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  1. Thomas_w

    [MOC] M:Tron Podship

    This is a really neat little retro-style build you have made ProfSrlojohn. I like the coffee mugs-as-headlamps and how you have managed to keep the style and aesthetic of the M-tron sets, but incorporated newer elements. Something about the bubble-canopy always makes me think submersible and not spaceship and so my mind immediately decided this was some sort of aquatic suvery ship, where the M-tron guys scour the depths for space cargo or salvage.
  2. Thomas_w

    Sir Archibald and His Brave Men (Figbarf)

    The pipe element on Sir Archibald is neat, is that an official Lego element? I get a real Fantasy Era vibe from these guys and the newer CMF armour slots in neatly with the existing silvery toned helmets. What caused such a happy go lucky bunch of dudes to sign up with the Fright Knights anyway?
  3. Thomas_w

    [MOC] Blue Demon

    I think it looks great 009. Sort of giving me a Genie from Disney Aladdin gone rogue vibe and perhaps a bit of Diablo II in there as well. I guess one thing about it that isn't clear to me is the head area of the demon. Is the blue 1 x 1 tile his "head" and its just tiny relative to his horns and torso? I always enjoy seeing how builders make larger sized characters from bricks in lieu of using BigFigs. Thanks for sharing.
  4. Thomas_w

    [MOC] Evil Spirit

    Great job 009, I was immediately drawn to the black wraith / phantom things nicely positioned with the transparent elements. I found the use of the minifigure head on a brick build body to be particularly unnerving, as I was expecting the rest of the minifigure. It very much gives them a spooky and otherworldly vibe. The use of the flags to create a tattered cloth effect is also very well realised. Do you have a link to the model you were trying to recreate? I would be interested to see what these ghost guys looked like.
  5. I agree with you, I got this recently and was really impressed for a promotional item. A couple of things I noticed were; 1. The vendor minifigure doesn't quite fit the rest of the kiosk, he clearly belongs in a hipster coffee shop, while the kiosk has a sort of skeevy late-20th century theme park vibe to it. 2. That the domed elements that form the roof would have been more aesthetically pleasing (to my eyes) if they were the same blue shade as other elements in the kiosk, rather than black. For me, this was a great and much appreciated promo item. I particularly like the female minifigure, her all denim outfit is very retro-cool and fits nicely into the imagined cyberpunk megacity MOC that I dream of making one day.
  6. Thomas_w

    Should LEGO Star Wars take a break?

    I would like to see this. Perhaps a series of vignette type sets that were not exclusively focused on some sort of battle or conflict. Civilian life in Star Wars perhaps? I don't think it will happen as it has been ~ 20 years and the pattern is very familiar now. I echo what lots of other posters here think in that the cycle of X-wing, Snowspeeder, AT-ST and landspeeder has become quite uninspiring. I was hoping that the sequel trilogy would really diversify the type of sets we got, but it has been largely the same. That being said, I don't think this is a fault of the Lego designers, but more that the sequel films have been quite uninspired in their designs (a TIE fighter, but with white wings for example). I think Lego have tried to branch out where they could. They tried making their own stories (Freemaker) and explored other spin outs of Star Wars like the Old Republic MMO, but it always comes back around. What even would a break mean for Lego Star Wars? If they took 5 years out and came back, it would just be the same stuff and everyone would lap it up. It would be more-or-less the situation now, but with a gap in the cycle.
  7. Thomas_w

    LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    Hi, I saw it in a Tescos (Newmarket, Suffolk) yesterday for £19.99. I didn't grab it, but I did get the Bounty Hunter Battlepack for £9.49. It wasn't in their system yet so someone did it manually. It seems like a good deal for a tenner, but I am not sure if this is some pricing mishap. The label on the shelf clearly said £9.49 for it though.
  8. Honestly, I think its the original Boba Fett. I know there are so many more detailed versions of him but I have had him since I was ~ 12 and he is as cool now as he was then.
  9. I guess currently we pay VAT on Lego sets if you buy them in the UK and Lego in the UK is already quite expensive relative to the USA (10p / piece roughly is more expensive than 10 cents per piece) so its already sort of a raw deal. I don't fully understand what will happen (does anyone?), but if a new trade deal is reached with the EU there could be some sort of tarrif on "luxury" imports, which I assume that Lego could be considered as. The cost would probably increase then. Its all very speculative though and I myself am confused if Lego sets made in say China would be subject to different tariffs than those made in Denmark or wherever in the EU. For the next two years at least nothing should change with regards to regulation, but economic uncertainties and potential recession as a result of Brexit might make your £££s worth less in a global setting.
  10. Its tough, but I think the Death Star would be the one I kept.
  11. This set is crazy, its like a weird fantasy evil demon podracer . This was a really good review, but I would pass on the set because its just not my thing and I can't see myself using some of the parts for anything else (the giant red ball heads for example). I think as a child I would have loved it. I do really like that they bought back the "serf cowl" piece, any set with that in it is worth something in my book.
  12. Thomas_w

    Marvel Superheroes 2016 Rumors And Discussion

    Combining it looks great! Lego really knocked it out of the park with this one I think. I really like that TLG have based some of the designs on the Spiderman cartoon (though I assume the cartoon took inspiration from a particular comic book artist). I really hope that one day there will be Mysterio in Lego.
  13. Thomas_w

    LEGO Star Wars 2016 Pictures and Rumors

    I really like the U-wing. The concept art from those leaked book pictures were so evocative of old-school sci fi ships, really nailed the OT style I think. The other Rogue One sets are sort of underwhelming I feel. The black imperial shuttle is neat, but its going to be so expensive, after the recent Rebels Tie Fighter / A-wing set I think the licence "gouging" is really putting me off the bigger sets.
  14. Thomas_w

    TLG and The Princess

    I just posted to this effect in the Recent Purchases thread. The carbon chamber was a great opportunity for new blue suited Lando! Its funny because there is a great version of Lobot from the "Planets" series a few years back but not a new Lando in sight...
  15. It was my birthday last week and my good friends bought me the Carbonite Freezing Chamber set. I passed up on it earlier this year as I already had a Boba Fett figure, but I have to say I really love the Ugnaught and also the Han Solo carbonite slab. The mechanism where you lower and rotate the slab into the chamber is really well done and not having much technical Lego I was really impressed with how it was achieved. The actual selection of figures seems a bit odd though, well really I mean the inclusion of Boba Fett. I feel that this would have been the prime set to include a new version of Lando with a more detailed torso and cape piece. A few years back there was a version of the skiff with Boba and Lando in that funky guard outfit so its not like a reasonably priced Boba Fett hasn't been around before. It just seems like a glaring mistake to me. Obviously people go nuts for Boba, I don't find increasingly detailed versions of him that enticing, personally.