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  1. Stolen 10214 Tower Bridge - HELP URGENTLY NEEDED!

    I had a call from Police to tell me that proof or purchase isn't enough in this case as it is "kind of" mass produced item and unless I provide some sort of unique serial number they won't do a thing. I'm a bit fed up with Police here in UK.
  2. Stolen 10214 Tower Bridge - HELP URGENTLY NEEDED!

    Well so far I got 3 different batch numbers from 3 different people from brickset
  3. I'd like to ask a big favour. If you own Tower Bridge from bought in July 2012 when it was on a big discount and if you still have the box, could you please let me know what was the batch number of this set. It is printed on two clear seals used to close the box. I need it to "identify" 6 TB stolen from my office while I was on Holidays. They've been located by Police and now I have to prove that they're mine as if I didn't leave any fingerprints on my boxes. Please PM me the batch number if you can find it - only if you got it from in July 2012. Help me stop a LEGO theif. Do you have any idea if TLG would have and could provide batch numbers of orders sent to before the sale took place? Or is it bit of a long shot? Regards Lucas
  4. 2012 LEGO Architecture News & Discussion

    @Aanchir if you like the official set look at this: Opera House in Sydney by Matija Grguric from Flickr looks much better than Reed's set - if its still him doing architecture
  5. LEGO Architecture Wishlist

    I have just opened my 21010 Robie House and see what I have found in the massive instruction book: Look into the background Neuschwanstein Castle / Schloss Neuschwanstein!!! There was a survey back in 2010 asking for feedback for 2012 World Icons models and loads of people mentioned Neuschwanstein Castle. The question now is: Is it coming next year?
  6. Review: 21011 Brandenburg Gate

    I've just noticed something interesting The design seems to be VERY similar to "DESIGN by ME" by brickshelf user sheep See for yourself: If it was me and if I could afford good lawyers...
  7. Review: 21011 Brandenburg Gate

    Hi Everyone. Since it seems that I am probably the only person to have this set at this moment I decided to do this review. It's my first post here, first review ever, first pictures of lego etc... so please be nice. 21011 Brandenburg Gate General information: Theme: Architecture, Landmark series Pieces: 362 + 6 spare parts Box size: 260mm (10.25") x 190mm (7.5") x 60mm (2.36") Model size: 224mm x 95mm x 92mm Instructions booklet: 197mm x 125mm, 56 pages, glued spine Year released: 2011 (not yet released) us availability / price: ? uk availability / price: ? bought for £35 (Manchester Legoland Discovery Centre) link brickset I found this set at Manchester Legoland Discovery Centre on 21/07/2011 - quick search on google revealed that it was a new unknown set and there was only few rumors about it - true rumors as it turned out. So here it is... BOX Front of the box looks like all other Architecture boxes Back has some details about contents and the landmark. The number of languages suggests that this set can be available in many countries - unless it is for tourists visiting shops with souvenirs at the real gate. Sides - usual things; barcode, notes pictures of the set. The other sides: one says that set was designed by the usual suspect Adam Reed Tucker, the other side has a small picture of the set. Box is nicely filled with parts - no waste of space inside. THE PARTS Parts are packed in 5 bags by size. One bag is especially interesting. It contains 82 sand green slopes 1x1. Other part that might be of interest is Tan Fence Spindled 1x4x2 - there is 12 of them and so far only one was used in 2003 in 7417 Temple of the Mountain - It's £1.32 a piece on bricklink. BUILD Base is very simple as you can see. There is an additional tile with name of the landmark in German. The build starts with some foundations and colonnade around the gate houses. This is the most boring and tiring part - application of 80 1x1 slopes. Things are starting to look nice. And the gate itself. 12 columns - each made of 4 1x1 round bricks, 4 walls made of 1x1x2 bricks, 4 6x2 plates on top of that and then the last layer you can see This part of the build is quite interesting. The roof was simple but very close to the original. And now its time for the last feature: The capital Quadriga - I gave my wife 5 minutes to work out what is the thing on the roof... she didn't see there neither horses nor chariot. Some people will be very critical because of this detail as it's quite an important piece of German history. As you can see there is some parts left. PARTS LIST FINISHED MODEL Build took around 30 minutes. This is my first Architecture set. An impulse buy really as i didn't plan this purchase. Well I couldn't plan it really - it was an unexpected find. I have to say that this model isn't too bad comparing with other landmark sets - especially with the new parts. As the other sets it is meant for bookshelves not for playing with it. It's more of souvenir or gift set for someone interested in history of architecture. RATING I have be careful here as next set I will be building is 21010 Robie House. My marks then are: Build: 6/10 - A bit monotonous build with all the small pieces . Design: 8/10 - Quadriga is a bit disappointing but on the other hand how do you make 4 horse drawn chariot 2 studs high. There is no flag mast - original has it. Parts: 9/10 - Looks like a number of people will buy this just for the new parts. Playability: 0/10 - Not for playing - don't give it to a child you love :) Price: 8/10 - £35 wasn't bad taking inconsideration number of parts, the new 82 sand green slopes and 12 sand fences. Hope you like this review. Any constructive comments are most welcome. Please come back for a review of 21010 Robie House. Thanks for reading Lucas - bricknation