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  1. Glad to see that, on top of snow printing, Chewbacca's fur highlights are finally done in medium nougat! Looks far better and more accurate than dark tan, imo, so hopefully we get a non-snow variant in the near future EDIT: Just noticed, the 4x4 dish piece on the side is new! It has stud cutouts on the sides, so you no longer need to have it resting on a tiled surface or a 4x4 round plate
  2. I'd be more than welcoming of a snowspeeder if they finally gave it a new canopy
  3. how many times will the same people have this same discussion?
  4. if they had included a full scale x-wing in the set, it would be exponentially more expensive, or much less detailed in other areas. The fact that there's also an X-Wing currently on shelves also contributes to this; you'd have people angry that lego has put out "another x-wing" right after the last one, and it would also hurt the sales of said x-wing as people (especially in the 18+ market) wouldn't feel the need to buy both sets unless they're completionists. I think the inclusion of just the wing is fine, especially considering that's all that was visible of the ship when Yoda said the quote in the film.
  5. yet another example of lego thinking prequel fans are stupid, how unacceptable
  6. I'm still holding out hope for a new cockpit mould, that would make a snowspeeder worth buying
  7. I think we can all agree that the choice of the AT-AT driver is odd and far from the most logical option lego could have done. I'd rather leave it at that than have another 3 pages of discourse over how lego hates the prequels, thinks prequel fans are stupid, or something.
  8. One of my criticisms of the OG design was always the cockpit curved being far too accentuated. This is a perfect solution, I love the shapes and subtle angles that can be created using panels. The way you've covered the exposed gears in the wings as well, . Excellent work all around
  9. I'd pray they keep that roof canopy, have you seen the bricklink prices? Lol
  10. honestly, despite how repetitive they have become and how much everyone memes on them, I would gladly take either of these if they finally made new, accurate cockpit windscreens for them
  11. I have not seen a single person who voted for the Nebulon complain about it. Adversely, I have seen several people who voted for the gunship complain about it.
  12. Very bold of you to admit that around here, I respect that
  13. When all else fails, go back to complaining about the stormtrooper helmet! On a serious note, I quite like the new helmet. It was also very easy to army build, and getting variants such as the shadow troopers and now the mortar troopers is very welcome. Hopefully we can see an incinerator trooper or shock trooper down the line, though the latter one I doubt.
  14. Isn't the AT-AT longer than it is high though? Also, I have Jhae's AT-AT behind me and it's about 60 cm tall, so I think a meter is a little much lol
  15. AIex

    "The Empire Strikes Back" in LEGO

    I can't imagine how much time some of these must take, commendable work