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    AT-AT moc made by mysel

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  1. juliomocsw

    Project NINKA

    merci pour ton commentaire, j'aime bien le genre Tantiv mais cette version de combat j'ai adoré , pour l'échelle je suis plus a 1/7 de l'échelle minifig actually the containers on the sides are nuclear bombs. I gather the pieces to build it in real, but it’s true it takes time. Yes it is correct the red can be replaced by any colors and some parts by others. my sources are mostly images of the net , I tried to respect as much as possible the dimensions of the models while keeping the most solid structure .
  2. juliomocsw

    Project NINKA

    Thank you for your comment , the instructions are available by MP or on Rebrickable.The ship comes with the instructions of a Stand for the exhibition
  3. juliomocsw

    Project NINKA

    it is true that in the film it is not seen much, it is more present in the game battlefront 2. there is no interior but it is possible to add . it is almost 14k pieces . It was designed in part, only I do not have all the pieces for the details but the structure already exists in our association. I can take more pictures if you want. Thanks for your compliments , I really like the Tantiv 4 and make it a more aggressive version. Even if the new trilogy is not my favorite I find this ship impressive
  4. juliomocsw

    Project NINKA

    hello there , me voilà nous sur le forum . I present my creation ( in Stud.io version) but well in real version. The NINKA cruiser under the command of Admiral HOLDO in the last jedi. Ninka was a Free Virgillia class bunker buster, sometimes nicknamed “bunker buster” by the crew,in the service of the Resistance during the conflict against the First Order. It was commanded by Amilyn Holdo. It was part of the Resistance Flotilla that participated in the Battle of D'Qar, it was destroyed by the First Order during the Continuation of the Resistance when its fuel reserves fell to zero. Technical Data: 13922 pcs 132.5cm long , 81cm wide, 28.5 high for a weight of 14kg