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  1. *This entry has earned 2 XP* [Kowak-S16-TT] The Initial Landing After we’d been dropped off by the transport, we immediately began to begin the long trek to the Obelisk, the holy site of the Kowakians. We’d been tasked with destroying the site, destroying morale amongst the people. We were an elite squad, consisting of death troopers and highly trained stormtroopers, specifically trained for missions like this. Infiltration. We encountered little resistance on the way to the target, quickly closing in on it. 10 Clicks. The time slowly melted away as we drew closer and closer, only stopping for a minute or so at a time to let Titus adjust his grip on the barrels of explosives he lugged to the site.
  2. burritoboi1

    [L7 - Yout - TT] Operation Moonshine

    Thanks! I'll defo work on that for the future!
  3. *Your entry has earned 3 XP* [L7 - Yout - TT] Operation Moonshine We had landed on Yout, our new site of operations, perfect for the task at hand. The Emperor himself had tasked me, lowly ISB Agent Nyche Tejat, to run this operation, I was perfect for this. I was allocated a few troopers for the initial landing, reinforcements would arrive as soon as we established the base camp. Morale was high amongst the men. Sargeant Flix ( Tk- 2960) heard a noise coming from the cliffs. We saw something with a blaster come over the cliff. A burst of green light erupted from the barrel. A rocket. It headed towards Flik as he ran forwards to arrest the rebel scum.