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  1. Ketzer2204

    Solar Power Transporter on Krysto - Ice Planet 2002

    Thanks Feuer Zug. In fact my main concern was the weight that the bricks brought with them. You can find the large cockpit window in a Monkie Kid set. Cannot remember which...
  2. Dear fellow Lego enthusiasts, currently this is only a digital build, but I already have most of the key pieces in my collection. I have some doubts about the stability, so a few hints from people with more experience would be really nice. The MOC was inspired by the Classic Space Set 6952 Solar Power Transporter, which I never owned. I was just too young for Lego at the time it came onto the market. However, the Ice Planet 2002 was one of my favourite childhood themes together with M-Tron, Blacktron 2 and Futuron of course. The background is public domain, you can find it on Flickr. The jet modules on the roof of the lab are are detachable and you can put them on the back of each rover.
  3. @Henjin_QuilonesThank you for the thorough answer. Then, count me in. Now, I just need to get creative about the sigfig.
  4. I want to join this guild and I still need to create my sig fig. However, I got a couple of questions. My goal is to build a port town or village and I already spotted a little place on the Mitgaria map for it. First of all, there is one thread for Historican Settlements stating "You should only have one post per Settlement´╗┐.", which makes perfect sense to me. However, in the Age of Mitgaria thread there are branches for each mabuilding. This is extremely confusing. So, should I post all in one thread now or all buildings in different threads? Or should I just post replies to the AOM? How does the guild leader or moderator keep track?