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    EB Tech Help

    Didn't hear anything back so assumed that the ability to upload LDD files was an old thing that was no longer offered. Ended up just posting OneDrive download links.
  2. Inquisitive

    X-Wing 10240 Mods

    After I had ordered the 10240 I found these mods and liked them so I downloaded the lxf files from earlier in the thread and used them to order the additional parts from BrickLink. When I went to build them however I found that they did not match the photos so I ended up creating these 'corrected' files in Notes for the engine body mod: - Build two of these as is then build two where the side cutaway is mirrored to the other side - Don't forget that the liftarms need to be moved one slot out from the wing body - The pins that attach the wings are all to be replaced with simple Technic, Pin 3L without Friction Ridges - The Plates, Modified 2x2 with Pin Holes are then attached to these pins - The Plates 4x8 are then attached to these plates - The engine bodies are then attached to these plates, upper ones centrally, lower ones one stud closer to the body - (In the io file the mountings are already attached but only to show the location and add them to the parts list) Hope this is useful for anyone else who has come in late
  3. Inquisitive

    EB Tech Help

    While looking at the X-Wing 10240 Mods topic there are some lxf files posted which did not reflect the latest version photos. Example link I created corrected versions in and wanted to post the io files but it will not let me. How should I go about sharing the files?