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  1. @M2m @jester @Stephan @polymaker I want to add print on new iron man helmet part, but this part can't be decorated, what i can do, to fix it?
  2. @M2m, @Stephan, were do you get lego models, or ypu make it yourself?
  3. Now i make riddler , poison ivy hair from batman movie, ghost rider head piece, hand of time, it's already make, but i want to make more in update, I have 2 questions 1. How to make printable pieces, i need it to fix some pieces 2. I have a bug, i can't use decoration tool, what i should to do?
  4. I have a bug while i fix lego pieces, after my fix, i can't add prints on figure in ldd, a take a tool, and clicking, but nothing change, i just clicking What i should to do?
  5. My small Star Wars fix 88616 - Kit Fisto Head 92745 - Shaak Ti Head Piece 87571 - Twilek Head Piece LINK-
  6. @M2m can you fix this piece, please ht