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  1. The bonsai would be great and I would not need to worry about how much water it needs!
  2. I would be happy with any new castle set, maybe more like Löwenstein castle or smaller.
  3. We need a 1000+ piece plus classic space sets. My old classic space favorites seem to simple to my kids.
  4. Great photos in the sand.
  5. About sets. There is a The LEGO Movie 2 Collectible MiniFigure - Apocalypse Benny and the Space Rover Explorer 31107 (I included the rover because the minifig has a classic space logo)
  6. HyperC

    Lego Classic Space Calendar 2021 :)

    Very nice. I'd be interested in the instructions or parts file
  7. HyperC


    Looks great
  8. HyperC

    [MOC] Luxury Fishing Yacht with realistic stern

    Could you make the Mecabricks file available?
  9. HyperC

    [MOC] Luxury Fishing Yacht with realistic stern

    Great build! How can we get the build instructions, file or parts list? Thank you