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    Hidden Side
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    Shrimp Shack

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    Anything Hard Sci-fi or Post-Apocalypse as well as Horror related.
    Lifting Weights and getting Tat's


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  1. TwiceDeadTB

    [MOC] Modular: Mediterranean Way

    Even the brickbuild couch actually looks comfy, insane, I love it.
  2. I am confused, why would that not be allowed? I want to do the same thing, sometime in the future (still in the process of re-acquiring parts right now haha). Awesome build by the way.
  3. TwiceDeadTB

    The door

    Ooh in the name of all that is Eldritch Nightmarefuel, I love it, great MOC and fantastic photo.
  4. TwiceDeadTB

    Black Coach - Warhammer

    Absolutely gorgeous indeed, my favorite use of the undead horse to date, also my favorite carriage I've seen in Lego form to date. Warhammer is a great source of inspiration for MOC's imho.
  5. TwiceDeadTB

    Greetings I'm Tys (and questions also)

    Thank you Jopie.
  6. TwiceDeadTB

    LEGO Monkie Kid 2020

    Yeah I notice there are quite a few people who feel like I did, I can't splurge the cash on those sets and have no interest in the vehicles but if they had the buildings from those sets with some small mech or other small thing only so it was cheaper I'd buy them in a heartbeat because the buildings are lovely.
  7. TwiceDeadTB

    LEGO Hidden Side 2020

    I would love this, Hidden Side is the theme that got me back into LEGO, I noticed online that it's not very popular from what I've seen... that gives me mixed feelings, I was able to pick up all the sets new in-box for nice discounts (10 to 15 euro's below the original retail price) which is super for a returning AFOL in these trying times. But as somebody who likes the theme, concepts and that there are a lot of non-vehicle heavy sets in the line I did hope to see it continued.
  8. TwiceDeadTB

    [MOCs] and [MODs] My Adventurers ...

    Hey Reader, Very neat and also for me nostalgic stuff, I grew up with Johnny Thunder myself so this is neat to see.
  9. TwiceDeadTB

    How’s it going?

    Hello Stud, I like your Avatar. That collectible mini reminds me of Vice City haha.
  10. Greetings my name is Tys, A little bit about me, I've decided to go under the moniker TwiceDead because I 'quit' LEGO in my teens, then came back when I was in my very early twenties for about two years... had a great time building MOC's mostly. I was very active on here under the Castle/Historical section, but due to mental health issues* I left the AFOL communities and I sold off my collection again. Big mistake. But even worse then selling my LEGO's was losing all the pictures of my MOC's... (*I got help and I'm doing fine now, well as fine as one can be given the current state of the world.) My interest in LEGO kept being sparked throughout the years since quit though and recently I've decided to cave in and come back a second and hopefully last time (without leaving again I mean). Recently I've been buying up sets and parts again and decided to sign back up to Eurobricks and Flickr. Is Flickr still the go to site for picture hosting, would be the first of my questions? I've been writing down idea's for a personal Post-Apocalyptic fantasy world to place my MOC's in, I do hope to create a somewhat unique and colorful* private universe to work with, when I inevitably get around to MOC'ing again (a matter of acquiring some more parts and some free time at this point) and want to share my MOC's here on Eurobricks for constructive critisicm (I love getting feedback and improving as I can be somewhat of a perfectionist in life) were would be the best place for Post-Apoc themed MOC's I am unsure but I am thinking the Action and Adventure section? Edit* I also saw the Military section, but they are supposed to have more of an Adventury / Comic Booky theme to them. (*I dislike how Bley my favorite themes, in LEGO now, tend to be. Hard Sci-Fi, Alternate History, Post-Apoc etc. and I want to try and not fall into this trap.) Well I could keep typing haha, but I'll stop here for now.