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  1. 1 hour ago, MCU Spidey 2017 said:

    Am I the only one who doesn't like the new Black Panther fig. The purple color is great but the rest of the printing makes him look like a robot 

    Also it's a shame that the cat piece has no print. Don't know why the Black Panther figs post Civil war don't have printed head piece.


    Yes the cat ear piece just looks really out of place without printing. And I'm disappointed there's no leg printing to make up for it


    As for the robot like appearance he looks much less like a robot in another leaked pic. Looks much better there

  2. 1 hour ago, 2lazeetomakeaname said:

    The Snyder cut wasn't happening either, there was no way they would give that man $70 mil to finish a movie

    Hbo max marketing and covid

    Its more likely for snyder to get an animated continuation or helm a hbo max mini something instead of a 500mil movie

  3. 1 hour ago, Mandalorianknight said:

    happening and we get JL2 or a Ben Affleck Batman we see it more prominently.


    Not happening, snyder cut was for hbo max marketing, they are not gonna give this man more 500 mil movies. Also snyderverse didn't end, only snyder left



    As for affleck he is appearing in the flash. However, he is on his way out with keaton and pattinson going in

  4. 8 hours ago, Lego-Freak said:

    Finally managed to watch the Snyder Cut (since HBO max doesn‘t exist outside the US, I had to wait for it to hit Sky). Gotta say, it‘s definitely an improvement over the theatrical version, but my opinion regarding LEGO sets didn‘t change at all :shrug_oh_well: 

    They‘ve basically done all they could do with the 3 sets back in 2017, not much potential for additional ones, and the ones they did would’ve worked for this cut too, for the most part. Wouldn‘t mind a polybag based on it, if it weren‘t for the gratuitous blood splatters and F-bombs, making even the smallest tie-ins impossible :wacko: Way to shoot yourselves in the foot in terms of merchandise just for those few seconds of screentime :laugh:

    Even if the r rated stuff was cut out, no tie-ins would have been released because of how poorly those sets sold





    59 minutes ago, Mandalorianknight said:

    I never saw Aquaman, but I heard it was a similar tone to Shazam, just more adult.

    Unfortunately aquaman's script was really awful and amber heard shouldn't play a leading role

  5. 8 minutes ago, Marvelous Spidey said:

    I don’t get this dislike for the black cat figure. Everyone complains when LEGO prints skin tones on black because it rarely (if ever) looks good, but now they want that on black cat? Plus it’s still a black jumpsuit with a fur collar. It’s like they too the PS4 version and added the collar 🤷🏼‍♂️ I personally think it looks great

    People who don't like printing flesh on dark colours may not be the ones complaining




    I personally am an avid comic fan and 90% of black cat's appearances have her wearing her iconic classic suit which reveals the neck

  6. 9 hours ago, Lego-Freak said:

    I think that‘s already the case now, since it‘s been confirmed to be a Batvehicle :shrug_oh_well: Non-minifig scale sets tend to be divisive per default 

    Yup, even though I'm an avid comic fan I still don't care about the d2c if its non minifig scale




    But if brick clicker is speaking from an insider's perspective, I'm beginning to think that the d2c is 89 batboat

  7. 35 minutes ago, cosmic said:

    . I actually want to work for DC one day I fantasize constantly about fixing its issues.

    Same. But to do so, you basically have to climb the ladder in the industry starting as an intern and even then it would be really difficult to get to a position where you have significant creative input 

  8. 1 hour ago, PGBQW said:

    I know, I'm just in denial.




    Okay, I know this is 100% not the case, I just wanted to get it out of my head.

    Since we know this year we were supposed to get The Batman lego sets, could the D2C be based on Pattinson's Batmobile?


    Seems highly unlikely, though, since it would've moved dates already and we wouldnt know about the set.

    99% sure the d2c is a ucs 66 batmobile. They just want to sell the minifig scale version as a retail item because they saw how much demand there was for the 89 gwp

  9. 7 minutes ago, PGBQW said:


    What if WHAT IF we finally get a new helmet?

    No way. The only chance we get a new helmet is when lego makes a battinson figure, because of the way his cowl is. It exposes the sides of his jaw and is not attached to the cape




    Even then I don't think lego will make a new cowl for him


  10. 10 minutes ago, Brikkyy13 said:

    Do we know when in May? Really loving that Batmobile, so much so that I might grab Robin from the 66 Batcave on bricklink now in case his price shoots up.

    I have a feeling a new version will come in a d2c ucs 66 batmobile, with a 66 batgirl as well