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  1. AIex

    Chicken Walker MOC

    quite well done
  2. Truly hope Ahsoka is not one of the figs in this set
  3. I'm all for the sand blue, personally. If I get this set, it's more or less headed straight into my parts bins. It'll be nice to get some more not-quite-grey pieces for weathering and accents
  4. AIex

    [MOC] The Return of The X-Wing

    Thank you sire
  5. I have no need for that AT-ST, but those minifigs are a big draw for me. Looks like a decent parts pack, if nothing else, and better than most of the other 4+ sets that have been put out imo.
  6. AIex

    [MOC] The Return of The X-Wing

    an issue I'm having is with the wings, only two of them (top left/bottom right) actually move and are locked in place when open/shut. The other two can be moved into the right positions by hand, but do not stay in that position if you apply force to them unlike the other two.
  7. I figured as much. Hoping the box has that blue stripe on it so MandR can finally realize that it's not an "Empire Strikes Back" specific thing.
  8. AIex

    New ties incoming? (a theory)

    I think the TIE bomber is more than viable as a set, not just for how iconic it is from Empire, or because of its brief appearance in mando, but because it's had such a presence in other external media. Rebels, for instance, though many will recognize it from the battlefront games (old and new) and some from squadrons, which was admittedly less popular than those. Its constant presence across games and television I think are more than enough to make another set for it. Same applies for the interceptor, and even the defender to an extent since it featured very prominently in rebels as well as the aforementioned games (albeit far less significantly). If we can have 3 B-Wing playsets and a UCS one, there's no excuse for only having one TIE Bomber and two TIE interceptors.
  9. Vader's white head underneath would make that look extremely goofy
  10. regardless of how red they appear in ANH, which is hardly ever, lego does not have a shade of red dark enough to accurately depict it.
  11. don't get the red eyes thing for Vader. They never looked red unless there was red light being shone at them (i.e. mustafar lava in R1)
  12. AIex

    Updating Your Minifigs

    we have the same pair of tweezers
  13. count me in the "hates the concept of this show but loves the set" boat. Honestly one of the best looking, smoothest SW sets to come out in a long time.