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  1. I just installed version 3.1 on a old Samsung Galaxy S8 with android 9, the scan error is gone but it can't find my Control+ hub because there is no location permission, so one thing is for sure....the location permission is absolutely necessary.
  2. Same problem here on Android 12. also I notice that the app doesn't ask for location permission anymore. I see no way to give the app this permission. When I check the app permissions in the Google Play Store there is no location permission.
  3. What a great build, the most challenging I've done so far. thank you very much! Unfortunately, I got stuck on part 7 right at the beginning. My Defender kit contains a different version of part 4563044, one without a hole in the pin (mine has not). In step 4 from photo 6224 I already encountered this part, but then I was able to leave it out. I have ordered the correct part.