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  1. Ive dipped in and out of lego for my entire life and have a fair collection - mainly star wars and technic. The last wave of new sets have done nothing for me, and not really finding any enjoyment from them anymore - the chiron was fun, but felt too similar to the gt3! What have you found to be the most challangine build either MOC or Lego? Just feel i need something to ignite the spark again!
  2. blakeatron

    Ok how to clean THIS one?

    I can see what you are saying about the dishwasher, but a nice hot wash after will kill most things off. Not like the time I cleaned engine parts In there...
  3. blakeatron

    Ok how to clean THIS one?

    I made a bad eBay purchase once, just like yours. First step was straight in the dishwasher on a 30!
  4. Ordered thursday and came today (UK) - love it!
  5. I too had the backorder email (UK), I ordered at 9am on Thursday. Just had the delivery confirmation email and tracking is saying delivery to me monday!
  6. As title just wondering if every lego piece has a lego mark on it? I have just bought a large job lot of technic and i have found some megablock bricks in there, however also have a few unmarked bricks which look identical to lego but dont quite feel right!
  7. blakeatron

    Bought large job lot - no instructions!

    Brilliant thankyou! Now to print of all the parts lists and have a massive sort out!
  8. As title just purchased a large job lot including 8285 tow truck, 8431 mini crane, various bionicles, extra motors and pumps and what I hope is a 8421 mobile crane. Various searching makes me think I have got the parts - but unless I am being a bit daft I cant find any instructions for the 8421 anywhere!
  9. blakeatron

    Speculations about 2h 2012 sets

    Just watched the new video and at first I was a little disapointed with the looks of the crawler but looking at it now it just looks right - and a definate add to the collection. However that Helicopter is something else, I cant wait to get that!
  10. blakeatron

    9398 - Lego Technic 4x4 Crawler

    I too like the colours and cant wait to get this set. But I am really looking forward to the helicopter - I need more chopper info!
  11. blakeatron

    9397 Technic Logging Truck

    Picked mine up today, hopefully building this weekend. Box is very nice with some good images of the B model on the rear. Not yet broken the seals!
  12. blakeatron

    8110 Unimog building time?

    I am upto around 4 weeks so far... Opened box did a few stages and then put away to stop little fingers stealing pieces and not had time to get back on it!
  13. blakeatron

    Mini Cooper Mark I

    Absolutley fantastic! Inspiration to all us other builders.
  14. blakeatron

    Roller Coaster

    Put a big smile on my face! Great job
  15. blakeatron

    1h 2012 models

    I really like that quad bike!