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  1. I agree Moon Warrior needed some sort of armor or helmet on the head and not just the plain hair. The piece @Robert8 suggested works well, but I think a helmet in the shape of a crescent moon that covers her head would have looked sick. Glad to see that the Snailien name has kicked off, I thought it was clever. Also whats this about cmf’s not having bios anymore? I haven’t checked in ages but that always gave more personality to the figs and its odd to think the site doesn’t have them fleshed out how it used to. Those bios were definitely an exciting thing to read every time a series was revealed thats odd they’d take it out.
  2. cosmic

    DC Superheroes 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    I never really liked that set but recently decided I want it because I want sealed versions of all the exclusive figs in that set. Its meh, the bulk of the build should have been the clown mouth and that felt like an after thought the joker section was very barren and thin and felt unfinished. Harleys tight rope looks fine and Ivy’s death drop and Penguins Ferris Wheel never resonated with me. I agree generally though that the Hall of Doom, the Jokers Abandoned Fairground, LexCorp Tower, the Iceberg Lounge, etc would make great builds. Pretty much everything is missing honestly. Not sure what villainous vehicles I want but I’d love to have a Hot Air Balloon for the Joker. Not like the TLBM one I mean like a real fully covered overhead hot air balloon.
  3. cosmic

    Disney Properties 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    Let us know if you managed to snag it I think Lego did good giving us another variant in a cheap Juniors set. Is it the same? No. But the best one we got is still not so accurate. He has a beige vest and black shoes when the most iconic Goofy depictions have a black vest and brown shoes, so its safe to say his best variant could still be made available in another set moving forward. As for Disney series 3, totally agree this license can have as many series as it wants imo. The princesses, villains, Pixar content and classic cartoons, there’s somuch ground to cover. If we don’t get sets based on these films cmf series are the way to go. Still waiting on the lost boys, Cruella and Snow White especially. Can’t help but express disdain for the Winnie the Pooh figure. He looks so ofd with his oversized head and flat belly, I also just hate this head mold. Does anyone else think his head mold is super unflattering? Feel like it could have been more rounded, smaller and more accurate. Just looks so odd I really don’t like that figure. Piglet is also very big too big for my liking. Tiger and Eeyore are amazing though.
  4. cosmic

    DC Superheroes 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    I can go on all day about how I seriously want Uma Thurmans Ivy and Arnold’s Freeze in my collection. This is not a joke I just don’t think a UCS set is the way to go about it I’d like to see a small wave dedicated to those 80’s films. I used to have this mentality. But I feel like if there’s money to be made on the older cartoons they would have by now. Don’t get me wrong, I’d love sets based on older properties but I feel like Lego is too hesitant to produce content thats seen as risky for this theme. I’d love 80’s cinematic sets along with Teen Titans and JLU content. Good point. Guess we also got the animated versions of Raven, Starfire, Robin, and Beast Boy. No sets based directly off Teen Titans or Teen Titans Go but those figs were definitely cartoon based. Starfires pink hair is a dead giveaway for example. Anyways, not quite what I’m going for. Figs from cartoons spread throughout Bat sets is meh Ind rather sets directly inspired by these shows themselves. That 2014 Batmobile was basically a Beware the Batman set with the Flash and Riddler sprinkled in. But considering neither was really part of the show its fair to say that set had mixed influences for its content.
  5. cosmic

    DC Superheroes 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    I really hope we get some surprise wave this year with some sort of new concept or figure. I wouldn’t be mad seeing the usual roster if we got new variants. Idk man DC does a lot to play into their failure, only upcoming announced shows are some Batman and Superman cartoons. The Bruce Tim cartoon may end up getting sets or inspiring sets but Beware the Batman, Young Justice, Teen Titans Go, Justice League Action and Green Lantern the Animated Series all aired while this theme was active and we got nothing so maybe that won’t be enough. I will say though, when people say “this theme will get more sets when it sells better” give Lego way too much credit. Its as if Lego is putting the best content with what they’re working with but I personally think rehashing concepts with figures we’ve gotten before in better prints is not the way to approach themes with popularity issues. Similar to how they used unique molds in Vidiyo to attract people to that niche theme, they should have invested in at least a few newer moulds for characters, or better printing (instead of investing in new Batarang molds every other wave). Maybe if Batgirl had dual molded legs, a proper hairpiece, and Bronze Tiger came in a better print, that set would sell better. Or if more new figs were introduced maybe more people would be excited about newer sets. I just think there’s a lot of talk about DC content needing to be more popular for the sets to sell but I think minor choices in figure design, set build and quality also play a role in why this theme does not sell. We’ve seen constant Bat vehicle with rehashed roster maybe the approach plays a role in the failure.
  6. cosmic

    Harry Potter 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    I haven’t answered this and honestly it took me a while to gather my thoughts on this response. To each his own, but I respectfully disagree. In the scene where Bellatrix was in her prisoner outfit, she had no makeup. This figure works for that scene since it also has no makeup. But for the bulk of the franchise and in many of her best scenes Belltratrix had her red lipstick on. Adding to that, you said the first figure’s expression is too much for you, but her character was quite grand. She laughed hysterically at many times, and had a vicious smirk or maniacally worried expression at times. She was very expressive and this smirk with no lipstick does this scene in particular that the prisoner fig is based off justice, but is not, at least in my opinion, representative of her character throughout the films. Her 2010 figure with dark makeup and a hysterically mean looking laugh is I think a perfect take on the character and I am quite sad to see Lego hasn’t been able to recapture that essence in this reboot. some other opinions I have that may be unpopular is they never really got Molly Weasley right. 2010 fig was the closest but the attention to detail was slightly off in the skirt and shirt prints. The new fig would have been perfect if it kept the old hair and printed the dress slope with her skirt print. I also think the face used on the Ginny fig in the burrow sucked. Really excited to see how Trelawney gets made. The Hogwarts moments Mcgonogall is better than any other version, but the Hogwarts Moments Professor Sprout is different, not quite bad, in my opinion not as good but generally just different to the cmf version while Snape is the same as older sets. Seeing as Sprout was also previously a cmf, I can use her release to assume Trelawney will stil be a good fig, possibly even reusing the mold her cmf fig introduced, but some change can be expected. Possibly an w green slope for a dress to keep the cmf printing exclusive, or maybe even a fig of her brown coat outfit. Interested to see how she turns out.
  7. cosmic

    DC Superheroes 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    I really hope we get Black Adam somehow this year. I want to work for DC one day and help get it out of this rut it really hurts to see the negligent treatment of characters I love so much.
  8. cosmic

    Ideas for a CMFs

    Why doesn’t @Robert8 work for Lego, his designs >>> Pumpkin Head is especially stand out. Somehow exactly what I always wanted but never knew how to articulate. Streamer is stand out. Just goes to show that plenty of tropes and archetypes and characters and professions have yet to be represented and we are far from out of ideas. thanks for reminding us how much there still is to see!
  9. cosmic

    [MOC] [Classic Space] X-942 Launch Hangar

    Beautiful display. Seems like the polished version of an 80’s kids vision for his Lego space base. It’s very fun to look at.
  10. cosmic

    Winter Village Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I’m so upset. I really want the Gingerbread House and have been unable to find a copy for the longest time. Had to resort to buying one from bricklink and my cheapest option comes out to $200 with shipping and site costs. I really want this set and am so bummed I essentially need to pay twice its value to get it. Why are all the North American listings already at $140 minimum? I hate how hard to find this set was for the longest time for me. Just like the Looney Tunes series this set has felt so out of reach to me. Sad face I really want this Gingerbread House for a reasonable price.
  11. cosmic

    Disney Properties 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    Blessed I managed to place a backorder for the Disney Train. I’m so glad I’m gonna get it.
  12. Some thoughts: The Moon Warriors Face is very scrunched up. Same issue as Wildstyle in the first Lego Movie. Her mouth and eyes meet at an awkward point in her face. Think her eyebrows and eyes could have been raised higher. Printing looks worryingly cheap on the birdwatcher, it’s smudgy and low value and I hope its just this one and not indicative of the standard for the figure to come. Definitely not worth $5 they should reimburse everyone who opens her packet 2 dollars bc that fig is not worth it. They raise the price better raise the value too Robot is cuter than expected love that guy. His feet print is very neat.
  13. cosmic

    Harry Potter 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    Oh amazing! Mind me asking the source for this info? I’d love both colors to be made, also think the figure selection is slightly better than some of the existing ones.
  14. cosmic

    Harry Potter 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    Any word on what color books we can expect the new Hogwarts moments to be? I love the blue of the charms class and was wondering if we expect any colors for the Hogwarts moments coming up.
  15. Kind of bored by Hoth content ngl. The 2013 Episode 2 wave was the peak of this theme for me, but plenty of good sets have cone out in subsequent years. I think I really want a solid prequel wave like the content we got from 2011-2013. Palpatine’s Arrest, Gungan Sub, AT-TE, I really wish I got those sets. Really hope Lego revisits the prequels soon, think I got the bulk of what I needed from the original trilogy and recently decided I don’t like the sequel trilogy enough to want those sets in my collection. So I’m just waiting until we revisit those awesome 2012-2013 concepts.