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    Technic, and war themed things
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  1. L3g0_Fanat1c

    Lego technic mech frame ideas

    I am not allowed to use imgur...
  2. L3g0_Fanat1c

    Lego technic mech frame ideas

  3. L3g0_Fanat1c

    [MOC] - R4-1L Precision Fighter

    XD Yikes, they are WAY overpriced!
  4. L3g0_Fanat1c

    [MOC] - R4-1L Precision Fighter

    Wow! I like the old space theme! The amount of detail is INSANE I like how you made display stands for them :)
  5. L3g0_Fanat1c

    [MOC] - R4-1L Precision Fighter

    Wow, this is amazing! I like the greebling, and the pipes going to the.... Railgun? Detail is amazing!
  6. L3g0_Fanat1c

    [Help] Chicken mech legs.

    How do you make legs like those? i am trying to make thickish legs but i find that hard with technic
  7. L3g0_Fanat1c

    Lego technic mech frame ideas

    So I have been working on the torso, here are some pics: https://photos.google.com/photo/AF1QipMBg23zsv7lpHb8eaoAMZATUVVXLq7_kwS2wcoi https://photos.google.com/photo/AF1QipOcygzCJ1LVSXOgafrrkWiqiMGsiXEGdLFLBd_h
  8. L3g0_Fanat1c

    Lego technic mech frame ideas

    Sorry, i havent had much time for lego lately :P
  9. L3g0_Fanat1c

    Lego technic mech frame ideas

  10. L3g0_Fanat1c

    Lego technic mech frame ideas

    It would be very cool! I would probably have to end up using a few small balljoints to connect the toes...... Hmmm... i wonder if i could order some linear actuators fo some leg strength
  11. L3g0_Fanat1c

    Lego technic mech frame ideas

    I am planning on a bigger mech, it wont have arms, maybe something like this: I will see if i can order some of those fancy clicky joints I am guessing it will be 200-300 milimeters tall. sooo around 30 cm That mech you made with the saws is so cool ;)
  12. I need help with making lego mecha joints, and a good technic frame.
  13. L3g0_Fanat1c

    [Help] Chicken mech legs.

    Sorry it took so log to post. Yeah it would be very awesome of you to help me with this, since i dont have a lit of plates and bricks it would be best to make the main frame out of technic. I am not very experienced with lego technic joints. This will not be made to be functional, but sort of for posing. I will try to make my own thread ;) Here is the link to my thread:
  14. Wow! That is so cool! i am sad it cant support its own weight tho :(
  15. L3g0_Fanat1c

    MFZ Frames

    Same here :D