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  1. Olivesaxer

    Review: 6280 Armada Flagship

    I am going to kick up an old thread since I just acquired this set through a bulk buy (missing the rear misen sail, however, I am going to have to source my own). I, quite frankly, hate this set. It looks like many things that came out of the "cash-grab" era of poorly designed lego sets. This one just doesn't look finished. Can't figure out what the masthead is supposed to be? - that means it is a poorly designed masthead! The gap between the green railing and the red 1x2s... The anchor that is just hanging off the side. The misen-sail dangling, unsecured from the bottom. The uncovered 1x1 red cones next to the steering wheel... there is just so much that frustrates me about the design choices they made. And - can someone please tell me what the technic axle is for? As I was building it, I thought that perhaps there was a way to collapse that rear mast during a battle, but the hinge plate is secured from top and bottom - so they eliminated the ability to hinge the hinge plate! Just seems like another thing that they had an idea for but changed their mind and instead of designing properly, just rushed it to market. This will go on the shelf with the rest, but aside from the Skeleton Ship Attacks boat, this is my least favorite thus far.
  2. Olivesaxer

    [DIGITAL] North Star 3

    I widened it by 4 studs to create a reverse slope on the sides. Before they were just straight and it didn’t look quite right.
  3. Olivesaxer

    [DIGITAL] North Star 3

    Good morning folks, Last night I completed the "widening" of the North Star ship posted earlier last week. it was quite a task involving brick-building a number of sections of the hull. I am quite pleased with how it turned out. Some people were interested in details, so this is a very image-heavy post. SWAB THE DECK! Top deck with First Mate. Lowest level with a small cell (also anchor chain storage), guns, and some cargo space. The anchors are designed to be raised and lowered from the top deck. Mid deck with a small galley, some cargo, and of course more guns! The lower level of the sterncastle. I haven't furnished it yet, but I am thinking this is going to be a map room. And finally, the captain's quarters. Could add more here, but haven't really thought too hard about it yet. Enjoy it! Let me know if you have any questions.
  4. Olivesaxer

    [DIGITAL] HMS Northstar II

    I can get closeups of most of the stuff in this build just let me know what you want to see - but at this stage, probably should wait until after the ship-widening is complete. Stay tuned for HMS North Star 3. Until then, here's the bowsprit:
  5. Olivesaxer

    [DIGITAL] HMS Northstar II

    Thanks - I love the bowsprit, but was on the fence about including it on this design. In the end, decided to include it to strike fear in the hearts of those who engage in high seas piracy.
  6. Olivesaxer

    [DIGITAL] HMS Northstar II

    Hello, This is my first posting within this forum. You all are quite inspirational and are a fantastic resource. Many of you may have seen my original MOC ship a few days ago on the facebook group. I have since updated it (based around a bunch of really valid critiques). Here is the North Star 2. It is roughly 45 inches long and 40 inches tall. There are 56 cannons. All of the interiors are built out and can be separated like the modular buildings, including the 2-story cabin. Some things I am still working on - I have widened the bottom deck by 4 studs giving it a much more substantial base (20 studs). The problem that this is creating is my mid deck bow (Just below the hydra) is a single piece today, so I will need to "brick-build" that bow section. Any advice for a 20-stud-wide brick built bow would be amazing. I am stuck. Hope you like my boat! -Patrick North Star by Patrick Steinkuhl North Star_3 by Patrick Steinkuhl North Star_2 by Patrick Steinkuhl North Star_4 by Patrick Steinkuhl
  7. Olivesaxer

    [LIBRARY] Sails

    Hi- I just noticed that 6271 does not have the jib sail attached. Here is a scan. I have it but the file size limit wont let me post here. Not sure how to fix that, but if you shoot me a note with your email, I can just send it to you.
  8. Olivesaxer

    [MOC] Trading Ship

    This is still one of the coolest little boats out there. The links to the LXF files don't seem to be working (considering they are 7 years old now!). Does anyone (Sebeus) still have access to this file they could share? thanks in advance, everyone!
  9. Olivesaxer

    MOC : Church

    This is really an awesome build. Looks like you did this in Designer - do you have the plans for sale?