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  1. Wolf_King

    [LEGO IDEAS] Island Of The Imperial Soldiers

    New raft update is ready and I wanted to share it in here first even before the official site It has wider sail, eagle's nest, mast riggings, some utensils, more barrels and more base area now. I think it looks better than my old rushed model. I also don't want to go too crazy with details because I am getting closer to 3K piece limit and I must leave some room for the upcoming updates. I hope you like it
  2. Wolf_King

    [LEGO IDEAS] Island Of The Imperial Soldiers

    I didn't notice that until now but I am following the topic now, sorry again for the late reply Don't worry I never forget classic-pirates, especially if 10K ever happens. I will also share the raft update here soon
  3. Wolf_King

    [LEGO IDEAS] Island Of The Imperial Soldiers

    I am very sorry for the late reply @Marooned Marin, I haven't checked the forum for a while and I just noticed that my project has been blogged. I can't thank you enough for this very well written blog, I really enjoyed it. Let's hope that this becomes a real set now and our community gains another official pirate set Thank you very much to both of you and I am also supporting you on Ideas @A_Forest_of_Lego Sorry for the very late reply and thank you very much. Brick sails have become popular lately. Cloth sails are nice but even if you keep them very well they loose their shape after some time.
  4. Wolf_King

    [LEGO IDEAS] Island Of The Imperial Soldiers

    I am not very sure either. Which parts do you want to know about? I can help you out with them.
  5. Wolf_King

    [LEGO IDEAS] Island Of The Imperial Soldiers

    I used LDD for a long time but now I use bricklink studio. I still use LDD sometimes though. It is easier. I am a pirate fan since my childhood
  6. Wolf_King

    [LEGO IDEAS] Island Of The Imperial Soldiers

    Thank you Also thank you @Captain Braunsfeld for frontpaging my project, much appreciated
  7. Wolf_King

    [LEGO IDEAS] Island Of The Imperial Soldiers

    Unfortunately I don't have an instagram account or youtube channel. I only use Flickr for image uploading.
  8. Wolf_King

    [LEGO IDEAS] Island Of The Imperial Soldiers

    Thank you Thank you, I will get some inspiration After adding the ship set contains 2655 pieces including minifigures now. As you mentioned limit is 3000 and I think remaining pieces are enough to rebuild the raft and for other additions.
  9. Wolf_King

    [LEGO IDEAS] Island Of The Imperial Soldiers

    Thank you very much A1: I just checked the dates of first and last project files and it looks like it took exactly 24 days to finish it but the process of building continues actually. As I mentioned just 2 days ago I released the ship update to the project and that also took about 1 week. Raft update is the next update. Raft was actually a last minute addition to this set so I had made a simple model to release the project fast but that will get a nice overhaul soon. After that I have decided to make some small additions and small design changes to the fort itself. In the end I think it will turn into a perfect pirate set A2: Actually my main motivation for starting to make these projects was to contribute to my favourite themes castle and pirates. I had already made 2 projects for castle theme and it was the turn for pirates. Release of barracuda bay just decided what exactly my build will be. A3: Those pirates just launched an unorganized, simple and cheap sneak attack to the storage room and got caught. Very fitting to their personalities Soldiers had actually put that pirate skeleton in front of the prison as a "simple" warning to show what happen to pirates that come close to this fort but they didn't care!!! They thought they can outsmart the soldiers but in the end faced their own demise. Simple pirate mind you know
  10. Wolf_King

    [LEGO IDEAS] Island Of The Imperial Soldiers

    Thank you very much
  11. Hello dear pirate fans! I would like to introduce you my Island Of The Imperial Soldiers project on Lego Ideas. This project mostly started as a counter set to Pirates Of The Barracuda Bay set. After the release of Barracuda Bay I felt a great absence in the official lego sets because people now had a great pirate base but without an imperial fort to counter it. Especially people without the old imperial sets kinda left in the cold. So, as a long time pirate fan I decided to make my own set to counter barracuda bay! SUPPORT NOW! There are two parts of the build: Main tower and a secondary building. Admiral's room and the inn on the main tower. There is a prison for those pesky pirates at the bottom of the main tower. This prison is located inside a cave. The fort resides on very dangerous waters. Two parts of the fort are connected by a bridge. On the secondary part of the fort there is a barracks, a storage room, dock and nests for cannons. Pirates of the set have their own raft to launch some sneak attacks on the fort. The new ship update: Just one day ago I released my new update for the project and that is a small cargo ship for the imperial soldiers! I felt the need to add some additional content to this project and I think this small ship is the perfect addition for the set. They use this small ship mostly for transportation or for bringing and exporting trade goods. With this ship you can create a lot of stories and it increases the potential of the original set a lot. I also like the fact that soldiers are no longer imprisoned on the island because they have a ship now :) Actually after this update, the set turned into a complete play set I think. You have all the basic elements of pirate theme now. Imperial soldiers, pirates, a fort, a ship, a raft ,palm trees...basically everything that represents pirate theme. So if this set reaches 10k and gets made as an official set, I think it would be a good set to buy. Here is the link for the project: https://ideas.lego.com/s/p:2683498a8adb47cc9d8c41663f899368 Thank you very much for your time SUPPORT NOW!
  12. My updated version of my old project "Castle Theme Inn". It is also a new take on the classic "Guarded Inn". Would like to get your support if you like it: https://ideas.lego.com/projects/c8ed95f4-c758-4659-8ee0-ca36d2bebd9b
  13. Hello dear castle theme fans, I am so glad that I found your topic. I am trying to bring back castles so I made a wolfpack themed castle on lego ideas. If you like it please consider supporting it: https://ideas.lego.com/s/p:d785517dd04f4a4b847f12ae6da9f2c5?s=m