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    Story of Ava, chapter 3

    Chapter 1 is there, Chapter 2 is here Chapter 3 Once, Ava left our house to scratch one more name from his list, it was the sixth or the seventh. Well, I can't remember well, it was so far from now... He left after borrowing a carriage from a neighbour of ours. He was supposed to come back within three days, however after the fourth day, he was still missing... When he reached home again on the sixth day, he told us that on the way back, he had a problem with an axle of the carriage and had to stop in the nearby town with a stable where the smith can repair. He didn't want to give back the carriage with a wheel broken... The village where he stopped is not so far from here and is well equipped. The stable even have an attic where they can store the hay surplus. Extract from the memories of Achille, woodman of Mitgardia You surely recognise the roof technic... Please do not hesitate to comment. I clearly need to improve the backwall (not pictured), but it will have a special thread on it later. I am still missing pieces so I "filled" more than really build it. Thanks to the medieval forge, I can now start build a little more... The textures is also a focus I need to have in future build. I will try to improve this one if he survive my kid play test. The awning is very fragile because I added it after building the left part of the stable... I was about to rebuild but it hold so I didn't touched it finally. I like the drinker for the horses but I find it a little crude. In the end, I would like to propose it for the phase 2 of stable for the Age of Mitgardia event.
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    Age of Mitgardia (free-build-challenge)

    My entry for the Stable phase 2 lies here.
  3. Stable and repair | Zarcania | Mitgardia
  4. Zarcania

    [MOC] Serenity's Castle MOCs

    I particularly like the stable and the armoury that seems quite operationnal. Nice work
  5. Zarcania

    Barnsdale Watchtower

    Nice ! I especially love the curved stairs. Is there pictures or details in building somewhere?
  6. Zarcania

    [LEGO Ideas] Medieval Butcher

    Very nice ! The well is fantastic ! Supported
  7. Very interesting video! It's living and nice to look at. :-)
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    [MOC] Training Grounds

    So nice to see the rocks going out of the frame. It's very nice to see.
  9. Zarcania

    Medieval street

    Very impressive!
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    Story of Ava, chapter 2

    Chapter 1 is there. Story of Ava, chapter 2. It took him several years to scratch all the names on the list... He went through all Mitgardia to "complete" his list as he used to say... He came back from one of his travels and told me that he got the final clue to reach the destination of his quest thanks to a young girl. She was only six... I didn't asked how he got this clue. As usually, he stayed one or two days before leaving again... When he left our house for the last time, he explained us confusedly that he now knows where the source of all his problems lies. He can now face and destroy it. The vortex is now reachable in the ruins north of Arnarvhall. He turned back and it was one of the lasdt time we see each others... Extract from the memories of Achille, woodman of Mitgardia Comments are welcome of course. :-) I am still struggling with pieces... The vortex needed to be improved but I didn't found how.
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    [MOC] Scriptorium Mokotovum

    It is even difficult to choose where to look at! So many details...
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    Story of Ava, chapter 2

    Thanks, Leaving in the North of France, currently, even outside, light is... minimal :-) I think I will try to make something with LEDs in a box. Thanks for spelling, modifications made (english class start to be far from now... Yeah, you are right, it is not self explanatory... I had the story in mind when building so it was "natural" for me. I should have a look to see if it speaks by itself. As far as the vortex is concerned, I would like to improve it clearly because I liked building it. Perhaps going into several layers could be a good idea to reinforce the vortex effect... And seen from the side with plate could give some more finesse to the thing, which currently, lets' face it, it is bit gross. I discovered afterward that the legs of the horse are moving... Thanks ! I try to look at Minecraft environments and rivers that seems fluid with only bricks without slopes. I found them inspiring to avoid the pixel problem.
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    [MOC] Ambush in the forest

    Clearly your trees are very nice. Can you make some zooms?
  14. Ruins of the vortex | Zarcania | Mitgardia
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    Age of Mitgardia (free-build-challenge)

    Here is my entry for the Stable phase 1.
  16. Zarcania

    Allanar Mine

    So impressive. It took time but it worth it :-D
  17. Zarcania

    LEGO IDEAS - The Medieval Blacksmith

    Got mine at 23h59 French time but not yet shipped. Two gift box offerd without problem.
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    [MOC] Border Fortress

    Very impresive !
  19. Zarcania

    Story of Ava, chapter I

    Thanks ! :-)
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    Story of Ava, chapter I

    Story of Ava, chapter I The winter was ending, the snow was starting to melt and flower to bloom. I didn't know that it will be the day where something really strange would happen in my life. In this period, I make a short walk every day to reach the well next to the old ruins. This morning the air was nice and fresh, I was sure that the water would be available due to the melted ice. I was right by the way but in the end I did not bring any drop of water. Unlike every other occasion, the forest was quiet. When reaching the well, I saw someone lying next to our source of water. I ran to him because this night's temperature would be very hard to stand without a good fire. He was more fainted than dead and when I shook his shoulder to check whether he could answer me, his first words were to ask if he finally reached Mitgardia. Of course I answered : " Yes, just in the south of winter lakes". - At last, he said. He was really struggling to breathe and I asked who he is and why he is there. He just had the time to tell me : "My name's Ava..." before going into darkness again. I wanted to know a little more on him before bringing him home. Indeed, I didn't want to have any problem with a fleeing slave or a convicted offender. I looked through his stuff and just found his sword, few coins and a list of names, with dozens of names, and some of these are clearly Mitgardian names. I put everything in my backpack and dragged the man to my house to heat a little and save him. Extract from the memories of Achille, woodman of Mitgardia -------------------------- That's the start of the story of Ava. I hope you liked it. I don't know yet where this can go at all but if you want your name on this list, I would be happy to put it :-) --------------------------- --------------------------- Well, these are other the pictures of my first MOC that is not intended to be played with my kids ! Comments and critics are very welcomed. There are clearly lots to improve. First of all, I lack a lot of pieces as I am just starting lego (some pieces from my childhood, one set of lego friends of my daugther and some spare part bought here and there). Two creator box on the way should help. I am happy of the well even if not brilliant, it is all from my mind and did not get ideas on the net. I put some ruins at the back to give some background details and I found the balance nearly OK. Ruins could have been bigger if I had more grey pieces !!!). As major improvements, I know that the snow should be better (why do you think it happens in spring ;-) ), there is just small spot here and there and that is not good. Tree is at the correct size but it does not has the correct style to fit Mitgardia and semmes to be a little "poor". I also lack minifig parts so this one is not really up to the story, pose was always strange but I guess lying is not really the better way to expose them. The "stand" is horrible, I should find some other technics fitting "my inventory". I also need to give some better level design because is seems too flat and the spot on the right is not of the good color. In the end the quality of the picture itself must be improved, I have seen that there are some tips somewhere, and will go to have a look as soon as I have some time. If you know some ressources that might help a begginer, please do not hesitate to link it in bulk here, I'll have a look.
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    [MOC] Fractured kingdoms, Bandit attack

    Very nice. I really like the bandit , I haven't seens him on the first picture !
  22. Amazing. Would you post a zoom of your door? :-) Seems very nice
  23. Zarcania

    The Seven Swords of Wayland

    So impressive.