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  1. I agree regular series have broad appeal, but they’ve done 2 costumed themed series and 1 Monster themed Series. It’s about time Space got its own Series imo. Themed Series can be fun. I hope they give us some new Blacktron characters.
  2. cosmic

    Lego City 2024

    You bring up a great point that incorporating a Space Force sub theme into City was a safer choice than to produce an original theme, but it’s still polarizing for me. I guess there are calls to create a Space Force in real life but nothing has come to fruition yet so all the designs are experimental, but that in and of itself is not the strangest part. The aliens and hoverbikes and mars rovers are altogether too much for me. So I won’t buy the wave but I agree there is definitely a justification to put this into the City theme. As for what other satellite sets I want, thats the thing is I don’t really want that right now. I honestly wanted more Farm content. That was my first priority as a consumer but come to think of it I would also welcome another Jungle sub theme. A few years back we had the Jungle sets with Jaguars and temples that seemed to resemble a South American expedition. I’d love for another Jungle sub theme but more focused on Australia with Koalas and Kangaroos instead of Crocodiles and Leopards.
  3. cosmic

    Lego City 2024

    Not a huge fan of this wave but I love that Prison Island. Our first Prison Island was nice at first glance but upon revisiting images it did have a very black and white color scheme. This new set incorporates browns and blues in a way that feels organic and cohesive. The interior gives a lot to work with and I noticed some of the inmates appear as criminals in other sets throughout the wave which is very exciting to see. Very nice detail to have included. Overall an amazing set but quite literally the only one that piqued my interest with this leak. I'm going to be very honest here, I am not a fan of Lego City going to space in the way that it is doing it. City has always been a pragmatic and realistic theme grounded in relatable figure designs and builds. I somewhat appreciate the experimental venture to try and do something utopian or conceptual like running into life on mars. But this type of material has been conventionally reserve for separate space themes, while City kept a focus on the mundane if you will. I guess I don't mind and I can look the other way for this wave, but moving forward I hope they reserve alien life and "Space Force" machinery concepts to sci fi Space themes and keep to rockets, satellites and other realistic source material for the City theme. What's even weirder is seeing the Friends figures in space. That was actually quite comical. Also, we haven't had an original Space theme in some time so that would have been nice. I'm also just not feeling these sets in general? We had a Rocket launch center and Moon base a few summers back and those sets were amazing. I was hoping moving forward we'd revisit farm material, go into some city architecture or even delve into cultural architecture and do city sub themes for different countries. That would be cool to get a Spain based wave, then a NYC based wave, then a Dubai based wave for example. But aliens and space force? it's a bit much for me.
  4. cosmic

    2024 Friends sets

    I never processed it this way but that's hilarious, much more ridiculous than I gave it credit for lol. God this set is incredible. So satisfying to get adult versions of the original cast. The color scheme of the mansion is gorgeous and the details are so exciting, we actually have a Lego version of Beverly Hills and that is so cool. The craziest thing is Friends is the theme to give it to us.
  5. Respectfully, I kind of hate this opinion , I'm sick of animal costumed figures. I do think a space themed cmf should have some standard mono chromatic spacemen you can army build, preferably a Blacktron spaceman, but to say that no experimental concepts of alien monsters should be present is a bad take imo. Some people complain about a lack of innovation at this point in the CMF theme, but a Space theme gives room for creative experimentation because you can always design a new alien race. I welcome this space theme, I actually think it's been overdue. Designers can get creative with alien races and I welcome that but its fun to see other perspectives I guess lol
  6. cosmic

    Disney Properties 2023 - Rumors & Discussion

    I agree. I'm thankful to have mini figure and mini doll versions of the princess's, but I have to say they make most sense as dolls. I mean Disney princess in real life get produced as dolls not action figures, so it makes sense their aesthetics translates best to mini dolls not figures. Although I've seen Disney princess dolls with articulation and I think they. look much better than traditional dolls with stiff arms but that's a separate conversation. I will say, I do hope that we continue to get figures in other Disney sets that revisit other films such as Peter Pan, the incredibles, Monsters Inc, Lilo & Stitch, etc. I would like the rumored Belle's ballroom to have mini figs for us to get a figure version of Belle, but honestly they could save her, Merida and Raya for the fourth Disney CMF series if they really wanted to. Overall this was the strongest year for Lego Disney but that makes sense with it being the 100th anniversary. Hopefully we get the Disney fairies produced sometime as well.
  7. cosmic

    Marvel Superheroes 2023 - Rumors & Discussion

    Comic accurate Gamora was the most exciting skin to see for me! Green Goblin also looked incredible I gotta say I'd love for these to be produced but I am skeptical. I don't want to get my hopes up because there is a plethora of designs from the Lego Marvel games and movies we never ended up getting. But yeah I agree it would be nice. Finally saw the buildable Rocket and I think it looks ridiculous lol. They should have opted for a closed smile over the toothed look. Ravager Groot is not enticing enough to justify the purchase. I'm excited for the X-Jet reveal despite knowing it's probably going to be very underwhelming haha.
  8. I rather they bring back Space police for a year or two for 2-4 waves total instead. But for a CMF, I’d appreciate this, so the Space Police reboot can focus on producing new characters when it eventually comes around to being produced. Wanted to share an exciting find from recently. Went to a Barnes and Noble to find Beast from the Marvel Series 2 CMF and was stocked to see both Series 23 and the Disney Series 3 at some Barnes and Noble. I did not find any Marvel figures at all which is odd but a great reminder that Barnes and Noble is an amazing resource for retired sets. For about a year and sometimes a little longer you can find select retired sets at sole locations. I got the Star Wars Bounty Hunter Assault Ship a few years after it retired at a pretty popular spot! So always worth checking those out if you don’t want to Bricklink something. Not only that but I loved the experience of having to feel for a CMF figure. I hated Series 23 overall lol it is my absolute least favorite Series ever I rank it below Series 2, Series 19 and Series 18 (which was actually not that bad). So its ironic that despite hating every figure besides the 3 I wanted, I appreciate Series 23 so much for being the last Series to give me the opportunity to experience feeling for a figure and going to my car with excitement to see if I got it right. And I did! It feels so rewarding each time. Knowing that I can choose to buy only the ones I want because my skill at feeling the bags is strong. From now on I yse Bricklink but these were special memories for me to be honest. Going out to buy CMF figures was something I looked forward to.
  9. cosmic

    Sonic the Hedgehog 2023 - Rumours and Discussion

    Its's strange I can see how this is objectively an ugly mech but I guess I'm so excited for the figures I almost turn the other cheek. The builds are weak but I think Rouge and Knuckles look incredible. Just wish they'd release the wing piece from the Vidiyo dragon, in purple. If they ever produce another Rouge I'd hope they'd give her the larger wing piece as this one looks teeny tiny on her lol.
  10. cosmic

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I'm so glad we have a general modular buildings thread because I love going back and giving commentary on retired builds. And the timing is perfect because the builds I'm commenting on are retiring this year but not yet retired. For the Bookshop, I love most of the set but I'm rewatching review videos and see how the shelves all use brick pieces and tiles to represent books. The only physical Lego book we get is Moby Brick. I wish we got more of this proper book piece with other Legofied takes on classic literature. If even on 1 shelf, I wish we got actual book pieces stacked side by side, even if other "books" on that shelf were brick built, I wish we had more than just Moby Brick in this set. When rewatching a review of the assembly square I am appalled by that "music shop"? There are literally only 2 guitars and so much empty walking space and space on the walls.It's easy to modify which I enjoy and I do plan on fixing it, but that store has the room and the need for some shelves or racks to carry more merchandise. Floor plan is also boring could see myself adding a carpet to that floor. So only a few did bits but basically horrified by the music shop and let down by the actual book shop. The funny thing about the Book Shop is, I love Lego apartments and the bulk of that set goes to living space. So it's easier to enjoy those apartment and ignore the fact that the actual Book Shop itself, the supposed appeal of the product, is the worst part of the build lol.
  11. Funny you bring up that Fairy! We talk about tropes they can add to, and while we mentioned Japanese cultural figures, and the Power Rangers as ongoing tropes they can do, the Fairies would be just as exciting. We still need a tooth fairy for starters. But we also have so many different wing moulds in circulation. The Bumblebee girls wing, the Beetles/Blue Beetles wing piece, the new Tinkerbell/Vidiyo fair wings, the new cmf Butterfly wings from Series 17, and the plastic wings they gave to Wasp in the new Avengers tower. I'd love a Lego take on the Power Rangers, but an unlicensed Winx Club or Disney Fairies situation would be awesome. And lots of wing moulds to choose from to keep things exciting.
  12. cosmic

    Marvel Superheroes 2023 - Rumors & Discussion

    Long time no see. Some leaks to discuss, we have I was initially elated to hear we were getting Rogue in place of Storm. We really needed new characters. When I saw her I was initially extremely disappointed. A little mad even. She's since grown on me, but ultimately I find most if not all of my initial criticism still stands, I just settled for reasons I'll get into shortly. But first I want to review the leak. Rogue - let's start head to toe. For one, her hair is considerably voluminous and bulky on the show. Not only is this hair piece EXTREMELY over used (I mean seriously, Black Widow, Gamora, Storm, Jean Grey, Scarlet Witch, Captain Marvel, and now Rogue have all adorned this hair at some point!) but it just does not provide the silhouette she needs. it's a pretty hair piece and that plays into why I settled with her, because it may be incorrect and annoying but it's not terribly hideous. Actually kind of second guess saying that because the placement of the white patch is sooo awkward, pair that with the hair color itself being far too bright and I'm starting to kind of resent this hair choice. We haven't even gotten to the torso and there is so much to say. The actual torso print itself is near perfect and easily "carries" this figure because there is so much to pick apart basically everywhere but the torso. It's the 1 thing they got right. I may be nitpicking here, and I hesitated even bringing this up but technically the jacket she has on should be a little lighter but I understand that even though it's slightly inaccurate, this slightly darker color contrasts better with the neon green legs. I get it, but even if the color is a minor detail, the arms should have been dual molded because her jacket only goes to her elbows and her lower arm should carry the neon green color of the actual jumpsuit underneath. So yeah arms should have been dual molded and hair is wrong in shape and color. FINALLY onto the legs. Lol. Should have been dual molded. the neon green of her suit covers the entire side of her legs and almost all the way in the back where there is a slight yellow strip towards the center much how we see from the front facing angle. She needed dual molded legs and a yellow hip piece to pull this off. if no dual molding, we should have at least gotten this green printed towards the side of the legs. But no! She only looks presentable from a front facing angle. I am personally really put off seeing all that yellow on the side of her legs. TL;DR for those who don't want to read all that. Color and shape of her hair are wrong, placement of white patch is awkward (to me), arms are incorrect in that the jacket color should stop halfway and the green from the jumpsuit should be in the lower half. Plus a red printed X is missing from both her shoulders. Leg printing does not extend to the side but ultimately should have been dual molded. I can excuse the incorrect hair mould, but the color being off throws me off. Okay fine lets make peace with that, but the arms are wrong too! okay well that's "close enough" as well so lets ignore it. But they then chose to double down and half a** the legs as well! My goodness its just all so much to take in. I don't like being negative, and I have rose tinted glasses on for Lego X-Men content no matter what it is so I was able to "settle" and make peace with the fact we are getting a subpar Rogue. But I had to comment on how confused I was the the image first dropped and everyone was so enamored by her!?! Lol. Plus the price to part ratio on this rumored set is so high I initially reasoned that if the set is so expensive then a decent budget must be allotted to the figures. This better be one incredible build because so far the figures AND the price point for this X-Jet are doing it no favors. But finally Cyclops - Near perfect but come on dude. Those legs suck so bad. Needed yellow hip and some print maybe for his undies. Lol. Also has leg straps and yellow boots. I guess we can give him the boots but the hip is hard to do without removing the dual molded yellow and blue legs from the blue hip and swapping it for a yellow hip. I can't speak for anyone else but I treat my figures very carefully and get kind of anxious even thinking about swapping a hip piece. So even if we fix the legs it's still not quite accurate. Which makes this figure kind of a let down. Both leaks kind of let me down. But at least we didn't get another Storm lol. And to my final point, I wanted to clarify how basically all of the issues with this Rogue figure would have been solved if we got Jean instead. 90's comics Jean would have loose hair exactly as shown in the first (and possibly best) Lego Marvel game. 90's Cartoon Jean would have a ponytail piece. Both are extremely accessible but also accurate to her! This same hair which makes no sense for Rogue actually works perfect for a comic Jean from the 90s, and once again a ponytail is just as easy to use if we go with the cartoon influence. Don't want to dual mold or print on the side of Legs? Well that ruined Rogue for me but 90's Jean could honestly get away with no leg printing. And while she does need arm printing which I know they would skip, they can just give her should armor/pads to depict that detail (would have to be paired with ponytail if they gave her physical shoulder pads instead of printed), and skip the blue bands on her lower arms. So if they wanted to go this route of reusing easy hair pieces and skipping leg and arm detailing, that would all have made much more sense for Jean Grey. Rogue is a great character but given Lego wanted to make a cheap figure with barely any detail, and no new hair moulds, I'm surprised they skipped Jean seeing as she lends herself much better to that. Plus she has a love triangle with Cyclops and Wolverine, the other 2 protagonist in this set. Apologies for the wall of text I had a lot to nit pick but kudos to you if your read this lol.
  13. I actually kind of liked the Mushroom girl lol I completely agree! This Mushroom girl fits in very well with Forest creatures and adds lore to the Fantasy realm we otherwise would not have seen coming. I find her simultaneously obvious yet refreshing and original for a concept. Something I appreciate in modern (and previous as well) CMF Series. Also major yes to your CMF ideas!! We basically got Red Sonja "rip off" in this new Series, that Red Ranger from Series 19 is obviously an unlicensed Power Rangers reference, I always thought if Lego were to keep this going I'd wat to see a Sailor Moon type girl. I have been waiting for that, I believe Ash n Flash or someone who does those very detailed CMF renders depicted a "Streamer Girdle's" with a pink hair piece which was very much a nod to Sailor Moon. It looked amazing! Having said that I wanna give my opinion on the new official reveal and all the figures. Harpy - Probably my favorite of the Series. Saw a video from Ash n Flash and agreed with most of what he said but he seemed to find this concept boring which I find so odd? We rarely get Greek Mythology figures and when we do they tend to be some of the best. Think Medusa, Minotaur, etc. Not only did they give her this purple color scheme which makes her look dark and mystical, the concept itself is so out of left field. I would have expected Zeus, Cupid, Hercules or even Hades before a Harpy figure. I'd expect Sirens before a Harpy. Paired with her color scheme and she is standout. Red Sonja - Love how masculine and tough her expression is. Love the sword. These lear images do her justice. Double amputee- Love the coloring on his suit, his hair piece is not new I believe Nothing new to say about the Detective, Dog Groomer, Mushroom Girl, Shephard or even Basil, as I enjoyed them from the jump. That said.. Train Suit boy - I was already tired of costume figures but clear images only confuse me more on his face print. Why is his eye like that? Seriously I don't understand. Confused me more. Gamer girl - Only new though is I do enjoy her Lion Knights track suit but given the quality of modern city figures, this did not need to be a CMF figure. Weak concept and decent figure, should ave just been in a city set, does not belong. Workout woman - Horrible tattoo imo. The leaves are purple why? And the shape does not even look like a leaf! It looks like the feather piece that goes with the S8 Pirate and S9 Knight. Plus the blue and purple on her arm clash with the salmon colored top. Plus no new moulds. I was initially on the fence for her but ultimately will just choose to skip her. Triceratops suit guy - I know I said I'm tired of suited figures but he is the very best costumed figure they have ever made, probably challenged only by the Series 5 Lizard Man or the S19 Pizza Suit guy. It's my personal taste but he does it the best. If I get any of the 3 figures I plan on skipping I would sell them. I straight up do not want the Train Boy or ugly tattoo lady in my collection lol ! I may end up just sticking to Bricklink while the boxes are around. One thing that bothers me about that is that most sellers place the interior contents into a separate plastic bag? For space purposes in storage that makes sense but there are surprisingly few sellers who sell it how I like it. Where they open the box to see who it is, then reseal or retake it so you're essentially getting the full product you'd get from the store with a similar experience of "opening" it. Wish more sellers just closed the box and sell it to you as if it were fresh from the shelf, but props to the few sellers that do! Also sorry for the long response its been minute lol
  14. We got the sumo wrestler, karate master, Kimono girl, Ninja and Samurai. I’d love to get a Sumo wrestler with a belly piece that could be used for “heavier” characters if they ever felt like revisiting that concept. Besides there is also the circus trope we have not seen in ages. We could get a unicycler, trapeze artist or contortionist but the latter two are hard to depict imo. We also have medical professionals, I mean we got the Surgeon and Nurse but no Dentist? Or how about more Western characters? Anything but more suited figures I beg of you
  15. No offense but I would hate this. I am quite over the costumed figures and to get a costume figure of a costume we already got (twice!) just because a new mould has been introduced would be annoying from a consumer point of view because we only get 12 slots. There are other tropes I'd want to see them pursue, like fairies in teal, green, pink, aqua, and lavender, or mermaids with varying tail and clamshell color schemes. We got that unofficial Red Ranger in Series 19, would love to get more Power Ranger-esque figures with different color schemes. I'd be down to see more cooks, we got a Sushi chef with the Ninjago cmf series, and a Baker in Series 17. I'd welcome more figures specializing in certain cuisine with accessories to match. But another dragon suit figure? We have green and red dragon suit figures I really don't need this to become a trope if anything just release a BAM figure and call it a day lol.