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  1. MartyMcFly

    REVIEW | 10279 Volkswagen T2 Camper Van

    I was really hoping that this would be no good so I won't have to buy it, but I will have to now!
  2. MartyMcFly

    Lego 10290 Pickup Truck

    Ha, that's how I started. I got the Mini and VW Beetle, and now I've got them all!
  3. MartyMcFly

    LEGO Titanic 2021 Discussion

    Since 10290 turned out to be a Pickup truck and not the rumoured DeLorean, do we definite proof of a Lego Titanic release? Too many rumours proving untrue. I'm starting to doubt.
  4. MartyMcFly

    Lego 10290 Pickup Truck

    Not sure what to think about this one. Disappointed that it is no DeLorean. I love the Expert vehicle range. Looks smaller than most vehicles of late. Also it is generic, "A Pickup Truck". No specific brand or model. Unless they are trying something new with this one. 10295 was the Porsche, and 10278 is also going to be another VW camper apparently , that is the two they normally release in a year. This is a third one.
  5. MartyMcFly

    Fairground Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    So 10291 not a Fairground set? There is still some missing set numbers, 10279, 10285 to 8, 10292, 10293. That's 7 sets. One has to be a Fairground set.
  6. MartyMcFly

    LEGO Titanic 2021 Discussion

    This sounds like it is going to be a big release. Can we expect it to be revealed at the Lego Con on June 26th? Or will we have to wait for the next Black Friday showcase, like they did last year when the Colosseum was released?
  7. MartyMcFly

    FRIENDS 2021 - Rumours & Discussion

    It needs a Richard minifig, complete with Tom Selleck tash.
  8. MartyMcFly

    Lego Architecture - rumors and discussion

    Could it be that there is something in the Seattle rumour? Not a skyline, but a remake of the Seattle Space Needle? Larger, more detailed set, to be released in August, maybe 2016 - Burj, 2017- The Guggenheim, 2019 - Empire State Building, 2020 - The White House. All the remakes have been ones of the earlier sets, improving on the design, making them larger etc. I wouldn't mind a larger Space Needle.
  9. MartyMcFly

    [LEGO Ideas] Ski Chalet by JKBrickworks

    Clever. JKBrickworks never fails to impress. Sure to a hit with winter village fans.
  10. MartyMcFly

    [MOC] The Village Post Office

    Congrats on reaching 10,000. Well Done.
  11. MartyMcFly

    [MOC] Strip Club

    So is going on Lego Ideas I'm sure it will be approved.
  12. MartyMcFly

    Lego Architecture - rumors and discussion

    4000+ for an architecture set seems too high. That is the kind of numbers you expect from the expert range.
  13. Can these stadiums be said to be part of the landmark sub-theme? Perhaps Lego is starting a separate sport-related / stadium sub-theme.
  14. Its very clever and creative. Just need to wait and see what the Lego designers do to it.
  15. MartyMcFly

    [MOC] The Village Post Office

    Such a lovely build. Supported. Hope it is made into a set. In fact, I would love to see more of sets like this. A Village collection