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    LEGO Human Size SEGWAY

    I think it's amazing that Lego has progressed enough to the point it's strong enough to withstand a full Adult's weight. It's too bad that RC motors draw so much current; they are Lego's best motors in terms of power to weight ratio and would be perfect for this application. What kind of techniques do you use to build the supports in large-scale creations like these?
  2. TheTechnicBuff

    MOC: Rally Car

    I was thinking that maybe some of the grinding problems with the rear suspension could be improved by doing two things. First, the thin bevels could be replaced with the newer 'double' style (part # 32270). They are stronger and less flimsy. Then the gear ratio could also be increased. At 1:1 ratio the XL motor will be transferring quite a bit of torque through those gears. I liked how you integrated the battery box vertically; I've never seen this in a MOC before. Good work!
  3. TheTechnicBuff

    Technic flagships.

    1999 - 8448 Super Street Sensation 1998 - 8462 Tow Truck 1997 - 8479 Barcode Multi-Truck 1996 - 8480 FOS Space Shuttle 1995 - 8485 Technic Control Centre II 1994 - 8880 Supercar 1993 - 8082 Multi Control Set (although it could also be 8872 which has more parts, but no electronics) 1992 - 8868 Airtech Claw Rig 1991 - 8856 Whirlwind Rescue (largest set of that year, according to Bricklink) 1990 - 8094 Technic Control Centre I 1989 - 8862 Backhoe 1988 - 8865 Supercar For prior to 1987 You could make an educated guess on the technic set with the most parts made in that year, using online catalogs like peeron, bricklink, or brickset.
  4. TheTechnicBuff

    Kenworth K100 Milk combo

    Do you have any close-ups of the engine? It looks really beautiful but I can't get a good look at it with the current pictures. I also looked at the all the photos on your flickr account as well. Only criticism I have about this model is that the wheels on the front axle look a little too small. Everything else looks really great though, and the milk tank is beautiful. Where do you get your parts chromed?
  5. TheTechnicBuff

    All In The Bag.

    I really want to see a video of this in action. I know that a lot of technic propellers aren't so useful for underwater operation as they aren't very efficient. I would be interested to see how the drivetrain works.
  6. TheTechnicBuff

    MOC: Racing Truck.

    I think you did a good job of disguising the PF components with the model. I am wondering about the steering, it seems a little slow. Is the front axle particularly heavy? I would think that a medium motor would have enough torque that it could move a steering column fast enough for easy RC operation. I noticed in your video that you only turned the wheels while the vehicle was stationary.
  7. TheTechnicBuff

    MOC StarCraft 2 Technic Siege Tank

    Once it's finished you should immediately put it on Cuusoo, I would pay big bucks for this set!
  8. TheTechnicBuff

    making the LPEpower v8 from their video.

    According to that video, Alex/nicjasno/LPEPower uses some custom PVC piping that is heat-treated into specific shapes. Your use of Lego tubing will not make it run as well, as the tubes will pop off at low pressure. I believe he also modifies the pneumatic T-pieces as well. I've been trying to reverse-engineer the LPE engine too, it's going to be a fun experiment. I do wonder about the playability, because you need to have a air compressor close by if you want RC-like operation.
  9. TheTechnicBuff

    Lego Technic Questions

    Hello fellow technic aficionados, my name is Technicbuff and I am a lurker on these forums. Today I present you some questions which form the basis for my first topic here. I hope you may be able to help me with a couple of questions regarding technic pieces. Most of these are regarding parts which I currently do not have. 1) Can the wheels from the 8880 set be mounted on regular axles? I.e. Is it is possible to construct a viable suspension design that does not use the specialized hub pieces? (bricklink part #s 2999 + 2097 + 2738) I do know that in an official technic set (8857) those exact wheels were mounted on a drive-train used to power a fake engine. The wheels were only secured with bushings: But I presume this technique would probably work using the friction force of the bushings only. I think the axle would slip inside the wheel if it was powered by a strong motor. That model had no suspension either. I am planning a MOC that would use these wheels. I don't want to purchase the entire 8880 set because the old suspension parts are bulky, redundant, and I want to save money. This MOC would also use a pneumatic engine (LPE - derived) so the torque involved would be considerable. 2) Can the axle-hole in the old technic pole reverser (bricklink part # 6551c01) be driven complete around, or is there is a limited range of motion? I was thinking about how to make flashing sirens for a police car, and a mechanism could easily be built to achieve the rapid flashing effect. 3) Why are there no belts used in the drivetrains of any technic creations/supercars? I have viewed many different creations and I have never seen any model that uses belts in the drive train. I remember building robots using the RIS 1.5 kit and I would use belts often as they provided flexible connection solutions and built-in torque protection. I would think even for steering racks that belts would be superior to normal gears if you didn't have a clutch gear available. I understand there are some lengthy questions here, but I did not want to flood the board with several topics, so I have consolidated all my questions in this thread. I will patiently wait for your replies and advice. I have just emerged from a 6 year dark age and playing with Lego technic again is so reinvigorating. Cheers, The Technicbuff
  10. TheTechnicBuff

    VOTING: To sail the Technic sea

    Point Allocation: 4) 2 points 6) 1 point 8) 2 points 15) 2 points I liked how different builders focused on different areas in their MOCs. Some of the creations focused on aesthetics. Others were very fuctional. There is also a last group of builders which focused on unique and creative interpretations of the rules/guidelines. All in all, a great field. I hope everyone had a lot of fun building their entries. Good luck to all the participants. I hope the Lego group comes out with a new aquatic Technic set soon! -> I think a new RC flagship boat would be very very cool.
  11. TheTechnicBuff

    HELP! I need to identify a part.

    Wow, are you a psychic? That's exactly what I'm thinking of doing. I'm doing a 1:10 scale Porsche 930 Turbo. I'm using a crown gear right now, but this piece will look much better better in the engine compartment. I wonder if I can put a belt on without it slipping off...
  12. I was looking at technic stuff on ebay when I happened upon this item: I know what part number the housing is but I can't find the propeller on bricklink or peeron. It appears to have ten blades, but nothing like that came up within my searches. Does anyone know what part this is?