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  1. 7 minutes ago, cosmic said:

    What Lego store was this

    A singapore lego store



    Lego certified store

    Both cmfs were discounted, but dc cmf was being sold at $4.50 (usual price is 6.50 singapore dollars)


    And the disney cmf was being solf for 3.50

  2. 2 hours ago, THELEGOBATMAN said:

    LEGO Marvel Super Heroes:

    tbd Avengers Classic
    tbd Avengers Classic
    tbd Avengers Classic
    tbd Theatrical Marvel
    tbd Spider Man
    tbd 4+ Marvel_1 2022
    tbd 4+ Marvel_2 2022
    tbd 4+ Marvel_3 2022
    tbd 4+ Marvel_4 2022

    Don't know what Architecture is doing there lol, and how reliable this LWC is. 3 Classic Avengers sets? An architecture set? Four 4+ sets? Sounds like someone just made that up tbh...

    Why is this list listed in the usual places as "winter 2022 marvel sets"



    How would we know about those that early

  3. 10 minutes ago, Leggomyleggo said:

    Funko pop versions of the new suits are out too and the gold/black looks very 'techy' and there are some blue spots around the eyes. Gives me the impression that this one morphs from the EDITH glasses. This makes me feel as though he travels the multiverse with this suit, maybe going to alternate dimensions and we see him revisit the homecoming movie with that suit? or its just merchandise and not revealing of the plot at all. I hope this isn't like the Black Antman suit Hank Pym had in the Ant Man set lol :tongue:

    Bruh I have a feeling you're right and now I'm a tad sad that I read your comment

  4. I have a feeling that the black and gold suit MAY be from no way home



    Because the funko pops listed an integrated suit and a gold suit



    And I would think that the main suit can be considered an intrrgration between the ffh suit and the iron spider



    So the gold suit may be the black and gold one



    Also, why would lego make a homecoming set and not make the homemade suit??? Idk

  5. 3 hours ago, Walter529a said:

    I think the "attention/dissatisfaction" in general terms now is that is missing paint, so part of the crown is in the same color as the hair, contrary to past pieces like the Wonder Woman Hair+Tiara combo where it was painted on all sides...

    Yes. Quite baffling. But it is what it is. And hey... at least you guys have sets

  6. 12 minutes ago, BusterNut31 said:

    The hair piece? im sorry. Its bad, even to lego standards. This comes in a cmf series but im getting MEGABLOCKS, DUPLO and PLUS 4 set vibes here. Who knows, maybe the crown does get printing and this factory worker snapped this pic before that happened. Im holding thumbs for that.


    I think it will get printing for a new figure for doc strange 2

  7. 2 hours ago, cosmic said:

    Also the fact that you’d expect more than 1 aet in general is generous. In seriousness though I desperately need the next year to be good i’m sick of this theme underwhelming. Even if it was technically a seperate line, 2017 and 2018 showed us that Lego DC can be more than just Batman lets hope we have some surprises around the corner.


    yes I too combined these elements to make a purist Batgirl but that doesn’t take away that none of the figures were satisfying as they released. I’m personally hoping we eventually get dual molded black and gold or black and yellow boots accompanying either a revision of the New 52 design or her classic depiction. She’s one of those characters that desperately need leg printing and only got it once. Plain legs don’t work for Barabara. On that note even Batwoman should have had leg printing.

    Lmao leg printing for batwoman when even now thor and cap still don't have leg printing

  8. 2 hours ago, cosmic said:

    Truly none of the Batgirl figures satisfied me on their own

    2014- good torso but desperately needed leg printing. Face didn’t age well

    TLBM - perfect if inaccurate it had great attention to detail but reflected no depiction of Barbara

    2019/2020 - Needs leg printing, overused hairpiece that is not accurate to the texture or hair design of her conic depiction, lacking detail and cheap looking.



    Combining elements of the first two make a good figure but on their own they are underwhelming each time.

    Tlbm partly reflected burnside, with the boots



    Anyways yeah, I combined the original black cowl with the tlbm figure, added a black cape on top of the yellow cape and boom- batgirl of burnside figure




    On a random side note, I also made a question figure recently using simon masrani's body from jurrasic world and the purple fedora from the vidiyo cmf, although vidiyo isn't sold in asia

  9. 18 hours ago, Kim-Kwang-Seok said:

    I am aware and I have consumed some of the quite good - and in a few cases incredibly good stuff. But superhero genre just aint for me. The message of mostly overpowered men fighting against weird villains instead of actually fighting against an oppressive system or creating alternatives isn't my cup of tea. Especially in case of DC there are some self-aware products out there (the dark knight returns being among them and I would also count the Lego movies) but overall - like the anti-super hero satire (the Boys, Kick-megablocks, Watchmen) - in the end they don't break the cycle and become what they parody.

    A Lego Batman sequel would have been very welcome though; I'd watch due to the high quality any day and Lego movie-sets are always the best so it's quite sad about all the potential designs and prints.

    ...but thanks for the offer anyway! (:

    Eh sounds like maybe antiheroes like grifter, constantine and deathstroke may be more up your alley....




    But no problems