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  1. Stux

    Some dumb PU questions
  2. Stux

    Some dumb PU questions

    Not true, you can join multiple hubs and a remote into the same network. Then the a/b controls will affect both hubs. alternatively you can do it in software with the PU app, which allows you to do things like use the reverse speed on the second motor.
  3. KeyBrick One is game changing, as in, it changes the game of kids playing with their lego trains. now that my kids have a freight train and a double length passenger train all keybrick powered, they’ve been playing trains all holidays, unlike before when we were continually having to shuttle recgarchables and deal with slowing trains. Family and friends are beginning to ask where they can get KeyBricks for their new Christmas presents or their older disused ones, but the answer is nowhere :( I’m even considering a few more :) @keybrickone, Have you got any plans to take more orders any time soon?
  4. I recently bought 2 copies of Passenger Train 60197 for $140 AUD each, seemed like a pretty good value just for the track and PUp components. Includes the remote. I'm enjoying my double length passenger train actually :) But still, that doesn't solve the running time problem.
  5. Stux

    12v- general discussion

    Yep, I very quickly replaced my 12V tracks with modern RC. So much faster to build and this way I don’t shed a tear every time the kids break a 35 year old rail ;)
  6. Stux

    12v- general discussion

    This one? thread discusses opening, cleaning and replacing contacts in a 12V motor, with custom machines brass replacements. Then using donor replacements (not ideal), and has CAD measurements for making replacements.
  7. From earlier in this thread, a more appropriate USB cable Nice train BTW :)
  8. Stux

    Favorite/most iconic trains?

    Was my first train, followed by 7745. I love both sets, but do lust after 7740... not sure if it’s just because it was always in the catalog layouts...
  9. PS: I read your article in RailBricks 3 :) Have you been keeping up with the work of PyBricks, and self-hosted programs running on the CityHub? Would be a lot simpler than building in RCX bricks ;)
  10. Some great research :) (which I linked to earlier ;) ) What I was getting at, was if you had a large loop with unpowered and powered sections, how much powered section would you need to have the train run indefinately, or perhaps for 8 hours? I guess, if the keybrick charges at 5W, then it comes down to the instantaneous draw of the train. I'm not sure how much a train motor draws :) But according to this site, the PUp train motor uses 3.73W under load (a load) I find the idea of having 9V/12V available at loitering points fascinating for extending runtimes, without necessarily converting an entire plastic track to 9V.
  11. It’s an engine and in the future a transmission, bring your own wheels ;)
  12. I’m fairly certain the idea is to have a brick which converts from track power, via a pickup, to usb on the train. this would allow a pup train to charge whenever it’s on powered tracks. and as I see it, that allows a pup train to run on everything, which seems like the holy grail to me. I can’t see how it would be bigger than an existing pf or brick. I’d hope it were much smaller. I wonder what percentage of running time a train would need on powered tracks to run indefinitely.
  13. Another neat approach would be to run a usb cable from the keybrick to a hollow tender... and there you can put any run of the mill "usb power bank" for rapid refueling, just like refilling water/coal ;)
  14. That works for manual control but as soon as you try automating a layout the rapidly changing power outputs make it a no go eg, I’ve been playing with “speed limits” on sections, allowing full speed on express straights etc, and limits on curves, station entries etc, doesn’t really work when the necessary speed limit at full battery results in no progress 10 Minutes later