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  1. On 12/16/2021 at 5:42 AM, Lionbear8 said:

    Next year is the year for DC.

    Plenty of books to preorder .


    Eh if you mean comics, 2022's solicits isn't doing anything for me. I'll get robin's tpb but none of the covers, much less series, appeal to me enough. Way past time jessica cruz gets another comic


    Apologies for going off-topic

  2. Frigging lego messed up the sets (imo) for the one dc movie I'm hyped for next year.



    The only dc movie I'm hoping get sets next year is Black adam, and solely for a doctor fate figure. I'm not even mildly interested in any other dceu 2022 sets. If lego somehow decides to make any non-bat centric, comic/gaming based sets, I'll probably buy it asap if it's decent.  


    Fortunately, the klarion tease, I'm 90% sure means non-bat centric characters are coming, because you can't take him down with a batarang.


  3. 15 minutes ago, Lionbear8 said:

    It could be arkham asylum. Ash n flash has a good video out explaining the potentials.

    Highly doubt it. $500 is bigger than the bugle. There's not a lot of interesting elements to include in an asylum set that big. You could do the cells, joker's therapy room, another freeze holding cell, maybe a cafeteria... that's about it. Even if you make the cells, cube-sized, how many cells would you include?


    Joker, riddler, penguin, scarecrow, ivy, two-face, bane...


    Nah I don't see it. Honestly was quite surprised he said arkham was the most mentioned. Most of the dc wishes seem to be the hall of justice.


    Maybe a $300- $400 arkham playset but ucs styled could still work. A $500 arkham? Can't see it. Especially when you could do the batcave, but I'm certain it's neither.

  4. 1 hour ago, RedHoodPug said:

    Ditto. Maybe if we send positive thoughts it might actually go our (the inhabitants of the DC thread) way for once. The equivalent of the Daily Bugle would be great. Something like the Planet under attack and a handful of new faces, like the Superman Revenge Squad.

    My gut is telling me that it's avengers tower/compound/ gauntlet/ iconic marvel prop



    But in trying to send positive thoughts, if it's 10 years of dc- related, it's probably the batcave or wayne manor. Small hope of hall of justice.


    Edit: ok, I can't even pretend to have hope. It's so obviously avengers tower or compound. Even if, by some miracle it's dc (it's not), it's gonna be a comic batcave to capitalise off the batman movie hype. Also, it's lego. 

  5. 12 hours ago, PGBQW said:

    Okay, maybe I'm being pesimistic, but even if we do get a Batman Beyond minifigure it will probably be a regular Batman set vs the Joker's golf cart where Batman just happens to wear the beyond suit

    Think it's this or a cmf slot


    Also I wonder if it's supposed to coincide with 10 years of lego dc


  6. 10 minutes ago, Moon_Knight said:

    I’d be curious to know what you’d consider a better wave. I’m not trying to be petty, I’m genuinely curious.

    For existing waves it would be the 2015 comic one

    Bvs wave was also pretty solid


    2012 and 2014 too but it had the advantage of being near the launch of the theme

    This wave was even more disappointing because lego refused to make a new cowl mould, and I expected much more from the batman figure and the builds


    This is dc's flagship movie...