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  1. Thanks a lot for your answers. I will try that out and gibe feedback. cheers 20cents Thanks Carsten, Your are right there is an issue. But till now I used only one slider at once and it was not working anyways. I will try if it helps to remove the continue loops. Thanks so far 20cents
  2. Has nobody an idea what the problem could be? Any help or questions are appreciated. Thanks
  3. Hi, I and my son started with a gear application one as a normal motor and one to shift the output to one of the four gears. This is the code for the switch gear with motor. We used four sliders to control the speed of the output. So if a new output is used, then the switch gear goes to the appropriate position and then the motor is started. Shifting works fine, the issue that we have is, that the normal motor stars to stutter and the switch gear behaves strange. I think there must be some elementary error in my programming but I don't see it. Is it allowed to control four sliders like this? or do I have to consider something I missed? Photo Thanks for your help for the first steps with mindstorms inventor kind regards 20cents
  4. Hi Jim, Thanks for your reply. I tried to use the download option. But then I don't found a possibility to control the robot from the pc or the mobile device. I would like to use some sliders on the phone. Can I read back code from the control block? Or how do you control your creations? Always in streaming mode? Thanks 20cents
  5. Hi, I am new to mindstorms and have a question regarding using a mobile phone to control a 51515 Mindstorm program. I develop on a Laptop and using the streaming feature to test my robot. When the code works I would like to control the robot from my smart phone (Android). How can I do that? I can use the streaming feature, but I don't have the code on my mobile phone? But to be honest, I just want to remote control from the mobile phone, the code should run on the 51515 controller. How can I do that? Sorry did not found a solution yet. Thanks 20cents
  6. Hi @Matts Lego Creations, is it correct that you licensed this model to Bluebrixx? They mention that the model Sembo 8883 is licensed. kind regards 20cents
  7. 20cents

    "Reverse engineering" Razor Crest MOC

    Hi @Midlife-crisis Have you proceed with the Razor Crest? Kind regards 20cents