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    All of the 2021 Speed Champions range

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  1. Great review, I am a fan of muscle cars especially the Mustang I think I will wait on this set though. Its going to be one of those sets that's worth getting when it is reduced
  2. LegoMFP_David

    Lego City 2022 Rumours, Leaks, Information And Discussion

    Will these be for sale or just GWP? Plus will they be available in all countries? some seem to get more than others in the UK we have had the same polybags for nearly 2 years in some shops
  3. LegoMFP_David

    Do you sell your MOCs?

    I have sold MOC's in the past and very much like yourself all mine were vehicles and cars. I have mostly sold them on eBay then one particular guy liked what I did so much he commissioned me to build 3 different other models for him. All were in the style of the old 6 stud wide Speed Champions line, models were 1967 Shelby Mustang 'Eleanor' GT500 Dodge Viper GTS-R Lamborghini Murcielago To be honest I didnt make that much money with them sourcing all the different parts needed of Bricklink from different sellers each vehicle set me back between £25 - £30 with postage I charged an extra £5 per model for my time as well, so its not something I was going to get rich quick at but I did enjoy doing it.
  4. LegoMFP_David

    Hello from England

    Hello and welcome! Its great to hear you have got back into Lego again. Those pirate and castle sets will fetch a pretty penny if you have got all the minifigures and everything is in good condition, depending on what you have it could help towards the train theme
  5. LegoMFP_David

    Bugatti 35

    wow what a brilliant little car! it looks so simple however you can tell what car it is right away
  6. LegoMFP_David

    [MOC] Corvette C4 - Skull edition

    Great job and well done getting it to look as good as this, Lego need to hire you and get you working on new Speed Champions sets!
  7. LegoMFP_David

    [MOC] Hover Cyberpunkish Citroën DS - Flying Taxi

    Love it, Paris France 2077 Always feel like the DS would pop up in a near future/cyberpunk style film
  8. LegoMFP_David

    [MOC] Cyber General Lee 2979

    Dukes of Hazard meets Blade Runner with a mix of vehicles from the 5th Element!! Great job by the way!
  9. LegoMFP_David

    [MOC] 8pin cars

    I really really do like these, very near future/cyberpunk cross between a muscle car and a sports/super car Do you have or have made any instructions for them?
  10. LegoMFP_David

    [MOC] Classic car inspired by 1949 Mercury Coupé

    This looks really good I am very impressed, love the front and I like the way you have used some very unique pieces to create the bumpers and grill. I know you said you are not very happy with the hose, however I dont think you could have got it any better and from side on it does look good. Looking forward to seeing your other creations!
  11. LegoMFP_David

    [MOC] Old roadster (4 studs)

    Love the MOC's and a great use of the wheels they suit the era perfectly. Your MOC's remind me of the old Adventures Theme from about 20 years agok
  12. LegoMFP_David

    Ilyabuilder724's Speed Champions MOC space

    wow what a great alternate builds! Thank you for taking the time to make and post a video on how to make it, when this set get put on offer will sure have to pick it up again to make this. I also like what you have done with the Supra set. I am a big fan of the Speed Champions line and I always keep a look out for other people's MOC's have you done made any of the older 6 stud vehicles 8 stud?
  13. LegoMFP_David

    New LEGO Speed Champions 2022 Rumors, Speculation

    That would be great as I believe the shape of the 1990s Subaru's would translate very well into Lego. They are a well known company appearing in motor sports and appearing in many different computer games plus they have quite a few good models they could make so you never know! I know, its very annoying but I don't know do the car company's have a say in when things are released?