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  1. So frustrated with that controversy. Lego depicts the characters as they were depicted, pin the racism and cultural theft on George Lucas if anything. Also not to get political but can we not give cultures exclusive access to architecture? Can we not gate-keep architecture? This may not be the place to have this discussion but I don’t like the idea of giving a culture a monopoly on say, the dome. And if anyones to blame its Lucasfilm, why’d they wait until Jabbas Palace was a toy to make this critique? It was a scene in a movie for decades before Lego produced it. Has this always been a concern, that Jabba’s Palace borrows from Islam and depicts Easterners as dangerous? Hadn’t heard of this take till the Lego controversy actually.
  2. Minifigures • Mon Mothma - it’s been too long!! • Shaak Ti - so many Clone Wars designs have been updated for the movie version, can she be next? • Kit Fisto - his mold hasn’t looked “right” in a long time but especially as characters like Yoda and Chewbacca received updates over the years, his design became noticeably dated. • Plo Koon - not the worst but he’s also had the same mould for years and his head should not be so thin, a little on the rounder side is more correct • Zam Wessel - I mean who’d be mad at her getting an update? She only has a yellow release I believe, would love to see her updated with modern 2021 fleshie print. • Mas Ammeda - come on, you were thinking it. Its high time he got an official release • Bo-Kotan - wanted her in her clone wars days but now she’s just a must have with the Mandalorian show airing. would like either Mulan’s hairpiece in a dark orange or Lego friends Anna hair in dark orange. • Sy Snootles - people hated the ‘97 update to Episode 6 for not delivering and having a lackluster update of her band. Personally enjoyed the addition of more band mates and it certainly did not detract from the film. She’s also had a clone wars appearance I believe. Lets get her already. • Droopy Mccool - Unlikely to have so many new moulds for figures who barely appeared in the movies but one can hope. Particularly enjoy his design • Ak-Rev - he actually could get away with just a head print. Could see them giving him a bandana maybe. • Doda Bodanawieedo - could just use the Greedo headpiece in a lighter color with lashes printed maybe. easy to make. • Barquin D’an - again, a mould for the Biths exist already. • Lyn Me - I can’t be the only person who loves the Twi’lek design? I’ll gladly take more and again a mould exists! Who doesn’t like a new Twi’lek minifigure? •Rystall Sant - Okay she’ll need a new mould but I really enjoy her design. Also her hair would be a spikey scalped poofy hair mould and I figure that can be reused for in house IP’s such as Ninjago or Monkey Kid. Did not care for Joh Yowza or Umpass Stay so we can skip those figures. I’ve been quite bored with this theme in recent years. 2013 Episode 2 wave was solid, enjoyed Rogue One and the Sequel Trilogy waves (not movies) and Solo got a good wave of sets despite not seeing the film. But it feels like the standards sets have gotten so boring. Winter and Summer Waves have all become a bore. Love the new D2C’s. Cloud City and Mos Eisley were great. But the average wave is boring me. Here are some newish (not really) ideas. Kind of fresh make of it what you will: • Jedi Temple - Could be a mega set and would not mind add-ons similar to Hogwarts, but a bit more complex so when combined can provide fully enclosed portions of the build. This could be where Shaak Ti and Kit Fisto get their updates. Jedi Council room, various rooms from the clone wars, funeral room, main entrance, there’s a lot that can be covered and I’m open to many builds taking on the various facets. • Episode 2 Bounty Hunter Chase Update - if we’re getting the same old same old can we at least update it? • Jabbas Palace D2C - I’ll be the first to admit I absolutely adored the 2012 take on the structure and its one of my best sets to date. That said, if a $400 Jabbas Palace dropped with the Max Rebo Band, a fully enclosed palace, a very large and movie accurate take on the building, as well as various guards and maybe some other members of the entourage that were used as supporting characters in Jabba’s Palace, I’d be very happy. Including the dungeon used to house Chewwy and Han, I do and don’t want it to include the Rancor Pit. First priority is a much bigger and detailed palace and if the inclusion of the rancor pit minimizes those details I’d like it to be a separate set (maybe not a D2C but big enough to connect to the D2C • Kashyyyk Base - We’ve gotten sets based on this episode 3 scene but a full tree base with yoda’s room and the recreation of the order 66 scene have yet to be seen. Doesn’t need to be exclusive could just be a large set. • Episode 6 Endor Battle Update - nuff said. Believe we got a set for this in 2010 but its due time.
  3. cosmic

    VIDIYO - Universal Music 2021

    Did we talk about the leaked set prices for the rest of the year? 43108 - $4.99 43109 - $19.99 43110 - $19.99 43111 - $29.99 43112 - $29.99 43113 - $49.99 43114 - $59.99 43115 - $99.99 I have to say if these are true I am incredibly surprised by the prices. With such a new theme I was not expecting an entire wave like this? Its a size able wave with decent prices. With how out there the concepts were for a lot of the characters and the nature of a boom box set with in-app features, I have no expectations for these sets. Ice-Cream Mermaids inside Beat-Boxes that serve play features for a phone game came out of left field for me. These sets can be absolutely anything. Just shocked they invested so many new moulds AND heavy set prices to such a new theme. I think there were rumors of a stage? Very excited to see what this is.
  4. cosmic

    Looney Tunes 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    Not just that, but on an individual level I don’t think it works. In general, I think cloth skirts can continue being used assuming the piece is appropriate for the figure. Marvins skirt protrudes and kind of puffs out of his body. It doesn’t flap down. A cloth piece would not have the same rigid texture a plastic piece would have, which is what Marvin needs. A cloth piece will kind of droop down and his skirt puffs out, like a plastic piece would.
  5. cosmic

    Marvel Superheroes 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    Thoughts on the new accessory pack Black Suit Spider Ham - Literally who asked for this? I love it lol Spiderman - The arm printing looks excessive with plain legs not a fan Venom - Can someone remind Lego Spidey has other villains? Wish they gave him his tentacles like they did in 2013 (yes I am aware thats not how its called) Iron Venom (?) - I assume he actually is from the comics. Uninterested and this just devalues that set he appeared in even more. Not only were Carnage and Spidey already accessible but now no figure in that set is exclusive. And the build was weak. I guess thanks for making him easier to get for the 12 fans who wanted him Not sure how to feel about characters who appear so frequently being used for character packs. Wish Black Suit Spider Ham wasn’t the only exclusive figure. Just a tad bored with Spidey + Venom combo
  6. cosmic

    DC Superheroes 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    Appreciate the criticism everyone. This is absolutely not a guaranteed situation. Its fair to say news regarding both the DC movies and comics is consistently bleak but I suppose the discontinuation of new print is only an issue if and when its finally implemented. I‘ve heard rumors of rich fans offering to buy the publishing rights from Warner, reports that AT&T was being extra scrupulous with their handling of the comics publishing and whether it was worth the money. I’ll admit for now its not a credible report. Having said all of that, if DC is to survive I hope the editorial purges and renewed attention to its management will put an emphasis on the brand and we’ll start to see a return to the quality of art I once associated with DC comics.
  7. cosmic

    DC Superheroes 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    Hi “that guy” here. I may have misunderstood the finality of these rumors and I believe AT&T is definitely eyeing DC but nothing is final. My understanding though is the sales of the new releases are going to be scrutinized by AT&T and I’m not sure how you only found one website? Many YouTube channels and comic sites have reported on this. I was mistaken in thinking it was final, but the future of DC comics is anything but absolute and these rumblings did not come out of nowhere.
  8. cosmic

    DC Superheroes 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    Look it up. DC currently has no exec’s as they were all purged and very reliable sources from inside the company have stated this. The only publisher, Jim Lee I believe has announced his leaving of the company. They will continue to print classics I believe but no new issues. It’s been a rumor for some time but the recent company purges as well as the departure of its only publisher left, and the fact that these claims were made by Dan Sciver (artist at DC) and AT&T has been rumored to be considering this for a while. Google this, it’s not absolute but the writing is on the wall.
  9. cosmic

    DC Superheroes 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    Trust me I hear you. A pin could drop and I mention how this theme is likely over. However something is different now than before, AT&T has announced that DC comics will stop publishing comics in June. Apparently the comics industry is dying during the pandemic and DC comics are no longer profitable for AT&T. Pair the death of DC comics with their less than stellar movies and non existent animated universe and you get a brand that has almost no modern cultural value besides what it carried over from other decades. Its largely due to management but this brand is dying and if headlines regarding DC in other industries are any indication, the idea that this theme can be discontinued is not only likely, but reinvigorated by recent news. And yes I’m sad about all of it.
  10. It just seems like a waste of plastic and I remember a time when Lego sold figures in one bag and thats the standard CMF pack. I can’t say the extra packaging has had any impact other than using more plastic.
  11. cosmic

    Ideas for a CMFs

    What an amazing series! I wish @Robert8 worked for Lego these designs are so good. You do a really good job of working with existing tropeswhile bringing concepts not yet utilized by TLG. It shows how much potential for new ideas this theme still has. Individual thoughts 1. Time Traveler - Really hope Lego steals this exact look. All of them really haha I want to buy all of these. Love the gun, aesthetic choices and steampunk influence 2. Representation matters. The guide dog is already a thing in City I believe? The guide stick could be an existing mould I believe? But it all plays together well. Reminds me of the broken leg guy from Series 16 (?). 3. Humpty Dumpty fell into a resume bin and got hired at Lego. Seriously can you work for them. Favorite of the batch and its a strong batch 4. Need the cat mould. Feels somewhat James Bond somewhat Austin Powers. 5. Farmer Girl - simple yet fun to look at 6. is the island king helmet mould one from the 80’s/90’s? Feels familiar. well done with the tiki statue accessory 7. How have we never gotten a maid? She looks perfect if we ever got one I’d hate for them to stray from this design. 8. Instantly recognized the sailor moon reference. Love the hair and the unique trope influence. 9. Hypnotizing! The eyes are mesmerizing and the cloth skirt piece works wonderfully. 10. Crocodile with a Captain Hook reference? It makes it a more interesting costume considering how little I enjoy costumed figures anymore 11. Didn’t know Athena made this curse but love the final product and would again like to see it in real Lego. 12. Love that hair mould!! 13. Checkmate, winning design haha 14. composed a great body print lol. This is how we should have gotten the violin mould! Not some kid in normal clothes. Look at the detail on that leg print 15. Food delivery guy is a good nod to modern delivery drivers and I appreciate it 16. So creative. Is Lady Liberty our most recent inanimate mini figure? Love the influence in something like a trophy for a character it shows a strong creative process Please apply to the Lego group. I want to buy all these designs.
  12. I recently noticed this and thought it was odd. All the mini figures in the DC Series came within other bags and I was confused. I thought I somehow got a knock off brand? I didn’t realize when Lego began to do this and thought it only made sense for like cape pieces maybe.
  13. cosmic

    VIDIYO - Universal Music 2021

    Hope the distribution is consistent. This Series is a must have for me. They laughed when I asked for a werewolf barber but we are receiving a Red Panda musician and a bunny girl!! My dreams have come true a tad expensive but not unique to this Series. I believe inflation is to blame? For why it’s no longer 3.99 remember thinking that was a bit steep. Didn’t Series 1 go for $1.99? If only...
  14. cosmic

    Marvel Superheroes 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    Revisiting images of Spiderman I changed my mind. The reason the arm print was off putting was BECAUSE of the inconsistency with the legs. Translation, they looked good on their own. But once given the detail on the arm I subconsciously noticed how lacking it was on the legs. So I hope they update Spiderman by printing the webbing on his boots. Then he will look complete.
  15. cosmic

    Marvel Superheroes 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    If done correctly could be the best Lego game ever. Hope they spice up the mechanics and install some new feature. Brands that get criticized for being too formulaic (Pokemon, Lego games etc) would do good to spice things up here and there. I’d buy it!!