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  1. I have not seen a single person who voted for the Nebulon complain about it. Adversely, I have seen several people who voted for the gunship complain about it.
  2. Very bold of you to admit that around here, I respect that
  3. When all else fails, go back to complaining about the stormtrooper helmet! On a serious note, I quite like the new helmet. It was also very easy to army build, and getting variants such as the shadow troopers and now the mortar troopers is very welcome. Hopefully we can see an incinerator trooper or shock trooper down the line, though the latter one I doubt.
  4. Isn't the AT-AT longer than it is high though? Also, I have Jhae's AT-AT behind me and it's about 60 cm tall, so I think a meter is a little much lol
  5. AIex

    "The Empire Strikes Back" in LEGO

    I can't imagine how much time some of these must take, commendable work
  6. I've just checked and he doesn't actually have insignia patches on his arms, so arm printing is kinda redundant for Renz
  7. I have seen a lot of complaints about this being the first non-minifig scale UCS set above $200. While this is blatantly untrue (Sandcrawler, Death Stars, Star Destroyers, etc.) I think an even more important note is that, with the exception of the Naboo starfighter waaaaaay back before they knew what they were doing, no UCS set has EVER been the same size as its system scale counterpart. Every UCS set that has an existing system scale variant (star destroyers, all starfighters, falcon, slave 1, etc) is significantly larger than said system scale variant. In the case of the falcon, slave 1, and imperial shuttle, the upscaled version is more or less to scale with minifigures. In the case of everything else, it is a heavily detailed display model that would look silly when you put minifigures inside of it. The gunship falls into the latter category. Lego's system scale gunships are already built to minifig scale, so a UCS version at the same size would be redundant, and people would complain about getting a gunship that's the same size as the system scale one for more than double the price. Even accounting for the reduced price of a smaller UCS gunship, it would still be far more expensive than any system scale variant, while clocking in at around the same size. If you want a minifig scale gunship, buy a system scale version or a moc
  8. AIex

    Leaked 2022 Set List

    I assure you, with the UCS on shelves, we will not see a system scale gunship for at least a little while
  9. Taking a wild guess and saying that it will have orange nose art? I have no idea what else it could possibly be if they want this thing to sell.
  10. that is a LOT larger than I expected, I have richboyjhae's AT-AT sitting on my dresser and the Mantis would be taller than two of them stacked on top of eachother, and longer than two of them back to back as well. Massive.
  11. looking forward to that scout trooper minifig dropping in price, at least I hope so
  12. One day a set with a stormtrooper will come out and we won't see a million comments about how it should have been the old helmet
  13. Yeah, of all the bad batch members Tech is the only one I'd say absolutely needed a new mould, his helmet is just too unique and different to anything we have ever seen before.
  14. If you want to drop this, stop acting superior to everyone you disagree with and that your opinion is fact.