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  1. KLM

    How to build 《Droideka》

    Congratulations hopeso009, this is the best version of the Droideka I've seen so far. I just built one with my son and had a lot of fun with the possible adjustments due to the great number of "hinges" and clamps. Though the screwdrivers are hard to get and quite expensive it's worth every cent. Thank You for this great piece of Lego Art Work KLM
  2. KLM

    Return of the Jedi in LEGO

    @codianer: thanks for the headpiece info. Now there is another reason for me to look after the admiral holdo minifigure ;-)
  3. KLM

    Return of the Jedi in LEGO

    Never being quite satisfied with Mon Mothmas original head piece designed by LEGO and searching for an alternative I was surprised to find one here. Or not so much surprised as codianer pays attention to accuracy in every detail. It's always fund an source of ideas to watch your dioramas and they bring the film scenes to life again in my mind. Could you tell which headpiece you used for Mon Mothma? kind regards KLM
  4. KLM

    moc Death Star throne room

    Of course, from time to time, the emperor comes by to check the progress of the built ;-) Scene1_Bild1_Landeanflug K´s shuttle by Kar Craz, auf Flickr Scene1_Bild3.1_Ausstieg aus Shuttle by Kar Craz, auf Flickr Scene1_Bild4_Ausstieg aus Shuttle von Turmspitze by Kar Craz, auf Flickr Turm Totale mit HG by Kar Craz, auf Flickr Scene1_Bild4.1_Turmspitze von oben unten dunkel by Kar Craz, auf Flickr Turm Spitze mit Himmel by Kar Craz, auf Flickr
  5. When I saw the first pictures of the new diorama of the final duel on the Death Star made by Lego it came to my mind I have to share my version as work in progress (beginning in 2019) with you. Since I cut some lego bricks for that and let a company cut out the window out out V2A-steel (not yet embedded) I was not shure about presenting it at all. But I don't want to be called a thief of ideas and hope this is soon enough for You to believe I invented it on my own. Hope to present the final version in about a year. _DSC5464 by Kar Craz, auf Flickr
  6. KLM

    Harry Potter custom builds and moc's

    Dear mr. Blockhart, I just can't stop watching your mocs. Absolutely awesome, big applause. Haven't finished jet and will spend much more time to look at all the great details you included. KLM
  7. KLM

    [MOC] Hungarian Horntail

    Absolutely fine version of the hungarian horntail, great work! Could You post an image with with a minifigure to get an idea of the proportions? Did You built it jet? Which one is the piece on the downside of the body? Do all parts really exist in matching color? As I bulit a custom fluffy I'd like to build this one, too but want to make sure not to get disappointed during the collection of the parts. best regards KLM
  8. KLM

    Harry Potter: the usual homework?!

    Sorry for the confusion. I had to fix how to upload pictures. Here it is (and keep my first text line in mind): _DSC6763 by Kar Craz, auf Flickr
  9. Harry (thinking): "Damn, I should´ve listened to Seamus regarding dangerous books."
  10. KLM

    Updating Your Harry Potter Minifigures

    I like all your ghosts very much, really excellent. Which head did you take vor Helena (I could not find it). Thanks for all the inspiration to You and everybody else in this thread
  11. KLM

    Updating Your Harry Potter Minifigures

    Ah, just seen that. Thank you very much for that info.
  12. KLM

    Updating Your Harry Potter Minifigures

    Great thread, I'm just starting to build up my students for the four houses. Which torsos would you suggest? Is there any other torso available for all houses except the one included in the students pack?