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    [MOC] Winter Gazebo in the Park

    My entry to the celebration activity on Merry Christmas everyone!
  2. Classy Weasel

    [MOC] Winter Gazebo in the Park

    If only I could, especially the green tiles. It would look better, but I just don’t have enough sadly
  3. Classy Weasel

    MOC: Brickchester Central Station

    Spectacular building design, do you think you could extend it a bit and make it a full-sized station on both sides? I love the gravel look under the train track as well
  4. Classy Weasel

    Pick a Brick City - Court House

    Saw this on Reddit and had to say well done!
  5. Classy Weasel

    [MOC] Minifig Mover

    I like this idea, do you think you could use the same mechanism to create something of the sort, OP?
  6. Classy Weasel

    [MOC] English Cottage

    Cottage with Cobblestone Chimney by Nathan Kilcrease, on Flickr Hey all! Here's a little cottage I made with a stone chimney on the side. Cottage 2 by Nathan Kilcrease, on Flickr There's a little shop next to it that sells vegetables and food. Cottage 5 by Nathan Kilcrease, on Flickr And behind the shop is a small garden with carrots, pumpkins, and cauliflower! Cottage 1 by Nathan Kilcrease, on Flickr If I were to do it again, I'd definitely redo the roof, but with the limited amount of beige-colored pieces I own, this was not too bad. Feedback?
  7. Classy Weasel

    [MOC] English Cottage

    I'm not sure about the Middle Ages, but I loosely based it on Anne Hathaway's cottage in England
  8. Classy Weasel

    [MOC] Abandoned Mine

    Here's an old rundown mine I built, I tried working with some more odd shapes like rotting wood and jagged rocks. Feedback? Abandoned Mine by Nathan Kilcrease, on Flickr
  9. Classy Weasel

    [MOC] Beach House

    I saw some beach MOCs earlier and loved the sunshine-y feel of them, so I made a beach house with that same light-hearted style. What do you think? Beach House by Nathan Kilcrease, on Flickr
  10. Classy Weasel

    Hello, I'm Classy Weasel!

    Hey, I'm Nathan, I'm from the US (specifically Utah) and I recently heard about the Eurobricks community after being involved in the LEGO subreddit for a while, so I decided to make an account and say hello! I enjoy making MOCs and would love some feedback to help make my builds even better, so any constructive criticism is appreciated! I like making "chaotic" builds (landscapes, rock formations, debris, etc.), but I also can't get enough of intricate buildings and architecture. My collection is quite small, but I try to bring as much detail as possible to each build, regardless of the size. I hope to get involved in the community soon and can't wait to meet some awesome AFOL!
  11. Classy Weasel

    [MOC] Rapunzel's Tower

    I tried my hand at building the tower from Tangled! Not a fan of the roof, but all in all it's definitely clear what I'm going for. Rapunzel's Tower by Nathan Kilcrease, on Flickr
  12. Classy Weasel

    [MOC] Rapunzel's Tower

    Thank you! I have a few 1x1 green flower pieces, I could definitely scatter them a bit more on the outside of the tower. I think if I were to do it again I'd add more slanted tile or regular tile pieces (I really need to invest in more green!) I appreciate the feedback, Retro!