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  1. Very nice! I will tried it on my next build.
  2. Awesome! Attach an filament extruder and you have a 3D printer! Excellent! Btw what language did you program it with?
  3. That looks awesome! What libraries are you using with Andruino to control the PF servos and how do you connect them to the ESP8266? Nikos
  4. Awesome design. Looking Fujiwara to a video. Nikos
  5. One of the most realisticly operating MOC I have seen! Using gears or the crankshaft to manipulate the air valve is just brilliant! Cheers, Nikos
  6. Hi! For PF motors I use the BuWizz which has 3 power settings and basic remote control. I stop using the Lego battery boxes for PF MOCs. For PU hubs I use Eneloop Pro batteries as I like to use the Lego PU app. for custom coding. Cheers! Nikos
  7. Well done! Great photos with real backgrounds btw.
  8. Take a number! I am also disappointed with the release of PU (Powered Up) code without any documentation. I was greatly helped by Using the older system PF (Power Functions) the best motor for steering is the Servo Motor (88004). No need for any programming.
  9. Hi Peter, I am in a similar path with my Defender conversion to full RC. I need also to work on my steering as it is not as "responsive" as I would like it but I found a way to make the App. (3.6.0) to calibrate the Angular (SPIKE) position motor so it always start at the center. I created a quick built animation of this configuration below: I hope this helps. Nikos
  10. That's an amazing built. Well done! Nikos