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  1. BrickDuvel

    [MOC] Charlemagne 74 gun ship of the line

    The flag is up, the rigging is redone, and after several attemps I'm settling for this rounder new stern look. I think it suits a French third rate. I used the plant pieces with the three leaves as fleur de lis symbols and the chicken is meant te be a French rooster. Also happy with the picture below, which nicely shows the curving of the 36-pounder battery. Charlemagne IMG_7165 by Brick Duvel, on Flickr Charlemagne IMG_7148 by Brick Duvel, on Flickr Maybe she'll get sails some day, but for now the work is done
  2. BrickDuvel

    [MOC] WIP 38-gun Frigate HMS Diana

    This is already one fine ship. I love the overall shaping of the hull. Stern and bow look very nice and your colour scheme is great. The optical illusion of a slight upward curve of the gunports towards the bow and the stern that is created with the diminishing blue line looks superb. This is an interesting idea to elborate on/take in mind for future builds since the gunport line doesn't follow the curving of the hull completely. Looking forward to see this ship fully rigged.
  3. BrickDuvel

    [MOC] Charlemagne 74 gun ship of the line

    I’ ve made some changes to the ship. I did an overhaul of the hull in order to create a more realistic model of this 74. Most significant changes: The ship is 2 studs lower, 2 studs wider and about 5 studs longer. The upper gundek was increased in lenght to fit 2 more gunports on each side. There are now 30 gunports on the upper gundek. The bow and the stern got a new look. The weather deck is opened up at the waist +2 life boats were added. Work in progress: making the masts a bit higher, redo some of the rigging and putting the flag up.
  4. BrickDuvel

    [MOC] Charlemagne 74 gun ship of the line

    Thanks for the feedback everyone! Sure there is, one of the big benefits of building to minifig scale is being able to add a full interior. So true, I'm a real noob at photography when I compare my simple Iphone pics to ohers here on the forum. When the picture is somewhat sharp, I'm more than happy. Lighting and shadows are way out of my league. Putting up sails and a French flag are on my wish list....sewing them is on my wife's to do list. That's your answer why they are not up yet :) We'll start with pics of the most important things when you go out for a long journey by sea: food and rest :) Im not able to add the pictures directly in the post because they take up too much space. So I added them to the flickr album. Have fun.
  5. Here’s my minfig scale MOC of the Charlemagne. (Charles The Great) I’m posting my MOC on this great Pirate MOC forum so this can also inspire other builders in the future. It’s a 3rd rate Téméraire class 74 gun ship of the line of the French Navy. It’s big brother was launched in 1807 in Antwerp under the Napoleonic rule in Belgium. It had a length of 54m (177ft) and a beam of 14,3m (47 ft). This MOC at about minifig scale counts 150 studs long from stern to the bow at it’s longest point and 42 studs at its widest point at the lower gundek near the main mast. Don’t know the brick count (never made it in digital form) but it took about 2-3 years to finish of which several months were spent on the rigging. I want to pay a small hommage to the builders of these lego ships who inspired me to build this lego ship which gave me hours of fun: Achille Gallus HMS Bulwark HMS Lively HMS Prince of Wales/Minerve HMS Victory Le Fleuron/Prins Willim Le Fourageux Phantom Pinnacle Rapscallion Revenge VOC De Ruyter USS Poseidon (And I’m sure I forget to mention quite a few superb ships on this forum, sorry guys) And a special thanks to the builders of : HMS Agamemnon for it’s colour sceme and stern technique HMS Enterprize for it’s hull technique and steering mechanism HMS Persephone for it’s modular build thechnique and it’s perfect composure at a it’s own (smaller) scale. Here's the link to my Flickr page for some pics: Here's the link to the big brother info:
  6. BrickDuvel


    I'm currently making all sorts of modifications to the MOC. I changed the motorized parts on the inside and am testing on how much weight the technic gears can handle. As for the outside, the MTT cockpit will be lowered a bit, to be more realistic. The backside will also see some changes. But when all this is done, making digital instructions for the MTT is still the plan.
  7. BrickDuvel


    I'll post some pics of the interior spaces on the Flickr album. The cockpit has an interior and the backside has 2 cargo spaces to carry a few extra minifigs eg super battle droids. On the backside I took the liberty to deviate somewhat from the real MTT in favor of playbility. There's no interior in the whole middle section of the MOC, it's fully used as a technical area for technic parts, motors, gears and wiring. You'r being served. I just made a short video of the droid rack deploying. It's not that fast because I geared down a bit to spare the motor and the gears. As you can see in the video,I made the hole in the front as narrow and as low as possible. I really liked the thick rounded bricks, they work great as a robust battering ram on the front and they're just the right size to cover up the round hole for the droid rack. Unfortunatily they don't come in reddish brown, so dark brown was second best. Thanks for all the great supporting comments!
  8. BrickDuvel


    Hello, after several months of building, demolishing and rebuilding, I just finished my Lego Star Wars UCS MTT MOC. I picked the MTT as a set to build a UCS style MOC for several reasons: Till today there is no Lego UCS version of the MTT. The existing Lego sets (7662 and 75058) are play sets and therefore not that accurate to the 'real' Trade Federation Multi Troop Transport. It's a challenging build, the MTT has great curves, the thing is all sloped and rounded, so a lot of trial and error fun. I like to build to minifig scale and the MTT is just 'small' enough to do this. To realise a set in minifig scale is almost impossible for the Lego company (UCS Falcon as the exemption to the rule) When I started the build I also did not see any lego MTT MOC's on the internet in minifig scale, so I wanted to fill the gap. When build to minifig scale the build is at a sweet spot in terms of size and weight. It's quite a large build, so you can work full on detail, but you can still pick it up easily and it still fits on a small table or deep bookshelf. It comes in brown , so something different than the usual Star Wars grey shades. After seeing the incredible UCS Sandcrawler of Cavegod and Marshal Banana a couple of years ago, it's clear that shades of brown can be quite interesting for a lego Star Wars build. The build is a compromise between SW universe vehicle accuracy, integrated technical functions and playability. The MTT's main function is to transport and deploy battle droids. Therefore the whole build is centered around the battle droid rack. The droid rack is deployed by a technic scissor lift that is propelled by 2 lineair actuators powered by a PF XL motor. It can also be operated manually trough the top wheel on the backside of the MTT. I wanted a droid rack with four vertical rows of droids like in the real SW universe. It can carry 48 droids (2 rows wide, 4 rows high, 6 droids in a row), so the front had to be wide enough to allow the droid rack to pass, but still small enough to take the inwards curved sides at the vehicle's narrowest point. Because of the height, there was also not a lot of room to make the bottom in the front sturdy enough. Bodywork: Different shades of brown combined with dark blue grey. I tried to go for a weathered look, as in an MTT that has seen some battles. Because of a lack of greebling opportunities I made some blastholes in the sides to go with the weathered look . Specs: Lenght: 90 studs, 70 cm/27 inches height: 35 studs, 34 cm/13 inches weight: almost 8 kg/17lbs Structure/firmness: The inside is all technic bricks and liftarms. You can easily lift the set up on the 2 sides, flex is ok. It rolls on 6 wheels, so kids can move it to play with Work in progress: trial and error to get it moving again on 2 or more lego XL motors or skip the motorized propulsion overall. When I finished building the technic frame, it could be driven by 1 PF XL motor and steered by 1 medium motor. Now with the exterior finished the 8 kg is definitly too much for one XL motor. If anyone has some experience building heavy moving lego or technic vehicles, I'm open to tips Question to the community: would adding one extra XL motor be enough to propel 8 kg? I believe the Sandcrawler MOC is double this weight and it runs (more like crawls) on 4 XL motors? making building instructions: I'm doing this in bricklink studio. I'm making progress, but It will still take a couple of months to finish them. As for a total number of pieces used, I can't say right now, I'll be able to add the number when the instructions are finished. I've posted some pics on my flickr account: