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  1. The d2c will be another vehicle which I will have not enough money or interest for to buy

    4 minutes ago, Lego-Freak said:

    The 66 set turned out to have a completely different set number, didn‘t it? :wink:

    True, but I think that's just 1 happy accident

    Please please please don't let the mystery set be a joker bust

  2. 19 hours ago, THELEGOBATMAN said:

    I agree with Titans, one of the worst series I've ever seen.

    Harley Quinn is confirmed to be coming in between late 2021 - early 2022.

    I absolutely disagree with Stargirl, definitely in my favourite DC productions ever. It was incredible.

    Stargirl excelled in its fight scenes, the choreography is great and the vfx was used wisely. From the fight with brainwave to the ones with sportsmaster and grundy, none of the fight scenes were ever dull.



    Unfortunately, I found the plot rather generic, and I still don't really care for the jsa. Its probably because I'm not extremely interested in any of their personalities or powers. My favourite character in fact, isn't any of the heroes- it's sportsmaster. This show made me actually care about sportsmaster

  3. 22 minutes ago, THELEGOBATMAN said:

    There's also Stargirl S2 in Summer (trust me, it's one of DC's best content EVER), Titans in June (honestly I watch this only because it's DC, literally no other reason), and if we're lucky, Harley Quinn S3 (either late 2021 or early 2022).

    Stargirl isn't as bad as the cw but it's not must-watch. Looking forward to young justice and Harley but Harley quinn is probably late 2022 (they only got s3 confirmed at around fandome)





    Titans is just awful. I watched only for deathstroke and Donna Troy.

  4. 10 minutes ago, cosmic said:

    Okay so according to Brickset this years lineup is

    • 30455 Polybag 

    • 40453 Batman vs Penguin & Harley Quinn Pack

    • 76180

    • 76181

    • 76182

    • 76183

    • 76239

    • 76240 exclusive (most likely the $230 D2C) 

    I believe 76181-76183 are for the Batman and won’t release until next year. If the 66 Batmobile is 76180 then luckily we still have 76239 as a mystery $40. I hope this is right. Unlikely but I reallllly hope we get a new figure or an updated leaguer in that mystery $40 set. 

    Its $30

    It feels so out of place.


    I have a feeling it's gonna be another minifig scale batmobile

  5. 19 minutes ago, thekeeperofthereaper said:

    i think its stupid how a lot are already bashing the new cut of justice league without even watching it and i have never ever ever trusted movie critics as a lot are very biased


    Well, I for one have only commented on the joker scene I have watched and the pacing of snyder's movies, so I'm not sure why you think my criticism is unfounded

  6. 7 minutes ago, Lionbear8 said:

    Have you seen the film? 


    No but my criticism in the post is about snyder's pacing issue, which is already evident in bvs. He directs more footage then he knows what to do with, the studio tells him they need to cut it down. He does. Then he publishes a longer and more coherent director cut. In bvs's case, he was in charge of choosing what scenes to include and exclude in the theatrical cut- and it was paced like a slog and incoherent at times




    My criticism with snyder's pacing does not solely pertain to snyder's cut of justice league, hence the matter of whether I have seen the snyder cut is irrelevant. In any case, it's quite clear that for a theatrical release, the snyder cut would have severe pacing issues because 4 hours is far exceeds the typical movie runtime.





  7. 11 minutes ago, PGBQW said:

    This might surprise you, but every single movie gets cut out on the editing room. If you need 4 hours to make a 2 hours movie to make sens, then maybe you're not a good director.

    Thats not solely his fault because of how jl was rushed he had to introduce 3 new leaguers but yes he has severe pacing issues, just look at bvs

  8. Gosh danggit, the action scenes do look good and reception seems to be positive, wb don't you dare take this man back, don't let this man 10 feet near dc unless you want round 2 of being a laughing stock. I maintain my criticism of his movies

  9. 43 minutes ago, TheBatstan said:

     no one will ever want to see this side of DC again (hopefully). 

    Are you kidding? Look at r/dc_cinematic or whatever on reddit right now. That right there is a cult. (That being said every subreddit is like a cult because of the upvote system, burying criticism especially in fandom subs)


    I"ll give it to snyder, he can do action, but his direction and writing is mostly downright terrible crap.


    And so what if we move on from Snyder? He's just part of the problem. The other problem is Warner bros and their team with these terrible scripts



    I don't want dc to just become like marvel either because personally I find marvel to be generic action comedy.