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  1. Youse two days f the “Indy” body batteries since you are using 4 motors! My 4 motors are on 1 axle, in an “L” configuration, to keep it narrow! using regular “old” style 9 volt steering motor, to the paddles output on the radio control unit!
  2. I am building a 50mph LEGO car currently! 6 buggy motors, 2 of the “indy car” bodies, with batteries, and steering modules, from the late 90s? direct drive on both axles, and the large diameter mindstorm wheels/tires! it is heavy, but when done, I will replace batteries with lithium AAs it will have only a few degrees of steering! anyone know how many rpm 4 buggy motors on one axle ( direct drive) will turn? What rpm do I need to reach 50 mph yes I know due to torque, it will take about 100 feet to reach top speed! the car will be about 2 lbs