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  1. Been very lucky. Local Lego brand store had a folding table set up with three boxes and several inserts depicting the entire series. I found five Hercules.
  2. dgherko

    Bricklink crowd project castle

    It reached 2074 order this afternoon. I put in my second after thinking to put the two back to back and on display next to the Disney castle
  3. dgherko

    Best LEGO heraldry?

    The yellow castle four designs are not here. As are all the other geometric designs Blue and silver, the four square design, The Easter egg Knights are not here with their second generation as well. I love the CMF elf, maiden, female barbarian, evil knight with the boar's head, female elf, Roman soldiers, Egyptian soldier even the costumed unicorn. So many great shields and one I don't have yet. The town set with the castle scene 1592 tunics and shields Favorite design CMF elf, of those listed Black Knights
  4. dgherko

    Bricklink crowd project castle

    Good. Guess I missed that part when I first looked at the page. Too excited about a castle. Then TLG will been keenly aware of the popularity of that set and might be spurred into positive castle actions.
  5. I am over the moon with the response (in cold hard cash) for the crowd project castle. I eagerly await my copy and hope the lego group is paying attention to the desire for such a product. I do have a concern that so many orders is going to tax the entire secondary market. 1200 plus units would require that many sets of minifigs and accessories. That concern aside, again hello lego company if a AFOL site can generate that much in sales, in a post market kit, it is time to ramp up a new line... get on it.
  6. dgherko

    6769 Fort Legoredo Microscale

    two thumbs up. Keep western theme alive
  7. It would be nice to have actual minifigs to put into the rooms of the Disney Castle.
  8. dgherko


    I just joined. I have every castle except 6080.
  9. dgherko

    [Moc] Lions Castle

    Amazing designs. Lego should make both of these
  10. dgherko

    How to build a medieval priest minifg?

    I don't have a photo, but use the graduate CMF just remove the cap and replace with some hair.
  11. dgherko

    Future DC Super Heroes Rumors & Speculation

    Yes Ocean Master please please
  12. dgherko

    My Case Against Artificial Rarity

    I agree 100 percent with this topic post. Having gone to one San Diego event, I had no idea how the exclusive sets worked at the event and I did not know to race to the lego booth to buy one of the limited (by day) exclusives. The small Bag End set with minifig Bilbo would have been nice to have. But I am not spending all that money to do nothing but troll the halls after running to the booth. I wanted to enjoy the event and take it all in - silly me. I have built a yellow castle from spare parts so I am not opposed to building like that. I now claim I have a yellow castle just with reprinted stickers. I jdon't have any access at all to knock offs so that aspect is not a big deal to me. But I do miss castle Lego needs to fix that.
  13. dgherko

    DC Superheroes 2018 - Set Discussion

    I attended one COMIC CON and there were not enough of the miniaturized Bag End for everyone to buy. I don't like how these exclusives work... can't stand them
  14. dgherko

    Future DC Super Heroes Rumors & Speculation

    Who is going to sell the bricktober pack, I am confused