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    [MOC] Happy New Year 2019

    Wow, fantastic! Too bad that these years are terrible, but what a great build. I really like the use of the space dudes, I have had the blue one and the white one since I was very little.
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    [MOC] Winter Village Police Station

  3. Ugly Step Sis Studios

    [MOC] Iron Man Inside Iron Man

    Wow man, this is amazing. I don't have many LEGOs, so I won't be able to make MOCs. But dang, this is so cool!
  4. Ugly Step Sis Studios

    Simplified Iron man Helmet..good or bad?

    I, for one, like the old helmet style that LEGO used in "Age Of Ultron," because of the fact that the helmet is actually movie-like. The new,...not so much. But I also think that the helmet is usefull for some things, like "Spiderm: Homecoming" vulture helmet. Oh, and also the MARK I and MARK II ironman helmets also fit with these designs. So does MARK LI, but not the other ones, especially not MARK LXXXV.