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  1. MartyMcFly

    Lego Architecture - rumors and discussion

    The same with the Great Wall of China. You could buy and build one. But, two or more was better.
  2. MartyMcFly

    10300 BTTF DeLorean DMC-12 Time Machine

    Steering is only needed on roads. Roads? Where were going we don't need roads.
  3. MartyMcFly

    10300 BTTF DeLorean DMC-12 Time Machine

    Will you have to decide which of the three you are going to build, or will it be easy to change? Might have to get 2. I like the BTTF 2 and 3 versions. Shame no Clara minifig. The light brick for the flux will be a nice added bonus.
  4. The 10181 Eiffel Tower is 15 years old now. Still it is one my favourites. Mainly a classic build with very few snot or other advanced building techniques. Interesting to see how a new version will be. Still, there are other landmarks yet to do. Is this going to be a regular thing now? Lego releasing a large and expensive set every November? That's another thing. The original was about £150. This new one will be £500 !
  5. MartyMcFly


    Supported. I want to build Now! Its a shame that none of your great builds have been accepted on Ideas. Hope this one makes it through
  6. MartyMcFly

    10300 BTTF DeLorean DMC-12 Time Machine

    I'm starting to doubt whether we will get this in April. The rumoured date for the Vespa was wrong, its March not February. And to have another vehicle released so soon after, just one month. Get if true, but past releases have nearly always been March or August.
  7. MartyMcFly

    10298 Vespa 125 Scooter (1960s)

    Looks good Original rumour was a February release, not March. Can we still expect an early release for VIPs in Feb?
  8. MartyMcFly

    10300 BTTF DeLorean DMC-12 Time Machine

    The Expert range are large scale vehicles with lots of details, not minifig scale. A minifig scale would be better suited for the Creator 3in1 line. Make all 3 versions of the DeLorean. It would be nice to includes some minifigs of Marty and the Doc, maybe also of Clara and Biff on a minifig display. But they didn't do that for the Aston Martin or the Ecto-1, so I don't see them doing that this time round either.
  9. MartyMcFly

    Fairground Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    10291 was rumoured to be a fairground set, but it turned out to be the Queer Eye set.
  10. MartyMcFly

    Fairground Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Don't know if it was cancelled last year, just that the rumours turned out to be wrong
  11. MartyMcFly

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    If you swap the yellow parts the taxi could make a nice old-timely police car for the station.
  12. MartyMcFly

    Lego Architecture - rumors and discussion

    Rumour of another Architecture set this year - 21058 and will include 1476 pieces. Release June 2022.
  13. MartyMcFly

    Do you only buy lego?

    I like Lego Architecture and Expert Landmarks. But there are some landmarks that Lego has yet to do, or may never make. Last year I bought The London Eye by Wange, and Neuschwanstein Castle by Xingbao. The quality is not the same as Lego, but not bad quality. I had to make a few mods to the London Eye though. Wange make bricks that Lego does not. For example, the London Eye uses a double sided 2x2 round plate. Wange also make sets similar to the Lego Architecture, but larger. Some are good, some not so. The Castle uses some interesting building techniques. Not sure if Lego would have built it that way. But I am pleased with the overall result. Still, if Lego did ever make these landmarks, I would probably dismantle these and buy the Lego.
  14. MartyMcFly

    Bricklink Designer Program 2021 Discussion Thread

    Someone is trying their luck by listing the castle for £999 !!
  15. MartyMcFly

    Bricklink Designer Program 2021 Discussion Thread

    My boat is arriving today. Sets are already appearing on eBay UK. The castle and the boat being listed for £400-500.