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  1. Nice review and nice pictures! I really like this set. Let's see how much the price will drop after release, because that's the only thing that keeps me from ordering right away ;)
  2. Let's hope so. But as far as I'm concerned, value-for-money is decreasing rather than increasing the last couple of years. Let's wait and see. Time to be surprised I would say!
  3. New parts in pure gold, I suppose. Quite the pricetag given the piece-count. I'm really curious what we will get.
  4. Very impressive! I really like this build!
  5. Looking forward to this one. Missed out on the Unimog, so let's hope it will be at least as good.
  6. A nice trailer to put behind the Claas Xerion. Or a nice set with several attachments for that model. Also, another tractor would be nice.
  7. I changed the paddockstand to give it more stability. IMG_8570 by Coen S, on Flickr IMG_8569 by Coen S, on Flickr Works well. Now trying to add front fender and brake calipers. That pretty much solve the main issues I have with this model.
  8. I really like this topic. Very impressive builds!