare I hope for Rex...I know it's almost definitely not based off S7 but hey a guy can dream...it would probably be Grand Moff Tarkin honestly he seems to have a decently sized role in the show.
  7. It has to be in that order or else you have to start from the beginning.
  8. Lego be like "we see your dream, so we're only ever making a Cody microfigure to make it a NIGHTMARE!" somethingsomethingMephistosomethingsomething I think there's only two sets we don't know the names of, a $30 Target exclusive and one of the helmets? That rumor re: Gideon's cruiser sounds great but idk how they'd do something that big at a $160 price point without sacrificing literally all the interior. Like I'm worried that it would be UCS ISD-style and that was barely fine because it was a UCS. Gideon's cruiser would hopefully be a playset.
  9. Honestly I think P2 Cody not being a thing by this point is Lego meming on us because they can. Or if he gets made he'll be in a VIP promo for purchases of over a thousand dollars or something.
  10. I wasn’t even aware that there was a vote, lol. I heard about the Gunship after it was confirmed as coming out this year, was excited for quite a while, and then the figs really disappointed me.
  11. To misquote Thomas Jefferson: “can we get back to Lego leaks?” I’m definitely leaning towards crossing the Gunship off my wishlist. It’s probably going to be super bulky, and the rumored figs are just astronomically disappointing. I can do a lot with 350 and get some much better sets that fit better with my collection.
  12. Is the UCS AT-AT lined up for a September or November release? Curious because it changes my budget.
  13. I meant that he probably won't be around for years so we should stop speculating. I'm sorry if that wasn't clear.
  14. everybody behave or the mod will have us sit in the corner for timeout. In all seriousness, yeah, shows≠lego sets. If ya want proof, we've never gotten a Bo-Katan fig until this summer. There were a million opportunities to make her during TCW's run.