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  1. I realise I'm in the minority, but I really don't find myself laughing at most action comedy blockbusters anymore, especially superhero movies. Only say rdj can get a chuckle out of me. Heck the last movie I watched that made me laugh out loud was the lego batman movie. The jokes just aren't that witty.




    This trailer was really light on action too, so... not impressed

  2. 3 minutes ago, Guyon2002 said:

    I hope they never make sets based on the CW Flash show, that show needs to die asap and take the entire Arrowverse down with them while they're at it. I used to love it to death so it pains me to see how far it has fallen, it's pretty much nonsensical teen-drama garbage now (especially last weeks episode was infuriating). The other shows, bar Arrow's earlier seasons, weren't that great anyway and Crisis was just laughable.

    I mean yeah I wish the cw would die but I would still buy a set of lego zoom




    Also its not gonna die anytime soon, because they are already making a naomi show and superman and lois just got a season 2 so....

  3.  Its crazy to me how there are like 3 sets inspired by batman 66 but lego hasn't produced even 1 set for cw's the flash. During season 2 I can assure you it was huge, here in asia as well.



    But I guess they were less daring back then, only putting him in that beware the batman set to test the waters

  4. 2 minutes ago, Falconfan1414 said:

    What if iron man isn’t even included in the cmf 

    Hmmmmmm that would kinda mean that the first ironman movie won't be part of the cmf, because obadiah and pepper come in a set already




    Still think its mcu based

  5. Just now, SpiderJazz said:

    On point and dang right, DC is known for their animated movies which is heavily inspired by the comic book appearances, while MCU did a wonderful job showcasing character which has more realistic take on it. 

    Lmao dc is known for their niche animated movies only by the fans but let's not go too off-topic and focus on marvel

  6. 5 minutes ago, Bricknee said:

    Yeah, just wishful thinking. I still think the CMF series will be comics based due to what we saw for the DC series and the amount of love the MCU is already getting through sets this year.

    You shouldn't compare marvel with dc because the mcu is at a different place compared to the dceu

  7. If snyder had finished his movie and released it in theaters, I'm pretty sure the flying fox and the knight crawler would have sold better. There's a really good movie somewhere inside the 4 hours and now I actually want an Ezra Miller Flash. 




    Too bad it was never meant to be. No one knew snyder could partially learn from his mistakes

  8. 2 minutes ago, Lionbear8 said:

    No this is a recent rumour! 

    I don't see the usual folks reporting on this

    On 3/23/2021 at 4:59 AM, Anonknee Muss said:

    It’s already been stated by leakers it’s a ‘66 Batmobile. The second normal set I HIGHLY doubt will be another Batmobile.

    Maybe batman vs harley, king shark, polka dot man and bloodsport then.  Like how there were lego task force x sets and harley was included in last year's wave