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  1. Mmm I really like the detailing on the second tumbler, and as others have mentioned, the interior space



    Wouldn't buy a bvs batmobile remaster if they don't change the colour

    Maybe for lego batman or dc's anniversary, lego could finally make a minifig scale set with ledger joker? 

  2. Sucks that there's no stand or ledger joker

    52 minutes ago, Clone OPatra said:

    I am glad that they didn't make any completely new characters for the big one I suppose, though the new variants are desirable. The small one could definitely have Ras Al Ghul included though, keeping with the BB theme. Then it would be great to follow it up with a TDK Batcycle with Two-Face and Gordon and/or another Joker, and a TDKR The Bat with Catwoman and a new Bane. That would cover pretty much all the important character designs from the trilogy. I'm sure they won't do that though.

    Exactly, lego could have just spread tdk trilogy sets across this year



    But instead they just want to sit on their hands and cite their "no movies=no demand" excuse

  3. 10 minutes ago, Robert8 said:

    I would be surprised...

    If the release date is February, one would think revealing them after the Holidays would be wiser, considering some of people could decide not to buy anything for christmas and wait for these

    Release is not feb it's oct and nov for the tumblers

  4. 38 minutes ago, lego_guyon02 said:

    That's budget and revenue related though. Why would LEGO as a business invest in sets that don't sell well anyway?




    Lego made generic bat sets this year and last. They could have done better. Now they are making builds that we actually want

  5. 6 hours ago, Mountain Drew said:

    The rumored minifig scale Tumbler is the only thing getting a classic Lego Batman fan through 2021 (that and the fantastic 2006-style Batman in the minifig pack way back in January :sweet:)

    Honestly a single set like the holy 2008 Tumbler would make up my year for Lego DC completely, call me crazy but I'd rather have two or three genuinely desirable sets spread throughout the year than a full year of lamely built Bat-Vehicles with reused minifigs for ridiculously high prices taking up the shelves just to sell like garbage.





    Highly doubt the set would be as big, it's only 40usd

  6. 37 minutes ago, Moon_Knight said:

    I know this is being extremely snobby, but I’m kind of bugged Sylvia doesn’t have leg printing. I really hope the rest of the Marvel CMFs hold the high standard that the DC CMFs did.

    Bruh she has dual moulded arms with printing and an exclusive hair mould



    And come on just look at the spider-man, even if you don't like the design (like me), it's pretty clear they are going all out

    Anyways, man it's disappointing to me that there's no lego mobius, or even renslayer

  7. 7 minutes ago, cosmic said:

    What Lego store was this

    A singapore lego store



    Lego certified store

    Both cmfs were discounted, but dc cmf was being sold at $4.50 (usual price is 6.50 singapore dollars)


    And the disney cmf was being solf for 3.50