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  1. Ronan Nissen

    Best SW set in the 10 years of Lego Star Wars

    Is it really possible to pick just one?
  2. Ronan Nissen

    Warner Brothers planning CGI/live action LEGO film

    News has been spreading fast that Warner Bros. Is producing a Lego movie! Apparently "a mix of live action and animation". Different companies have apparently tried this before but haven't embraced Lego's core values of "a fun factor, creativity, and imagination that has no boundaries". I personally don't know what to think of this... What do you think the plot will be? What do you think the sets will be like? Do you think it'll be good? Discuss! Source: empireonline
  3. Ronan Nissen

    Disney and Lego Join Forces

    Why is this on the frontpage? Is it because its toys, or because there is LEGO featured in the trailer, or is it because of the Licencing deal?
  4. Ronan Nissen

    Avatar: The Last Airbender

    Ok, ok...Hold up! M. Night Shyamalan does not do that "Dragonball" movie type crap!
  5. Ronan Nissen

    Future Star Wars Sets

    You are RUDE sir!
  6. Ronan Nissen

    10196, 10198, 10199 & more

    Links anyone? Or are they aloud?
  7. Ronan Nissen

    Deadwood Brothel

    What's a brothel? Just kidding. Great job. I love the women on the balcony and the people waiting outside.
  8. Ronan Nissen

    Star Wars LEGO Photography

    Simply amazing! I love photography like this.
  9. Ronan Nissen

    Coruscant invasion Midnette

    That is Super Duper!
  10. Ronan Nissen


    In my 1999 lightsaber duel, there are black smudges all over Qui-Gon's torso and there are white and dark red smudges on Darth Maul's face.
  11. Ronan Nissen

    Decal Wish List

    I second that!
  12. Ronan Nissen


    Saw the film on opening night...Amazing! ALMOST everything about it was brilliant! I had been waiting for this film for about a year. It had a different feel to the book and quite a bit wasn't the same as the book. Still amazing! P.S. I anyone knows where I can buy the iconic badge off the internet, not the comic version, the movie one. And also no ebay!
  13. Ronan Nissen

    Chrome Darth Vader

    Maybe he bought a load of BPs and filmed himself opening each one by one until he found one with the Vader in it!
  14. Ronan Nissen

    What was the last movie you watched?

    Watchmen! It was amazing but can never live up to the book.
  15. Ronan Nissen

    The Watchmen

    Loved the movie! Loved the book! Loved your creation! In Ireland it only 16 age rating so Im only 14 and I got in! P.S.You might want to put the hydrogen atom on Dr. Manhattan's forehead.