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  1. TheHarrower

    UCS Star Destroyer Technic frame

    If the pins are removed, both panels will drop. Still relevant. Theres no expiration date hahaha I'll try that and let you know what happens.
  2. TheHarrower

    UCS Star Destroyer Technic frame

    Aloha! If you're willing, I'm in need of some help. So I took notice on the UCS Star Destroyer of how the underside of the stern has a bend to its technic frame. Is there any way to fix this or did I miss a step in building? Heres the link to the image.
  3. TheHarrower

    Custom Venator MOC

    I'm estimating between 70 - 80 cm. I'm using the 2019 UCS Star Destroyer as a scale reference. I've made changes on the design so that it looks different than the actual venator, but still keeping the overall shape.
  4. TheHarrower

    Custom Venator MOC

    The picture wont take you to Flickr?
  5. TheHarrower

    Custom Venator MOC

    Just updated the post. I added the link to show several pictures of what I have so far on Flickr. Thanks for the tip. Much appreciated.
  6. TheHarrower

    Custom Venator MOC

    Aloha! Im new here. The end. Just kidding. If you're willing, I'm in need of some help. So I'm attempting to build a custom made Venator Star Destroyer using 2x4 wedge plates instead of 2x3 wedge plates. Ive built part of the frame, however, I noticed when the plates are aligned with the central beam, the frame and plates do not align perfectly on the sides. They are off by a few millimeters, probably 1° or less. Is there a method, pattern or dimensions that would create a more accurate alignment between the 2x4 wedge plate and the frame that I have? Or would it be wise to scrap this and go with 2x3 plates instead? Note: the plates will have a slope when its near completion. p.s. eurobricks wouldnt allow me to submit a photo bigger than 102.4 KB. so i cant show the frame that ive built. Link to show the bow of the frame.