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  1. 18 minutes ago, Mountain Drew said:

    The rumored minifig scale Tumbler is the only thing getting a classic Lego Batman fan through 2021 (that and the fantastic 2006-style Batman in the minifig pack way back in January :sweet:)

    Honestly a single set like the holy 2008 Tumbler would make up my year for Lego DC completely, call me crazy but I'd rather have two or three genuinely desirable sets spread throughout the year than a full year of lamely built Bat-Vehicles with reused minifigs for ridiculously high prices taking up the shelves just to sell like garbage.

    lego batman joker ice cream surprise cheap Cheaper Than Retail Price> Buy  Clothing, Accessories and lifestyle products for women & men -




    Highly doubt the set would be as big, it's only 40usd

  2. 37 minutes ago, Moon_Knight said:

    I know this is being extremely snobby, but I’m kind of bugged Sylvia doesn’t have leg printing. I really hope the rest of the Marvel CMFs hold the high standard that the DC CMFs did.

    Bruh she has dual moulded arms with printing and an exclusive hair mould



    And come on just look at the spider-man, even if you don't like the design (like me), it's pretty clear they are going all out

    Anyways, man it's disappointing to me that there's no lego mobius, or even renslayer

  3. 7 minutes ago, cosmic said:

    What Lego store was this

    A singapore lego store



    Lego certified store

    Both cmfs were discounted, but dc cmf was being sold at $4.50 (usual price is 6.50 singapore dollars)


    And the disney cmf was being solf for 3.50

  4. 2 hours ago, THELEGOBATMAN said:

    LEGO Marvel Super Heroes:

    tbd Avengers Classic
    tbd Avengers Classic
    tbd Avengers Classic
    tbd Theatrical Marvel
    tbd Spider Man
    tbd 4+ Marvel_1 2022
    tbd 4+ Marvel_2 2022
    tbd 4+ Marvel_3 2022
    tbd 4+ Marvel_4 2022

    Don't know what Architecture is doing there lol, and how reliable this LWC is. 3 Classic Avengers sets? An architecture set? Four 4+ sets? Sounds like someone just made that up tbh...

    Why is this list listed in the usual places as "winter 2022 marvel sets"



    How would we know about those that early

  5. 10 minutes ago, Leggomyleggo said:

    Funko pop versions of the new suits are out too and the gold/black looks very 'techy' and there are some blue spots around the eyes. Gives me the impression that this one morphs from the EDITH glasses. This makes me feel as though he travels the multiverse with this suit, maybe going to alternate dimensions and we see him revisit the homecoming movie with that suit? or its just merchandise and not revealing of the plot at all. I hope this isn't like the Black Antman suit Hank Pym had in the Ant Man set lol :tongue:

    Bruh I have a feeling you're right and now I'm a tad sad that I read your comment

  6. I have a feeling that the black and gold suit MAY be from no way home



    Because the funko pops listed an integrated suit and a gold suit



    And I would think that the main suit can be considered an intrrgration between the ffh suit and the iron spider



    So the gold suit may be the black and gold one



    Also, why would lego make a homecoming set and not make the homemade suit??? Idk

  7. 3 hours ago, Walter529a said:

    I think the "attention/dissatisfaction" in general terms now is that is missing paint, so part of the crown is in the same color as the hair, contrary to past pieces like the Wonder Woman Hair+Tiara combo where it was painted on all sides...

    Yes. Quite baffling. But it is what it is. And hey... at least you guys have sets