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  1. 55 minutes ago, hvader said:

    That is a very cool Batman figure. Can’t wait for the Joker. 

    Slightly off topic but what are everyone’s thoughts on the Snyder Cut trailer? Personally I think it looks just okay. 

    Wb execs paid someone to punch them in the face, then paid the guy to do it again.


    Thanks snyder and wb execs and Geoff Johns, Patty Jenkins, Cathy Yan, David Ayer, Margot (for producing bop) and all you other guys for making dc the laughing stock it is today! You've somehow made dc less popular than before the dceu. Outstanding.



    Oh and the 66 batman looks the same aside from the gut line

  2. 12 hours ago, TheBatstan said:

    It is amazing that you said this a few days ago, because look at what Snyder revealed will be in his movie today. If Lego ever decided to make one set for the Snyder Cut, it'd 100% be this.


    Is this even gonna be a big part of the film? Even then theres basically a 0% chance for more sets based on snyder/whedons film(s) or disaster.



    But a set for that would be epic

  3. 37 minutes ago, Lionbear8 said:

    Yes, its a great set! You might get it under the normal retail price! Great minifigs vehicles, and unique Batcave build!


    Yes, but Lego does advertise 'Adults welcome, 18 plus range', (war machine as ZS is calling it) but it would make more sense to release it under the DKR banner! That minifig selection would be nice!

    If DC where to release PG 13 comedy comic movies we might get it earlier! 

    Maybe one day done the track, but I see it most likely under the Batman banner and having at least one bat vehicle (which I honestly don't mind)

    I managed to snag a few sets under that theme (nearly sent me broke). I'm still hopeful we get a LBM2 in the next 10 years! The movie did make money! 

    Erm i think lego and wb split ways and now they are making movies with universal

  4. 13 hours ago, Do1633 said:

    I am a huge fan of '66 Batman, but I hope the D2C isn't a Batmobile. D2Cs are some of the only Lego sets I buy anymore, but I typically don't because I hate vehicles. 

    I wish we would get things like Metal Men, JSA, JLI, and the like. I'm suprised DC isn't having Lego make sets based on the animated movies though, since those are getting critical acclaim.

    I doubt lego thinks mamy people watch the animated movies looking at the sales



    If anything, lego should make maybe 1 set for gotham knights- I think the games have a larger reach

  5. 2 hours ago, Lego-Freak said:

    I blame the Snyderverse for the decline of interest in DC as a whole :tongue: While I’ve personally enjoyed every DC movie so far (because I try to focus on the positives of anything I watch), I can definitely see why the general public doesn‘t care any more. There’s only so much overly-serious grim-dark stuff you can take before getting sick of it. 

    We live in a universe where an Aquaman film grossed almost TWICE as much as a Justice League film, for crying out loud :laugh_hard:

    Looking at titans... its clearly an executive issue too. Also its not just snyder but all the writers they have brought on board- even Geoff johns doesn't seem to be doing well after ww84

    1 hour ago, scottypavarotti said:

    Cartoons are what could help, I think. If only LEGO had been releasing sets during the various Batman/Justice League cartoons.... LEGO is mostly marketing to kids...we get another good, popular Batman/DC cartoon, that might just generally boost sales. The Batman Animated series was absolutely huge in terms of merchandising back in the day, and there’s rumour of an extension/follow up in the works for HBO MAX. Batman is perennially popular for DC, there are always Batman toys (non-LEGO) selling well. DC LEGO just needs to see an updated “brand” to tag on to, at opinion and all that.

    I think they should just stop making these nonsense vehicles- the public really doesn't care and unless you are a hardcore lego / dc collector, fans don't care for the vehicles either. Who wants to pay $100 for generic bat truck.



    Just go all in with smaller sets and cmfs- lets be real, unless its a batmobile or batcave, people only care about the figures

  6. 19 minutes ago, hvader said:

    Agree with the statements above that DC’s rapid decline of popularity over the years has harmed the brand. DC’s contents are now either adult-themed (Joker, Suicide Squad, Doom Patrol, Titans) or getting poor reviews (WW84). When you compare that to Marvel, it’s unsurprising to see why the general public may not care about DC that much anymore. It’s also not a surprise that Lego DC sets keep disappointing us year after year. You know things are not good when LEGO refuses to do sets for even family friendly DC films like Shazam.

    I know this may sound annoying to comic book fans (I’m a comic book reader myself), but the only hope for DC is the movies. Most of the general public watch the movies instead of read comics. DC, and all related merchandise, will do much better if DC movies (the more PG-13 ones) begin getting more popular again. Here’s to hoping that The Batman turns things around. 

    Lmao titans is both adult themed and poorly reviewed

  7. 23 minutes ago, spiderfan2000 said:

    It's a shame that WB lost the rights to make future LEGO films, because I really think the originally planned sequel to the LEGO Batman Movie would have been our best opportunity to get more obscure heroes and villains.  Unless that somehow gets made, the best option left is to hope for another CMF series.

    Meh lego batman movie chose to give us the super friends instead of b-c list leaguers. The only new leaguers they gave us were canary and hawkgirl (without any hair mould). 

  8. 2 minutes ago, ToaDraco said:

    Personally I like the cowl and think it's well done. It does suck they refuse to do anything that isn't Batman. It doesn't help that the best DC content (and the best looking upcoming content) Is not at all kid friendly aka Doom Patrol and the new Suicide Squad movie. Personally I'd just be happy to get a King Shark bigfig. I've wanted one for a long time and now that he's being featured in both a movie and a video game, hopefully that'll elevate him enough for LEGO to include him in a Batman set, maybe with a Bat submarine or something. 

    Yeah, very high chance for him to get some form of representation, provided  the dc theme doesn't die

  9. 51 minutes ago, cosmic said:

    Well I think DC is also partly to blame. Rushing to release movies to compete with Marvel has only harmed the brand and made audiences feel opposed to DC’s content. Couple that with the decline in quality of their animated movies and their lack of animated shows, and you have a new generation of audiences with either no access to DC content; or subpar content. I would love for Lego to release a set with Fire, Ice, Captain Atom, Red Tornado, Raven, or Trigon.

    But without any new animated shows (not like Justice League Action where its 15 minute shorts with no exposition or character development, and not Teen Titans Go where its so immature) Lego has no incentive to release these characters. Apparently Toy brands across the board see Batman as their best seller, and audiences don’t respond well to non Batman related merchandise. How will Lego branch out to risky properties when they’re not even receiving a cartoon at least.


    it does feel helpless, however. Regardless of who you blame, its a shame we get such few new characters a year. Bronze Tiger was the only new figure in the last summer wave, Batgirl needed both a different hairpiece and dual molded/printed legs. It feels like at the pace we go, we won’t get teams like the Doom Patrol, Metal Men, or Justice Society any time soon.

    I kinda don't mind not getting doom patrol or metal men. Also, to be frank, there's 0 chance your getting sets of them because even batman is struggling to sell now. The general public isn't going to clamour over metal men sets.



    I'm only waiting for the justice league dark and wally west. Tbh lego has produced a healthy amount of justice leaguers over the years- the iconic members at least, because dc doesn't have as many iconic heroes as marvel.



    1 hour ago, Robert8 said:

    Dude this is getting out of hand

    That looks awful

    There are so many characters or versions of characters we havent seen and they come and release this :/


    How is this happening before Ventriloquist? Or Mad Hatter

    What do you mean? You want them to get the 18+ helmet sets? Or minifigures? Anyways both aren't gonna happen unless Matt reeves decides to use them because dc sets are not selling well enough to be produced.

  10. 52 minutes ago, Guyon2002 said:

    Well that looks..... weird.

    Imo the ironman one looked clunky and clumsily assembled too.

    7 hours ago, cosmic said:

    I stand corrected the older Batman content has an audience. Still I feel at a loss of what even to say for this theme. Just tired of hoping the next year is better than the last. 

    It cant be worse than this year- at least we'll have the batman sets- this year we're just getting 66



    Maybe next year we'll even get a cmf





  11. 12 minutes ago, Guyon2002 said:

    The Suicide Squad is rated R.

    Yeah I meant they could have done the batman sets with the squad like for the first movie


    Gosh if young justice had caught on I could only imagine lego making sets for that show -appeals to kids + modern era looks

    On 1/3/2021 at 11:35 AM, Mountain Drew said:



    $130 for a flying tunnel with a Batmobile would be happy to explain why

    Lego kinda didnt learn their lesson by making a really expensive big bat truck. I have a feeling adult collectors don't want obnoxiously large generic vehicles and kids can't afford to have many large sets so they choose what they want carefully too.

  12. Good gosh the comic batman / suicide squad sets must have sold terribly for dc to opt to just make 1 66 set instead of a the suicide squad set.


    If lego wants to cash in on nostalgia with niche themes like 66 and 88, maybe btas or the dcau in general should have a shot.

  13. 3 hours ago, scottypavarotti said:

    Maybe we'll get the usual "standard" Batman set with the unexpected villain of Black Adam, kind of like how we got the Shazam figure.

    But as mentioned in my previous post, there are no upcoming batman comic sets... usually lego releases movie sets 2 months before the film so...

  14. Since black adam was supposed to release in 2021 and theres no rumors of any sets delayed or even comic book batman sets, that implies that we won't get any figures from black adam right? Shame. I thought Dwayne's name alone would have guaranteed at least 1 figure.

  15. Even if they produce anniversary sets, I'm guessing we will just get golden batman, robin and joker instead of golden superman and wonder woman- so I'm not that excited

    10 hours ago, KevinMD said:

    It’s the only modern CMF I have seen Amazon blowing out at 40% (60%?) off by the case. Either over produced, or a dud in the US.  Going with dud. 

    I do see them on sale but not as much as the lego batman movie ones. I do think it sold less well than disney and harry potter but then again I don't really pay attention to sales of cmfs

  16. IF it's a non-batmobile vehicle  then I guess it would either be

    Bat from tdk 

    Batwing  from bvs (bizzare if so, not as iconic as bvs batmobile)

    Bat-ski as scottypavarotti mentioned, just to round out the collection


    I don't think lego would dare charge $200 for an invisible jet that I imagine only hardcore wonder woman fans would buy


    Looking at how lego wanted to scale the ucs batmobile, batwing and tumbler, I also doubt they would upscale the batpod for a $200 pricetag




  17. 3 hours ago, scottypavarotti said:

    They haven't done an Arkham Asylum in a little while, and those do tend to come around every couple of years.  Are we going to get another retooled Arkham?  I think 200 bucks would be around the correct price range, compared to the previous iterations.

    Sounds realistic, gosh danggit enough batman sets already

  18. 2 hours ago, cosmic said:

    Good lord I am once again reminded of how low the bar is for this theme. Whether its printing, build, ratio of new figures introduced, detailed printing, original use in pieces, actual build or whatever the case may be, DC is just slacking. If it’s not an oversized vehicle with a few figures I will enjoy that.

    If falconfan implies its not a vehicle... fingers crossed its not wayne manor

  19. I'm betting the $200 summer 2021 set is either zack snyder or matt reeves batmobile or the bat from dark knight rises


    No way lego does a modular style hall of justice for only 200 usd- They made sets for the justice league comics and movie but proceeded to discontinue them quickly



    They have found a niche with the 1989 batmobile and batwing and they are not done exploiting it

  20. the accessory pack is awesome- I don't have to pay so much for generic batman vehicles to get the new Harley figure. The only wasted spot is penguin but its to be expected for lego to not introduce too many exclusive characters in the pack. They probably need to get rid of some stock.



    Also in the second leaked picture with the contents taken out you can see a small black dish piece- I wonder what that is for


    I wonder what minifig will be in this book- from

    Book 2 : - LEGO DC Batman Activity Book With Minifigure

    - Includes pcs TBA, Minifig: TBA, 33 Pages

    - US $8.99 - DE/FR €TBA - UK £TBA

    UPC/ISBN: 9780794447526

    Release: APRIL 6TH 2021