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  1. Mellish

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    So this is one of my Questions, do we get the next modular 1st December 2024 or have to wait to ‘normal’ 1st of January 2025 - in effect never having a modular in 2024 I have also found a sharp craft knife and a metal straight edge works with a little practice. I was once a purist and would never consider modifying a Lego plate. But when I had unusual size modifications to my street (removing the donut shop from police station and deleting the green building) I found it was necessary and just allows that little more creativity. I think that cutting a base plate is the only modification I would ever do though I think this is well said, and agree with your points, for a museum I think it is well thought out, the style and building type feels like it would be a sand stone build so a tan colour is what we expect maybe, but the earthy green works for me. I am a big fan of trees on my street so will enjoy seeing if I can include this tree, just a little sad we did not get the technique bits in brown to avoid the grey bands
  2. Mellish

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I also very much like this, mainly for the different angle shape, I kind of wish the boutique hotel angle was more like this so it fits better in my street. I have not got the Jazz Club, mainly due to the colour. and not sure the size of the museum suits my street, I actually like it but not enough to have to have. Now starting to think that MOC instructions like this might be the future of my Lego collecting and can see the extra fun of figuring out which parts I need and adapting them. Please let us know how your build experience goes, I will be interested. I will hold out hope that next years Modular is a post office, maybe the museums post box, is a clue.
  3. Mellish

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    The picture look to have no depth so don’t think it is a tile. There is two ‘balls’ at the top that seem to be the fixing so I would guess a fabric sheet.
  4. Mellish

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Pane in the Glass Window Cleaners Panestaking Window Cleaners
  5. Mellish

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Gift with purchase a window cleaners van? To go with the guy in top left window? Now I am just trying to think of a good pun for the company name on van.
  6. Mellish

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I love this idea, the centre piece to all Modulars, could include little notes to all the previous Modulars within it too. And lots of opportunities to have new and interesting building techniques, lots of little builds, bridges, seating spaces, etc. If it’s not this year then there needs to be a campaign for it to be the 20 year set. I was really starting to feel this year was going to be the post office & shop, but I feel this fits better with the previous piece count. If we do have the largest ever modular then a hospital has to be the top contender. Just don’t think it will be for me though at that size - but let’s wait and see.
  7. Mellish

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    So can we combine the two biggest rumours, is this going to be a 4000+ piece set (making us thinking it’s more than one base plate) and it’s an inverted corner? If it is then going to be one of the most distinct Modulars, will be very interesting and different to the other sets. Could it be a single base plate with two half plates to give it an inverted corner? I could see a Hospital on this space. A clever curved front would use the space well.
  8. Mellish

    What is your favorite Modular Buildling?

    1) Bookshop 2) Brick bank 3) Parisian restaurant Probably all equal first - bookshop was the end of my dark age so guess that’s why I am so fond of it I wander if I build the detective office it will work up the list - do like the story line
  9. Mellish

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I agree can’t see a clue The only ways I can see this being done is buildings that can be mixed and match in configuration to give you and inverted corner or a straight, though I am struggling to figure out the logistics of this. Or it could be an inverted corner done with an alleyway/gap between two buildings. Think the left half of AS, the blue and green buildings. This could be an inverted corner, or a straight or ever a normal corner. And on a single baseplate An inverted corner does not work so well as your first display piece, and not all collectors would want an inverted corner. Giving options opens the market to all. Though I would be surprised by a larger set with the economic climate, there has been several very large sets released this year so possible.
  10. Mellish

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I have been catching up on the BrickLink designer program and two really caught my eye, maybe related to my wish for the next modular. I really like the hardware store and it’s cluttered inside, I can see this possible in an official Lego set as similar to what was in the Old Fish Store ideas set. Also great for adding too with other parts you have that don’t have a home. I also really like the different shape of the ‘Glass Studio’ kind of how I wish the angle in BH was done to allow it to fit to other Modular’s cleaner. So this made me wander, with all of these great ideas and superb execution by fans how does the Lego team tread the line of producing something original. The terms say you are giving the intellectual property up but I am sure the Lego designers would want their set to be seen as original and not a take on someone else’s. But from looking through the first two series all the usual request for the next modular have been done to a high standard, post office, library, hospital, museum. I then started searching for clues in the Jazz Club for the next modular, not sure that the developments overlap to allow clues to be hidden but it’s a nice idea (like Pixar movies) The magicians Rabbit made me think pet store or Vet - both done already. Motor bike repair shop? I assume CG can cover this. So, garden centre? We now have a lot of plants on the street and in that green house? Or is the florist in AS to close to this. Only original idea I have come up with is an opticians, having minifigs with alternate faces with and without glasses or different glasses? Maybe this is where the bass player gets his hearing aid from? Last thought for your opinion, would a window cleaners van make a good GWP? Quick search and I can’t see that it’s ever been a set, which surprises me for the city line.
  11. Mellish

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Hopefully picture shared - not the best lighting. Needs a tidy following kids playing with figs. Hopefully you can now see what my street is heading towards. - mirror CG to make garage accessible - connect the BH to PR by squaring and loosing art gallery. I might even shrink this to a two window width rather than three. There is a couple of mods I am proud of, giving the CG a curb rather than colour change through forecourt took some work. All the pavement is 2x1 plates in herring bone pattern. My aim was to blend the sets together so to the unknowning it all just flows as one model. Feel the trees help with this and the pavement pattern. The height of the police station to bank niggles me, only solution in mind currently is to give the bank the step up and remove the step on the police station. That should get them 2 bricks closure. Think I might be able to get a brick height out of the second and third floor of police station without loosing the look. And a lower profile roof is possible and might all just bring it closer to the hight of AS. The Jazz club red colour is too bright for my street I think but will try, thinking more earth tones - maybe the green of the PR? The interiors lacking space and items I can cope with as not seen as much. But do love the details. Walls made of books in BS might be something I explore one day. As you don't see the side in the position this is probably possible and quite fun to do.
  12. Mellish

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    So I have been following this thread for years now and love the excitement and speculation of the next modular. I like hearing people's views on the realesed modular and see how people change and modify them and peoples views on what they would like to see. So I thought I might at last chip in my thoughts. First a little bit about my modular street to give context to my thoughts. My take on my modular collection is it is a street and not part of a city, think sleepy English Town street, narrow road and a few small shops. I have moded the builds to fit better with what I think works more like a real life street. I will try to get a good picture but as way of a description from the left... we have the local garage (CG) with the bookshop next door (but just the book shop part), these have a narrow ally with the bank and laundrette opposite (mirror build) Next to this is the police station (just the main building) then comes the market square (AS but with the blue house from BS and the donut shop from PS added in the middle - I feel moving these small builds off the sides of the bigger building and putting together makes more sense architechturally, it also makes a bigger market square) then it the restaurant (PR) and the the hotel (BH). Work still to do to my build is mirror the CG to fit better and mod the BH to be square and join better to PR, loosing the art gallery (I love the angle on this build but just can't imagine it ever being built like that in real life so will keep the angle in the corner entrance only). If I get the Jazz club I would move the pizza place in to my square and then I think the club might go between the PS and AS or between AS and PR or between PR and BH. Will have to play but the colour is too bright for my street so a change might be needed. It seems an uncommon view but the BS is my favourite, I like the sizing as it fits my imaginary street and I think it inspired where I got to, it's autumn on the street, minifigs wearing scarfs, and the trees down the street are in autumn colour (these are a number of the BS tree repeating down the street with the fountain in the square replace by a four branch bigger version centre piece) I will share a pic as sure it will make more sense. So what's my street missing and the next modular should be, well I would like to see two equal size buildings like BS, made up on one half ground floor a hard ware store / handy man's repair work shop. some where for minifigs to buy paint (cant remember which modualar had a room being painted), to get their instruments fixed or tuned (JC and AS) or to repair furniture (delivered by the GWP moving van) the sort of shop on the street you go to get the things you cant get anywhere else. And above a jewelery shop (some where for the PR couple to buy a ring or a burglary to happen). Next door I would like a green grocers and apartment above. Yes know we had a green grocers but this now seems to big compared to the more recent modular. A lot to fit in but could have a common central out side staircase. The businesses only need a single room with counters and wall displays. I imagine the green groces slightly set back to have a shop front display. I can even see the GWP being the handy man's truck like the lego ideas 'big earls delivery truck'. Sorry became a long post
  13. Mellish

    10278 Police Station

    I would suggest POL as the abbreviation. not sure about the set myself, will buy and build but does not fit with my street, too tall and the two narrow buildings means it does not ‘fit in’ I prefer MOC police stations I have seen but a very interest interpretation with donut shop and escape route