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  1. Rebel starfighters bundle from brickvault
  2. I try to get pieces in new or very lightly used condition whenever I can, but when I build rebel vehicles I'll loosen up and use old grays and scratched parts
  3. Sand blue is a fantastic colour and if this makes it easier to get or introduces new parts I'm all for it
  4. seriously? Before we even know anything about the set?
  5. AIex

    TIE/br Heavy Starfighter

    I love this mindset! I too try to integrate certain play features and functions into my builds wherever I can, and it is so neat to see one executed as wonderfully and seamlessly as your TIE here.
  6. AIex

    Most accurate star destroyer?

    to add onto this, the panels of the Monarch are straight forward with the angle being defined by the wedge plate, whereas the eviscerator has the panels at an angle so that the edge of the wedge plates creates a straight line down the center. This allows for far more intricate detail along the edges of the top and bottom panels, a detail I have not really seen on any other star destroyer moc that really adds a lot to the design
  7. a while back Jerac posted a video of him tossing it onto his bed and it remained intact, so it's certainly very strong. Bricklink's showcase video also said that it was built extremely tough.
  8. Richboyjhae's model, which is of a similar piece count, has an interior but no moving legs. Every other "minifig scale" (or larger) AT-AT has had static legs, so I'd be very surprised if this model is different
  9. they'll be even more surprised when it sells badly because they didn't include jedi bob and 120 clone troopers led by phase II cody! I truly hope those people are a vocal minority as opposed to the majority of supporters, because this would fare awfully for future prequel UCS sets if they avoid it because it wasn't a $350 army builder
  10. Honestly, thank goodness Jedi Bob wasn't included. He's a meme minifig that anyone can make a custom of with ease.
  11. I never understand this argument as the red eyes were never prominent prior to Rogue One, and all the animated depictions since have really exaggerated them. You can really hardly tell in episode IV
  12. AIex

    Modified TIE Fighter MOC

    I love the way you've got the lines on the wings headed perpendicular rather than parallel, it really adds so much to the design for such a simple change
  13. AIex

    UCS Imperial Landing Craft

    what a pleasant surprise!
  14. what exactly did you mean by this? I'm just curious because the neck seems like the only place to attach things such as jetpacks, pauldrons, backpacks, etc