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  1. cosmic

    Marvel Superheroes 2022 - Rumors & Discussion

    I’m just thinking the Daily Bugle was $350. Imagine at $550 for $200 more, an Avengers Tower could be huge and honestly all i want is a D2C Avengers Tower with the width and strength to hold the Quinjet on the top platform like in the movies. No Quinjet side build tk lower the price but I would love for the landing pad to be included and big enough. Heck, Star Wars gets $700 plus sets quite often, I wouldn’t mind Marvel getting a set that big if it meant we could actually place a Quinjet on it. I think they’ll likely learn from their mistakes. If the bust and Hulkbuster sell poorly I’m sure they’ll choose a more profitable D2C next time and hopefully the Daily Bugle and Sanctum oerform well enough for another building to be chosen. And again I loved the scale of the Daily Bugle I think for $200 more a Stark Tower could be pulled off decently heck even a bit higher in price if it means we get a fully fledged building. I’m not vehemently opposed to huge sets I just think it was a poor choice to dedicate it to this. The $70 Infinity Gauntlet I think is a great price point and reference for these display pieces. A $550 Hulk buster and $300 BP Bust is just excessive to say the least. and finally my choices for mechs next year are Iron Spider, Silver Samurai, and a Hydra Soldier. For $10 I’m surprised they haven’t put something army-buildable. I don’t care for mechs but for $10 I would buy so many just to army build a Hydra team.
  2. cosmic

    Marvel Super Heroes Wishlists

    I’d love to see Cloak, Dagger, Songbird, Tigra, Namor, and Beta Ray Bill in comic form some day. I’d love for the classic Thor to have the dual molded helmet/hair mould we know he needs. I’d love for a new element to be made to depict Captain America’s classic cap with the angel wings molded on the side and not printed on. That’d be nice to see as well. classic and contemporary comic designs for Vision, Scarlet Witch, Ant-Man and the Wasp would also be stellar. Wasp in black/yellow for the classic and her red/black Marvel Now suits (seriously one of the best comic redesigns ever) for the contemporary figures would be dope. Ant-Man would have the greyish suit for classic and black red from Marvel now and finally we sorely need new X Men sets. I am in desperate need of Lego X Men content I hope we eventually get a wave when they make their MCU debut. also Squirrel Girl and Silver Surfer for the love of god already
  3. cosmic

    Marvel Superheroes 2022 - Rumors & Discussion

    I was revisiting the new Spiderman figure and I just want to say, adding the webbing detail to the red on his arms is nice, but wish they added it to the legs. It’s kind of like the Batman situation, they think they can get away with just dual molding legs, but his boots are indented with the shape of a bat at the top of the boot where it meets his costume/knees. Dual molding is not enough. Likewise, Spiderman should have the web detailing on the red both on his arms but also his feet. So printing that detail on his arms but leaving him with just dual molded red and blue legs looks so awkward and unfinished imo. if anything the inevitable poor sales of this year can be a positive for the theme moving forward. I have no doubt the Daily Bugle and Sanctum will perform better than the Black Panther bust and Hulkbuster $550 set (yes it went up 50 bucks, so I heard). If this ends up being the case, and Lego compares the 4 releases, they may decide it is more profitable to release NYC buildings with lots of figures rather than over-scaled display sets with no figures. And what would that mean? Well that we’re more likely to see an X-Mansion, Baxter Building, Stark Tower or Avengers Tower/Mansion moving forward. that is of course, assuming Lego actually chooses to continue producing the more profitable archetype.
  4. Really upset that only 1 of the 2 pink blast effect piece that from 76192 are available on pick a brick. I really like the pink blast effect but so far Scarlet Witch in this set is the only character to have it. I may end up buying multiple of the Krypto sets to get green versions for Starfire and my various lanterns. But I was hoping to give pink blast effects to my Rescue figure and unfortunately only the wide pink blast piece is available for .70 cents atm. The long pink ones that attach beneath the legs are not available. I’d like to see Lego provide both, I mean why only make half of these pink blasts for purchase? I hope in the coming months they add the other one.
  5. I don’t think I posted about it when it happened but I got the 2020 General Greivous Starfighter that retired late 2021 in March of 2022 at a Barnes and Noble and was so happy I didn’t have to pay aftermarket prices for it and it was my first Grievous figure. then for May the 4th I got the Mandalorian Satarfighter, Armorer’s Forge, and Bad Batch Shuttle to get the Aunt Beru promo. Amazing Promo I think the best since Darth Raven. Any who each of those sets had been a high priority for a while and I’m glad I got them before they retired. speaking of which I am pnic buying the Mos Eisley just in case it retires out of nowhere. oh and I got the Imperial Light Cruiser a few months ago. For some reason did not ever finish last bag gotta do that some day soon lol.
  6. Beautiful. Love the smooth edges on the border of the build, the symmetry and photo quality of it all is so satisfying. Great job on a clean and concise build. Would definitely buy if this was a real set
  7. I’d love to see modern takes on Mon Mothma, Shaak-Ti, and Kit Fisto. I would even say Plo Koon could benefit from a new mould. Zam Wessel would be neat too. I’d love for the og set she came in to be remade 1:1 someday.
  8. cosmic

    Marvel Superheroes 2022 - Rumors & Discussion

    Wake me up when we get comic X-Men sets…. Ironheart MK.2 looks great I’ll say. I know little about Ri Ri and am not really invested in this new character but the wings look exciting. I liked them on Rescue and I like them here. I feel it gives a fun silhouette to the figure. Namor does also have incredible printing. It’s interesting the hair piece they gave him. They could have easily given him the S6 Sleepy Head spiky hair , based on what I’ve seen of live action Namor. This piece is more reminiscent of the comic design which imo I didn’t quite get from set pictures of Namor himself irl. I know it’s not a wishlist thread but for some reason I have always wanted a Songbird figure and I hope she somehow gets produced one day. and finally, does anyone consider 76204 to be a comic set? I feel like all the mechs are comic sets but I think I saw someone refer to the Black Panther figure here as MCU based somewhere and it threw me off.
  9. cosmic

    DC Superheroes 2022 - Rumors & Discussion

    I mean it could be argued we’ve gotten more of the Flash’s gallery than Superman’s. I do agree we are sorely missing Superman content, I have to say, Wonder Woman is big enough to carry her own sets as well. its a good point though. Lego’s lack of utilizing Superman or Teen Titan related content is strange. I would have otherwise perceived those characters to be big enough to lead their own sets.
  10. cosmic

    Marvel Superheroes 2022 - Rumors & Discussion

    The side of my deadpool figures torso is cracking so I would love to get an update next year. This movie being rated R is also a blessing because we’d likely get a comic tie in rather than a directly movie based set. it’d be cool if Domino or some other X Force character also appears in whatever set Deadpool ends up being in. While I wouldn’t necessarily want a Deadpool mech, or any of the mechs for that matter, it’d be nice to get him in a set that cheap. oh, and squirrel girl :p
  11. Love the interior space for that Razor Crest! J likely won’t buy it because I simply cannot at the moment but wouldn’t it be a dream to be able to in the newr future? I love the build for that blurrg it came out so well rounded, smooth and clean. I was for some reason expecting Mythrol to have a specialized head mold but I’m not too mad the the flat head print. The design in the show had kind of a flat top and the only dimension was in the puffed cheeks which I guess Lego got awY with printing on. It’s reminiscent of early 2000’s figures such as Killer Croc which had flat heads and printed detailing to depict characters which we would expect to have unique molds for in the contemporary setting. So there’s almost like a classic appeal to the way that figure was done. and then seeing how the chamber/holding cell was included in the set? Plus the buildable white floating stroller for Grogu? And the seats behind the pilots seat in the interior, plus the hatch at the back that opens… I love this set. My financial limitations are the only thing stopping me from getting it because honestly this UCS Razor Crest is a beauty. Really excited about this release even if I likely won’t get it. Also crying internally because I likely won’t have the money to buy the $800 Imperial Class Destroyer before it retires this year and it will surely be over 1k in a years time on bricklink. Sad face
  12. cosmic

    DC Superheroes 2022 - Rumors & Discussion

    You know, the biggest shame in not getting DC sets is knowing we won’t get Giganta as one of those Brick built figures they made Harry and Hermione in. That build style of oversized Giant figure would work so well for a few DC characters its a shame we likely won’t see official use of it. Giganta, Apache Chief, and Atom Smasher would all be great sets to get in this form and I wouldn’t even be mad if them made them a little bigger if possible. Also given how each of those characters “grows”, meaning we’d likely get mini figures in said sets as well is so damning. It would have so much potential. we could get classic Giganta in her cheetah print torn dress, with a Wonder Woman figure and Giganta mini figure. Considering this classic design was used in super friends it could also be used as an opportunity to throw a character from the show in a set as well. My personal pick would be Toyman. But we could also get contemporary Giganta with her short hair and black and yellow spandex suit. Given the use of this in the DC online game of the mid 2000’s you can throw a range of figures in to match, but again at least a standard figure of said suit. and we can also get JLU cartoon Giganta with her ponytail and pink dress. My personal picks for figures accompanying said set would be parademons to recreate the finale invasion scene, Atomic Skull, and Lex Luthor Apache Chief could also be a giant figure with either young justice/super friends related accompanying figures. And I know I’m beating a dead horse here but a giant Atom Smasher with Justice Society figures to pair? Imagine getting wild cat in a set with a giant Atom Smasher. Feels like this building method for giant figures is so tempting/fitting for DC it sucks we likely won’t get any of these. notes: I’d rather get Trigon built similar to the Monkey Kid mech so he has long limbs. I feel it would suit his devilish look better. I also don’t know many Marvel characters besides Giant Man who would benefit from this seeing as I think Galactus would have to be much bigger than the buildable Hermione/Harry sets we got.
  13. cosmic

    Marvel Superheroes 2022 - Rumors & Discussion

    This would be so ideal. Nothing against MCU content but I have a massive comic preference and I was concerned we would only get MCU variants of the Fantastic Four or X-Men once they made their debut so this would actually be perfect for me. The 90’s yellow looks were so appealing to me even if the movies get so close I’d rather have them comic based to avoid being stuck with any design I disagree with. Rewatching reviews of the Daily Bugle I’m even more shook Lego choose to do a Black Panther vehicle for this years D2C. People were clamoring for expansions to NYC which I guess we did get in the form of the Daily Bugle this year, but the $500 set felt like an opportunity to capitalize on the demands for Stark Tower/Avengers Tower, the Baxter Building or Oscorp. I actually do think all those choices make more sense. Also considering a huge criticism of the DC sets are that they are just black vehicles, Lego should have known an oversized black ship would not be as marketable as a building with comic relevance. Again maybe they did not want to do 2 buildings in one year given the release of the Sanctum but you have to think the company was at least aware it was a risk.
  14. cosmic

    Marvel Superheroes 2022 - Rumors & Discussion

    Wouldn’t it be cool if we got a flesh print and hair for him? I’m interested in what the mech for the ghost rider set will be. I doubt it’ll be for him given his car is rumored to be in the set. I’d say the mech is probably for the villain. Low key worried it’s going to be another Ultimate Universe Rhino.
  15. cosmic

    DC Superheroes 2022 - Rumors & Discussion

    What’s crazier is we got a proper Blue Beetle in wide release before her.