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  1. Supplement_Creatif

    Gresley conjugated Walschaerts valve gear + suspension

    Very cool looking running gear!
  2. Supplement_Creatif

    <moc> CN U1F 4-8-2 #6060 "Bullet Nose Betty"

    What a great looking engine! It's lovely to see some Canadian railway prototypes. cheers,
  3. Supplement_Creatif

    OcTRAINber 2022: The "Rebuilds & Retrofits" Challenge!

    @Daedalus304 I would also also like to thank the organizers of the contest this year! I have been following the contest for the past years and its amazing the creations that come out of the event. Thanks for giving an outlet for people to come out with great looking MOC's. cheers,
  4. Supplement_Creatif

    [OcTRAINber MOC] LMS Articulated Railcar (1938)

    Congratulations on the win! I was following your thread with eyes wide open from the start. An incredible couple of trains!
  5. Supplement_Creatif

    [ocTRAINber MOC] St. Boniface Golf Club Foot Bridge

    Thank you everybody for the kind wishes it is really appreciated! More than ecstatic! Plus was looking at getting another set of R104 switches for the layout I am slowly (slower than snails building the pyramids) building. cheers,
  6. Supplement_Creatif

    OcTRAINber 2022 BR05-003

    Congratulations on winning the steam category! An absolutely stunning model! And what a beautiful shot of your locomotive on that layout!
  7. Supplement_Creatif

    Morehead & North Fork 0-6-0 No. 12

    Fantastic looking locomotive. It is so captivating seeing the engine run and preform switching in your video. Steam modelling has so much life to it with the connecting rods moving. I am sure it's not an easy undertaking getting to work. cheers,
  8. Supplement_Creatif

    [ocTRAINber MOC] St. Boniface Golf Club Foot Bridge

    @Paperinik77pk Thank you for the kind words! Much appreciated cheers,
  9. Supplement_Creatif

    [ocTRAINber MOC] St. Boniface Golf Club Foot Bridge

    Thanks everybody for the kind wishes and words. Much appreciated. Ouuufff that doesn't sound the least bit pleasant! Definitely a day you won't forget, hopefully the photographer either for next time they planned on doing a shoot! cheers,
  10. Supplement_Creatif

    OcTRAINber 2022 BR05-003

    Not 2, but 3 iterations! Absolutely incredible models and great reading about the history of the transitions. Every time I see a steam engine such as this it boggles my mind. That running gear is beautiful! cheers,
  11. Supplement_Creatif

    BREAKING: The Orient Express Train approved in LEGO Ideas

    A very interesting discussion about the viability of TRAIN as a theme for LEGO. Being new to the hobby I don't have too much to add to the discussion. However from what I have seen so far of the AFOL TRAIN scene is that most Train specific parts that LEGO produces are not used besides a few such as 55423c01 and the other sizes of both flanged and non flanged wheels. The magnetic couplers which are no longer separable and the plastic independent wheels for wagons are not readily used either as options such as wheel bearing sets and 3rd couplers exists. I may be very wrong however most Train AFOL's strive for accuracy in their models drives them to purchase 3rd party parts. The train parts that LEGO produces are more for their cargo and passenger train releases every couple years or so. That being said. I do remember when the EM was released and my brother was peering over at the screen over my shoulder and told me that I should buy it. I didn't and now somewhat regret that a little. My thinking is along the same lines as most I beleive. If the Orient Express is L-Gauge and not a kin to the Hogwarts express I definitely might consider buying it. However the cost of such a model is most likely going to be around 250 and up and therefore I may instead rather invest in another piece of rolling stock which fits the current layout that I am working towards. cheers,
  12. Supplement_Creatif

    [ocTRAINber MOC] St. Boniface Golf Club Foot Bridge

    Hello Hello, Here we are, the 24th of October and I am calling it done! I had a busy last week and over the weekend I was able to work through some solid hours and get it to a stage where I am happy to call it done. Just in time too before starting the move back across the Atlantic. So without further ado here we are, the St. Boniface Golf Course Bridge. It's the middle of January and all the rivers in the Peg have frozen over. Serge has taken his shovel, sticks, pucks, and his skates down to the river. After clearing the ice, he skates around and works on his stick handling. Something has caught his eye and he stops for a little break. It's Susie the Squirrel who's come to say hello to Steve the Snowman that proudly stands about. It's not uncommon to catch a glimpse of deer or foxes wandering about the forests that snake around the rivers bends. A quick overall view of the winter scene before spring comes along and breathes new life to the area. Ah it's summer time and everybody is enjoying the warmth and sunshine. Bernard and Melissa, the newly married couple are taking photos before they let their hair down at the reception and tear up the dance floor after a lovely meal. But what's this?! the Fernando the Photographer does not look the least bit happy. Has he broken his camera?! Is the sun not right for the shot?! What is he trying to say?! Golf... Cart... a Golf Cart?! Oh no!!! Looks like Garry the Golfer didn't get the memo and has careened off the ramp of the East bank and is headed straight for the married couple. They haven't a clew that their special day is going to end badly. Hopefully the Garry the Golfer can stop his cart in time... A quick look at the summer fiasco. And the reason we're all here to begin with, the old flatcar. It's looking a little less shiny since the day it proudly rolled off in its bright red paint. But it's still carrying a wide array of freight from beautiful weeding vows, to the local golfers, and the heavy weight of winters cold coat of snow. And there it is! the final transformation of the flatcar as a local pedestrian bridge at the golf course. I hope you enjoyed the WIP of this build, the final two models, and the little narrative I weaved together for this build. Cheers,
  13. Supplement_Creatif

    [MOC] Nature will find the way (Abandoned Locomotive)

    I saw your model first on Instagram and wow! It looks very much organic and captures the original photographs perfectly. Fantastic!
  14. Supplement_Creatif

    [ocTRAINber MOC] St. Boniface Golf Club Foot Bridge

    Hello Everyone, Thanks @zephyr1934 for the kind words. Also quite hilarious as well, who knew right! Funny enough, my brother and his wife, and my cousin and his wife!, had their wedding reception at this golf course... I'll have to ask them where they took their photos. here's a quick little update. Been busy looking at museums for the last little while therefore didn't get as much work done as I expected but hey, still a couple weeks left... right? I started work on the first river bank of the bridge. Hashed out a little scenery and took a render to see how it was shaping. So far I am quite happy with it. Just need to keep on trucking along now. cheers,
  15. Supplement_Creatif

    [ocTRAINber MOC] St. Boniface Golf Club Foot Bridge

    Hello everybody, Time for part two! But first! Thanks for the welcome Hod Carrier and the kind words. I am sure you will score highly as well on the "change factor", I've been following you model since the start and it's fantastic! Also thank you for reminding me of the platform of the contest. I was planning on taking a look at the BMR Flickr page and you friendly reminder definitely helped me out of procrastinating much longer. Time for an update! My initial plan was to have the bridge and all its surroundings well underway by the end of today but yesterday I got quite frustrated with the railings and seeing as it was such a sunny day (I nice break from the liquid sunshine this part of the UK is getting) I had to go for a brisk walk. So the progress, although slower than I thought is still no too bad. The overall shape, and structure of the bridge is complete. Now the next step is to add the river under the bridge, and the two banks it connects. The skeleton holding the ramps and the bridge columns have been masked in the renders. I have added a screenshot of some of the wedding promo photos *highly detailed engineering reference photos* to give an ideal of what this thing is supposed to look like. Just in case I need it: Disclaimer: ***these photos belong solely to Chris Jensen Photography and are not my own***. In the following days I will try to get some nice photos taken from the folks back home. As always any and all feedback are more than welcome. cheers,