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  1. Thanks a lot for the reply! You're probably right, I'll remove it (just in case). And maybe replace it with a few 1/2 bushings... Also, I'm quite a fan of your creations! I've been drooling over your "Rugged supercar" for quite some time.
  2. Hi everyone! First time posting. So I'm rebuilding my old Porsche with the goal of applying the great errata. And some other nice tweaks (like filling the empty spaces under the front+back lights, and maybe change the lower rear spoiler). So far I've noticed that Blakbird's "step 5 fix" doesn't seem necessary for me (removing the LBG 62462 pin joiner in the D-N-T gearbox). The old pictures are gone so it's hard to tell, but having assembled the D-N-R module carefully everything runs friction free (after wiggling and tweaking the gears). Or maybe the friction will occur later?