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  1. OK. I've built the set ( not fully though ), the gear 24 tooth clutch works fine.
  2. Sorry, the main missing part is the new clutch. I've the drum. @Anio and @astyanax , Instead of the new clutch I'm using the old one. @Gumalca that is a good point, however, they have different construction that we can't replace them directly. There is a gear 24 on the path from drum to drive that I can replace it with the old one.
  3. How I can really compare that if I don't have the new clutch? It seems working. Then What is the rationale behind using the new cultch here?
  4. I'm trying to build the 42112 cement truck from my parts. It uses a new clutch, I didn't have one and I did not want to buy either. Instead of the instructions I went into this way Instead of the Gear 24, I've used gear 24 tooth clutch. I don't see that this design lack of any property of the original. Am I missing something?