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  1. 3 minutes ago, scoober boo said:

    I'll probably end up getting the figures secondhand, because there's no way I'm spending more than $200 on a LEGO set.

    Also, do D2C's ever go on clearance?

    Where I live, I'm sure he's gonna go for $40+ in local currency so.... I'm not gonna spend that much even for the punisher



    D2cs do go on sale but the fact that this is marvel we are talking about, I doubt so

  2. I thought the quality of cgi in bvs was fine. The problem was Snyder was unrestrained.

    8 hours ago, cosmic said:

    . I remember enjoying the CGI in the Harry Potter films and the Jurassic World films.

    When I rewatch the harry potter films today, I see many cracks in the cgi so I think you may be viewing them through the lens of nostalgia, no offense. The cgi fire for example looks like something from the saber plugin in after effects

    27 minutes ago, RedHoodPug said:

    If they are gender swapping the existing character

    I never really liked plastic man in the comics, mainly jla, and the cartoons. He always came off as too over the top. So I really don't care that they genderswapped him. However, I do think wb has no idea what they are doing as usual, so I doubt the film will be good

    11 hours ago, Lego-Freak said:

    I feel they‘re on the right track though with  people like Reeves, Muschietti and Gunn involved :classic: 

    I feel like Ezra miller is terrible as the flash though, so that may be a detriment to the quality of the film. On a side note- I don't like that they are trying to make keaton the main universe batman- sounds incredibly stupid. 



    All my complaints aside, I"ll forgive wb if they get Jessica cruz or justice league dark right (which they probably won't). 





    It's good lego has mastered their flesh head printing but I don't care for 66 batman


    8 hours ago, RedHoodPug said:


    As for the Snyderverse, Batman shouldn’t kill, and Superman shouldn’t be so grouchy. That’s just the surface layer.

    I'm okay with superman having a growth throughout the films. My problem with him in bvs was that they rushed his death. 

    Bringing the discussion back to lego again, after looking at the batman, venom, ironman and carnage bust, I really have no faith in lego to execute superhero busts well. The eyebrows for carnage and venom are so simplistic and crude. 

  3. 26 minutes ago, RedHoodPug said:

    . One of the biggest problems has been them making something that may possibly be faithful but misses the mark in terms of keeping up with the times.

    I feel that applies only to ww84, the rest of the dceu suffers mainly from terrible writing. Ss does "try to keep up with the times"

    Also Bvs isn't faithful.

     (On a side note my problem with it isn't mainly about faithfulness but the pacing- it was a slog at times and the writing was not good.

    Yet, I feel people are too hung up on Lex's and superman's portrayal, sure Eisenberg didn't behave like lex but he's fine as a villain- I dare say enjoyable. Why did he get so much flack when Heath didn't act like joker from any of the past adaptations and was met with praise? (But the jar of piss was stupid)

    (I agree Snyder's take on batman was bad though))

  4. Introducing new characters is not simple from legos pov though

    1) lego has given us characters like firefly, firestorm, lobo and blue beetle- I have no idea how these sets sold but the gist is that lego did not meet the sales target they wanted so they opted for 'safer options' with iconic villains

    This has likely been caused by:

    A) declining popularity of dc and rising demand for its substitutes eg. Marvel

    B) Lack of demand for the specific characters they have chosen

    C) locking them away  in expensive sets like scarecrows fear harvester or batmech which collectors are not willing to pay for just for the figs 

    2) lego may not prefer to produce new moulds for characters in a theme that sells poorly due to the costs and the fact that the moulds may not be reusable

    -partly the reason why we don't have batman who laughs because I guarantee you he is more popular than killer moth and firefly

    -basically lego only gives us better sets if we buy whatever sets they make

    BUT theres hope because lego SEEMINGLY recognised that some collectors care more about the characters than batvehicles and so we had the cmf

  5. On a side note regarding lego making sets based on dc adaptations, they obviously tested the waters with arkham fans with the rc batmobile minifig



    However, they must have concluded that the sales were not strong enough for full-on set adaptations but strong enough for indirect references like the arkham batmobile from last year



    Pity because had they just sold the fig with an accurate knight batmobile it may have been able to sell better

  6. Lego thought they could just make generic sets with iconic villains like for spider-man and they would sell- but really spider-man is in a different spot with rising popularity due to the mcu and spiderverse




    Batman on the other hand is met with declining popularity from the dceu so the sets don't sell as well. Lego themselves realized that a sizeable number of collectors of the batman sets are hardcore fans and thus they produced more ucs sets and now this 66 set.



    Really what lego should have done is dare to use villains that collectors and kids would both be interested in - the most obvious being algamations of the justice league from the evil batman in metal to the crime syndicate.


    But of course, when they see the sales for spiderman sets, they think that sticking to the iconic villains should be no problem

  7. 7 hours ago, SoggyBottom17 said:

    I didn’t remember, but Lego Fulcrum posted a daily bugle logo some time ago, do anybody of you guys think it’s really happening?

    Did he post it on instagram because I can't find it 



    So did this whole bugle rumor start with fulcrum allegedly posting the logo and falconfan saying d2cs may be a comic set

  8. 5 minutes ago, cosmic said:

    I honestly want this theme to end soooooo bad. I really want this theme to be cancelled. I would rather have no sets than anxiously await the set list every year just to find the same concepts and figures except with less detail and with less product values. This theme is so bad I’d rather get nothing than what we currently get.

    Dude I'm sorry why are you so anxious about  lego sets? As a dc fan its enough to be anxious about the shitty movies



    Anyways its not like lego is the only dc merch we have- we have games and comics too

  9. 9 hours ago, PGBQW said:


    Nah a wave like last year is basically no sets for me because I didn't want any



    Lego is so lazy with batman sets and even though they stick to rebirth they didn't give us batgirl's burnside outfit. Heck, do the batmen from metal and you have a more interesting wave of villains right there



    But noooooooo..... let's remake penguin, two face and riddler again! Batman beyond? Who's that? Nah lets give batman the same suit across sets

  10. Dream wave?


    Normal sets

    Anything with the justice league dark- small build of house of mystery or something

    Comic based green lantern sets with any corps besides yellow-  could be based on blackest night or be a build of oa. Or just give me an updated jessica cruz in a justice league odyssey set 

    Titans rebirth set- just for the figs, lego can put whatever titan bike or jet they want


    Battle packs with any group of superheroes- preferably in rebirth attire

    Fortress of solitude with black suit superman and any one of the many characters from superman's mythology-except lex 

    Comic vignette sets like tdkr cover




    Arkham city

    Justice league watchtower

    Flash museum (could be a set too)




  11. 10 minutes ago, Fenghuang0296 said:

    Is it too optimistic of me to wonder if the FFH 4+ set will finally include the Bosch suit for Spider-Man? I know, I know, probably not, but we can hope right?

    I think that suit would be one of the main reasons lego would even want to make another ffh set


    1 hour ago, THELEGOBATMAN said:

    DC fans punching the air rn after those Marvel reveals.

    I hope one day Lego will treat this theme as good as Marvel.

    Mehhhh I'm still not that interested, maybe I"ll get the final battle depending on the figs included.


    Besides that I think I might only get the marvel cmf and the accessory pack



    I'm not desperate for more of lego's generic bat vehicles. As a dc fan, I"ll have gotham knights to soothe me over

    On an unrelated note, lego really messed up by not using batgirl's burnside appearance. If they had done so, I would have bought that bat-truck day one