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  1. The British Brixter

    Book III - Mitgardia: Guild sign-up and Discussion

    Hey, I’d like to join Mitgardia with my new sigfig. Name : Celestina StrongSilver Hometown : LilyOake Short Bio : Raised in the quaint village of LilyOake near the border of the Mitgardia tundra, Celestina would witness the brutality of the winter and the bloodlust of starved citizens. A famine blighted her crops and caused a famine so large that half the population died out, Lord Falx, the leader of LilyOake was only able to keep his domain by relocating his people to The Isle of Solitude where the people have begun work on building a new LilyOake from a large Fort called Fort Eaglefall. Celestina now works as a sergeant in the LilyOake guard, protecting her people from outside threats and overlooking the development of LilyOake
  2. The British Brixter

    Book III - Avalonia: Guild sign-up and Discussion

  3. Heyyy! Was wondering when this would show up, great Editing Sam! And good job with the story so far.
  4. *Your entry has scored 4XP* Lyra clawed her way up the large branch and dug in a knife into a bunch of vines. Turning her head back, she could see the world of Kashyyyk, the beautiful large trees and dancing leaves. Making her way up the tree, she stopped at a small platform mid way up. She sat down on the edge and admired the sunset whilst humming a familiar tune. Suddenly a beep came from behind her, making her almost fall off the platform out of being that scared.A small white and green cone shaped droid was rolling up and down behind her setting off a happy beep noise as it went. “Hello?” Lyra said holding out her hand to the droid “Hello, my name is Cyrus” the droid responsded in a jovial tune. “Why are you here?” Lyra questioned whilst fixing the back of the coned head. “I was le-left here by my ma-ster” Cyrus responded “Really?” Lyra asked “you can come with me if you want? Meet my new masters?” She continued “I will” Cyrus said Hey guys, this will hopefully be the last build before my contribution to a collab type thingy soon. - still apart of the @swfactions universe however😄
  5. The British Brixter

    Book III - Avalonia: Guild sign-up and Discussion

    Aeryn Sov A witch who specialises in illusions and ice magic. She decends from along line of witches who also did illusions and their spirits now flow within her by the power of her magic alone
  6. *Your entry has earned 10 XP* 1st- Isla Gerb- a Triumvirate scout trooper who managed to survive the destruction of the Death Star II and escaped to remnant space. 2nd- Flynn Frech- A Black sun syndicate spice runner/gambler who walks the casinos of Tatooine. 3rd- unknown- a mysterious mando who escaped the purge and now gathers lost younglings to teach to one day become mandolorians. 4th- Uldren Luceff- a lost padawan who now protects Takodana from imperial control - kinda rushed job but hey
  7. I pledge myself to serve and protect the Jedi order! with my New Jedi Order Figbarf With my updated sigfig Lyra Villo - An Imperial ISB defector trying to make a difference by helping those who she had once wronged
  8. The British Brixter

    [I9-Selvais-FF] - the meeting

    *Your entry has earned 3 XP* Lyra trudged through the mud and up the temples steps. A large wooden door loomed over her like a starved blurg. As she creaked the door open, a beam of light shone and momentarily blinded her. “I have waited and watched, young one.” She heard a voice murmur. “Hello?” Lyra replied as her vision returned. Lyra looked up and and couldn’t believe herself, “Luke skywalker?” She asked hesitatingly her hands quivering. “There’s no need to be scared, I have watched you and felt your connection to the force, I would like you to become an initiate at my Jedi enclave.” Lyra couldn’t believe what she heard, an ex ISB agent become a Jedi! “At least think about it”Luke said as he began to walk out of the temple “you were able to connect to the holocron, that proves your worthy.”
  9. The British Brixter

    [G7-ilum-FF] the path

    *Your entry has earned 6 XP* Lyra entered the cave entrance on ilum but quickly got lost with in the frozen halls. She could faintly hear a voice murmur in the distance with a strong blue hue leaking from one of the doors. With in the room were pillars and icicles but in front of the doorway was a floating holocron with a scripture written behind it. It seemed to be in a language that Lyra couldn’t understand, however she could make out the words “Jedi” and “selvaris”
  10. The British Brixter

    [R5-Korriban-FF] - Defection

    The transports thrusters were shot out by Zabrac mercenaries. As it crashed down onto the Sith homeworld of Korriban, Lyra could feel the force, both the light and the dark. The triumvirate had failed her but the only thing that can’t fail anyone is the force, the all knowing.
  11. The British Brixter

    [R5-Korriban-FF]- Defection

    The transports thrusters were shot out by Zabrac mercenaries. As it crashed down onto the Sith homeworld of Korriban, Lyra could feel the force, both the light and the dark. The triumvirate had failed her but the only thing that can’t fail anyone is the force, the all knowing.
  12. The British Brixter

    [J7 - Iridonia - FF] Extremists

    *This entry has earned 6 XP* The world of Iridonia was a new one to Lyra, the Sandy landscape felt coarse between her fingertips as she marched into a street with her trooper escort. The surveillance of the planet had shown a near by extremist group in one of the droid factories .
  13. *This entry has earned 3 XP* Family They trekked through the jungle of Kowak near a settlement , collecting intel . Garek could hear cry’s and screams through a bush and went to investigate. There he saw a 17 year old girl ( who looked a bit small )crying into a small pond while being stared at by a turtle . “What is wrong?” Villo asked dropping his rifle onto the mud behind him. Their was no response , only silence as she glared into the reflective water . “My father was a part of the republic military” he went “and I have been part of the imperial special forces since I was young, however I have not seen a child cry on such a beautiful day.” “My parents were murdered by rebels in the city!” She yelled “I’m alone!” Villo held up a medal that he was given when he first joined the Academy and place it into her hand “you will have a family with the empire” he reassured her. She looked at him as he stood up “can I come it’s you?” She asked Villo turned around to face her with an eye brow raised “are you sure?” He remarked “I don’t even know your name” The girl smiled and laughed for a second “I’m Lyra , I would like to join your empire please!” She said. ———————————————————————————————————————— This post was built to set up my Factions 2.0 character plot
  14. The British Brixter

    [K9-Coruscant-TT] - New Orders

    *This entry has earned 9 XP* “The new orders have come in sir” said Deo with a slightly worried mumble , we had been stationed on coruscant for a retrieval mission , to find and exterminate a rogue imperial scientist , however he had escaped before we even got to his hideout . ”what are they then” Villo answered “another pointless goose chase?” the men started to chuckle . Villo was the leader of moon squadron and a loyal imperial “no sir , we have been asked to reach Kowak ” Deo replied . Commander Villo looked at the dirty crates beside him. “Well , let’s not waste anymore of the generals time” Villo said “load these crates onto the cruiser and let’s get out of here.”
  15. The British Brixter

    Faction: The Imperial Triumvirate (TT)

    garek villo was born into the imperial doctrine by his father , after his loss at jakku he swore to protect and fight for the surviving remnants . He is also the commander of special forces group “Guardian”.