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  1. @legoman666 This is amazing! I recently lost all my pirate fabrics and your store sells all that i have lost. This is almost too good to be true. Thank you very much for doing this!
  2. incredible ideas! good seeing pirates are still alive and well with the lego community!
  3. sjut

    Hello! My name is BrickHammer!

    Wauw, they all look extremely good. Just started this year? and already on 10k on a project? Thats really impressive. Do you factor in eventual set prices when designing your builds?
  4. sjut

    Hello from the Netherlands

    As a fellow Dutchie i'd love to see some of our beautiful historical architecture in lego form. Very much looking forward to see more of your city!
  5. sjut

    Hello everybody!

    Hello everyone! I'm Sjut and im here as a general enthusiast of the pirate lego theme. Some of my best childhood memories were playing pirate lego's with my brothers and friends from my neighborhood and school in the mid 90's. As things usually go i got interested in other things and left lego in general. Although i still kept all my favorite theme's, pirates and early star wars, in a crate and all the build plans and accessories neatly stored in a map. My map, however, has recently gone missing. I've spent so many hours looking now that im confident it's gone for good. Tho the current situation is unacceptable and i'm in the process of somewhat rebuilding what was lost. And in that search i stumbled onto this forum. Already seen some promising posts and topics and im looking forward to interacting with the community here and working on rebuilding and completing my sets!
  6. Amazingly i found one for 65 Euros a couple of weeks ago. shop's caught on since then tho.
  7. sjut

    Pirate flag x376px4

    They look quit ea bit different on close inspection. I presonally think they both look fine but it does look suspect.